2024 A.G.M.

2024 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting during EFORT Congress Hamburg

Date: Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Time: 17:30-18:30 CET

Place: EFORT Congress venue, Committee Meeting Room 2 (1st floor – B01+B02)

Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (SB) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA 2023 (SB) 1
3 Report of the Past President: 15th Congress 2023 Bern (KS) 3
4 Report of the President: 16th Congress 2025 Thessaloniki (ET) 5
5 Report of the President Elect: 17th Congress 2027 London (FH) 5
6 Report of the Treasurer (MT) 5
7 Report of the Secretary General (SB) 5
8 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (LZ) 5
9 Report of Chairman of the EduCom (BA) 5
10 EHS HIP registry project (JAE & ET) Click here for introduction 8
11 Report on EHS Webinars (OMP) 5
12 Call for Sec Gen 2025-9 & President 2027-2029 (SB) 2
13 Miscellaneous 10


1. Approval of the Agenda

Approved with a raise of hands.

2. Approval of Minutes of GA @ Bern

Approved with a raise of hands.

3. Report of the Past President, Klaus Siebenrock: 15th Congress Bern 2023

KS unable to attend in person, but provided a nice PowerPoint (below).

Summary: Bern was brilliant! Excellent scientific content & venue. People were happy. Finances are reasonable considering the country. Surprise profit of €25k.

4. Report of the President, Eleftherios Tsiridis: 16th Congress Thessaloniki 2025


  • Date: Thursday 16th – Friday 17th October 2025
  • Venue: Makedonia Palace Hotel (5 star seafront hotel and congress venue)
  • Scientific programme: complete; speakers will be invited soon
  • Saturday 18th October 2025: “Knee Day MAST” included in congress registration fee. I [ET] don’t want to compete with EHS, so I will not hold the usual MAST (Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery Thessaloniki) course in December and will add just a “Knee Day MAST” as a bonus on the Saturday following our EHS Congress. So I don’t lose the legacy of MAST, plus we add this bonus to EHS.
  • We hope the Guest Speakers will be from North America

Bring your families to Thessaloniki. Cultural / historical tours. Multicultural destination with layers of civilization and a huge range of ethnicities.

5. Report of the President Elect, Fares Haddad: 17th Congress London 2027

FH: Potential collaboration between The Hip Soc (a closed society) & EHS in Stockholm 2026. Mathias Bostrom will be President and has decided to bring his meeting to Europe. No industry. Very different. Surgeons talking to surgeons. They are looking to EHS to be a partner. It will not earn money, but we will have very good interaction. Watch this space, we will keep you updated.

EHS Congress 2027: Strategy needs work. Raising the quality bar. We can keep pushing up quality.

London is unbelievably expensive. Bern was and London is much the same. In September we are running The Knee Society = a good trial for EHS. We will find an affordable venue. Next year we will try out a meeting with BHS.

As Samuel Johnson said: “If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.” London is a dream, you can get there from anywhere. Good fun. Ridiculously good social programme. Churchill War Rooms, House of Lords = some obvious ones. We are looking into it.

6. Report of the Treasurer, Martin Thaler

MT unable to attend. See PowerPoint below.

FH: Any society needs enough in the account to manage a meeting if something goes horribly wrong, and we are only just there – we are not flush with money. Let’s hope we don’t get the strategy so horribly wrong as EFORT did.

ET: We shouldn’t go under or over half a million, according to Austrian Law. I hope to increase our finances.

JCA: Webinars are expensive. The providers are. One main worry for EFORT was the digital costs… for the future perhaps it is cheaper to buy a computer and have someone put our webinars on the net. It is not so difficult to do. In your hospitals you all use zoom and you can maintain huge groups of people – in my medical school [Madrid] we gave classes to 250+ students with no problem.

ET: Good point.

Maziar Mohaddes [EHS Nat Rep for Sweden]: If it costs money, it should be generating money. Zoom is a maximum of 300 attendees for free.

Why not charge non members?

ET: Our webinars take a lot of effort.

FH: What impact do we have in between meetings?

JAE: The EHS life exists between congresses, as we have 500 attendees for congress and 400+ for webinars.

Chris Gatzka [Full Member, Germany]: Are EHS Webinars just for education, or gaining new people? As in Germany we have a lot of webinars every week.

7. Report of the Secretary General, Stanislav Bondarenko

SB unable to attend. See PowerPoint below.

ET: It’s really my wish that SB will fulfil this vision for EHS, even during wartime.

Hip International – good motivation to come to the EHS congress & have abstracts published. We spend a lot of money on Hip International.

Sending speakers: we are bombarded to send speakers everywhere, but we cannot pay every time for two speakers. We like to collaborate, but should be conscious of our expenses.

8. Report of the SciCom

LZ unable to attend. See PowerPoint below.

ET: We can advertise the slot for the SciCom, as Prof Karrholm steps down. Thanks to him.

WAC: A lot of hiccups. EHS was not invited until the last minute. We will renegotiate next time. I negotiated for a reasonable fee for service. FH & I were there. We do not share the scientific content or the financial outcome.

FH: It is a tricky society to deal with. EKS is v controlled by middle Europe, but after a few meetings with them, they will be more open to an early dialogue next time. No programme, no local presence, it was v short of being a disaster and has been redeemed only because it was financially viable in the end… but a lot of north Americans didn’t come as they didn’t trust the organisation (the PCO joined last minute, invites went out very late). The Americans will want a better deal next WAC in 2027.

9. Report of Chairman of the EduCom, Bulent Atilla

BA: Thank you. Huge responsibility and I’m lucky. The pathway has been opened by Profs Gunther [EHS SciCom, previously also EduCom] and Prof Ullmark [Past Chairman of EduCom] and the EduCom cooperates well with the ExCom and Presidents.


Regards next Fellowship: Some issues with Irish hosts not all responding. Not a big issue, just need to fix the dates.

We need to refine the rules of EHS Fellowships at the EduCom tomorrow.

FH: Two rounds of candidates and everyone has had a vote, so the selection process is not precise. “Who would benefit most” is not objective.

Supported meetings

Huge demand for getting support. The President has some new ideas on that, and it probably needs refining.

Partnership programme

New initiative: long lasting relationships. Like with webinars, it’s good for advertising. Keep our Nat Reps as a bridge between EHS and Nat Socs to keep them active and benefit from their knowledge and relations in their country. The president supports us on that. Nat Reps can pick up the best hip papers each year – a scientific original talk from an EHS session – to be published.

FH: BHS did a deal with AAHKS where they had mutual members exchange and you could be a member of the other society for a year quid pro quo. That opened up for a lot of new members and I can see advantages for that. I will bring a proposal.

10. EHS Hip Registry Project

JAE: ET needed a third pillar for his presidency, so I said ok, I take the challenge! I am happy to present something new. Orthowave was created 20yrs ago and I am working with the same engineers and it continues to be upgraded. We have three servers, two are for back up. No sharing. Very private. But because that was academic, it was not for everyone. So we created the superlight Orthowave. To fill in the form is only 58 seconds.

[Watch video… HERE.]

ET was at the birth of this project. We have all the different languages, including Greek! 250k entries in our database.

We are very happy if MM will be in, as he has huge experience with registries. BA is also in. Rob Nellisen of NORE is very enthusiastic.

ET: Who owns and who handles the data? Two layers of GDPR security. Basic Qs: security, financing and controlling the data.

JAE: Its all anonymous, so it is not a problem for data protection.

FH: I would struggle to make a decision on a presentation. Very nice presentation & very nice software. I don’t understand the goal and what it achieves.

JAE: We can hire a cyber security team.

MM: I’m very impressed and think this is the future, but I do see major legal issues and consent etc. I absolutely think we should look into this.

11. EHS Webinars

OMP unable to attend, but sent a very nice Video summary HERE.

13. Miscellaneous


2023 A.G.M.

2023 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting during EHS Congress in Bern, Switzerland

Date: Thursday 12th October 2023

Time: 18:20-19:20 CET

Place: Kursaal (congress venue)

Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (SB) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA at EFORT in Lisbon 2022 (SB) 1
3 Report of the President:15th Congress 2023 (Bern) 4
4 Report of the President Elect: 16th Congress 2025 (Thessaloniki, Greece) 5
5 Report of the Treasurer: Financial Report 8.2021-8.2023 5
6 Approval of Financial Reports 2021-23 5
7 Report of the Secretary General (SB) 5
8 Report on EHS Webinars (JAE) 5
9 Report of Chairman of the EduCom: Handover of Chairman & Vice Chairman positions 5
10 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (LZ) 5
11 In Memory of EHS Past President: EHS President 2000-2002 Dr Roberto Giacometti (Italy) 5
12 Election of Treasurer 2023-7: Approval of Prof Martin Thaler 5
13 Election of President 2025-7: Approval of Prof Fares Haddad 8
14 Miscellaneous 1


1. Approval of the Agenda

Approved with a raise of hands.

2. Approval of Minutes of GA @ EFORT in Lisbon 2022

Approved with a raise of hands.

3. Report of the President, Klaus Siebenrock: 15th Congress Bern 2023

Welcome to sunny Bern! Thanks all for coming.

4. Report of the President Elect, Eleftherios Tsiridis: 16th Congress Thessaloniki 2025

Please visit our bespoke webpage HERE for information on our next congress in Greece.

5. Financial Report 8.2021-8.2023 of EHS Treasurer, Martin Thaler

PK-A [Denmark]: What is ExCom’s expectation? What to do for the future? It doesn’t make sense to have this money in the bank.

MT: We discussed it intensely & I agree we have a huge amount of money – thanks to the previous presidents. We have it for security. Lille [EHS 14th Congress 2021] was a great job and we didn’t have to pay, but it was to protect the presidents in case we get no industry support.

We should ask how to invest that money to bring our society’s growth.

KS: We can talk about this at end of 2026 when we get the €250k back. Let’s see what this congress will cost.

AMT [SciCom & Past President]: It’s a huge stress to organise the meetings & the biggest fear is if the meeting will be a success. We need something safe to finance a congress in case of failure or pandemic. Maybe we should add €100k to the €250k in 2026.

MT: We avoid penalties with this special bank account.

LZ [SciCom Chair & Past President]: First thing: the President must be safe in case of failure (bankrupt / earthquake / cancelled). The total is less than 3yrs ago. It is decreasing. All the societies are having huge financial problems. We are relaxed and safe.

If we see an immediate reason to spend, the ExCom will decide. But until then, why spend money? In Austria we have the penalty and inflation. Solution for 0.5 penalty? It makes no sense. Put more in an investment and keep less than €100k for expenses.

MT: That would be money laundering! Easy to say move the money. We pay no tax in Austria. I studied economics, as you know. I did want to put more, but with the ExCom we discussed it & this was the decision.

KS: This is an ExCom discussion. It’s too difficult a Q and we could discuss for hours here. It’s the ExCom’s job. We find a consensus & then present it to the GA.

SV [Nat Rep for Netherlands]: How much do we need if there’s a failure? Also we need to get more members. This is a way we make money. And we need more young members. I propose: Give a free membership for residents! Great way to attract more members. And offer them cheaper meeting registration fee too.

ET: Let’s say a complete failure. This congress cost €300k. Plus we have our secretary & expenses. We cannot get this money until 2026 anyway. It is our security bet for the running expenses.

Good to think about increasing our membership to senior residents.

WS [Past President, Netherlands]: We could think about having an annual meeting, as a lot of other societies are having big problems.

MT: We could raise our membership fee. €150 is not that much. Also we pay a lot to SAGE. We decided to stop giving print magazine & will renegotiate the contract with SAGE. Today everyone goes online & there’s no need to keep sending the print option.

KS: I agree. Also young residents for free is a good idea. Attract young surgeons who will become members. Do we need to raise our membership fee now?

MT: We don’t want to lose members by raising the fee.

KS: Some members do not pay fees. Now, after 4yrs, they will be out.
I’d leave it at €150 at the moment.
As for annual congress, I don’t think so.

JCA [Nat Rep for Spain]: You’re giving ideas for increasing our money. But the problem is we have too much money! This is a non-profit society. You must pay taxes if you make money! EHS cannot have profit or it will have taxes. We should maintain or decrease our money! We should not increase membership for this reason. Not to increase money – any tax department of any European government will tax us – we’ll have problems in the future! National Health organisations can look in our account if there is a crisis and it is dangerous to have a lot of money in our bank!

MT: Below half a million is allowed. But authorities can change at any moment.

Summary: We are ok at the moment.

 6. Approval of Financial Report 01.8.2021-30.08.2023

Approved by our two auditors 2021-23: Prof Atilla and Prof Ilchmann.

Going forwards, Prof Atilla stands down and our new auditor is Prof Jose Cordero-Ampuero.

Prof Ilchmann remains.

Thanks to all for their hard work.

Approved with show of hands.

7. Report of Secretary General, Stanislav Bondarenko

8. Report of EHS Webinars

JAE [Past President, France]: We have run the EHS Webinars for a year now. They are free to attend and the free replay is available from our website. The structure in 2023 (in collaboration with MO Journals) was:-

  • 8 p/a, 60-mins
  • Tuesdays 19:30-21:30 CET
  • 3 speakers, 1 chairman + 2 moderators
  • audience participates via chat at the end for a lengthy discussion

Audience: 80% Europe / 20% outside

50% senior surgeons / 50% junior, assistants, PhD students

Live stream big fans: Italy, Ukraine, Portugal.

Replay big fans: East of Europe, Ukraine, UK, Slovenia

713 live + 230 replays = 943 attendees. So roughly 150 delegates per webinar.

Now I will step down and Oliver Marin-Pena [SciCom] will take over for 2024.

OMP: Huge work, I know that. I will try my best and work to improve – we will do fewer webinars next year.

LZ: I want to personally congratulate Jean-Alain Epinette, because he had the very clever idea to use presentations already ready.

I don’t know why Italy is in the top, but Filippo Randelli [SciCom] approached SIOT and they advertised it for us, so we should all do that.

MT: We had not one single view from Germany. Nat Rep is not here… but we need to do something about that!

9. Report of Chairman of the EduCom: Handover of Chairman & Vice Chairman positions

GU [Chairman of EduCom, Past President, Sweden]: Thanks to all the EHS Fellowship hosts! They did a really great job. We have fruitful and important cooperation with EFORT. We sent speakers to 12 congresses internationally [in the past year] and those speakers promote EHS to get new members.

We also send emails to National orthopaedic societies every year, letting them know we send speakers free or charge.

Time for me to handover.

I joined EHS @ Helsinki 1996. Our society has developed tremendously. We are developing more towards young surgeons.

I hand over to Bulent Atilla. It has been an honour & pleasure to serve in EHS.

10. Report of Chairman of the SciCom

LZ: Thanks to all the SciCom for creating all together the scientific programme and for reviewing the abstracts. Also many thanks o the president.

KS: Huge thanks to the SciCom.

11. In Memory of EHS Past President

EHS President 2000-2002 Dr Roberto Giacometti (Italy)

LZ: Our dearest Roberto Giacometti (EHS President 2000-2002) passed away 29th March 2023.

As a very young surgeon, he was one of the founders of the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute in the mid-1960s and became soon a point of reference for hip surgery, which he practiced with great technical skills and scientific expertise in both prosthetic and conservative surgery.

Collaborating with Italian and foreign colleagues and technicians and with first-rate national and international companies, thanks to a perfect mix of knowledge and geniality, he conceived and developed implant models, some of which later became international standards: innovative acetabular cups such as the “Polar” cup in the 1980s, the ET stem of the Versys System in the 1990s, the 36mm ceramic-ceramic coupling in the year 2000. And not only hip replacements: among the first in Italy, he performed periacetabular osteotomies, open reduction of SCFE according to Dunn.

An openness and a tendency to new goals that, together with the acknowledged international consideration, led him to hold prestigious positions, from the Presidency of our EHS in 2000, to that of the Italian Hip Society, from the Board of EFORT to being one of the Italian members of the International Hip Society, from scientific assignments in national and international registries committees to those in SIOT. He presented at major scientific congresses, forging friendship and relationships with the most important institutes and colleagues who still greet him with affection. With a gift that is hard to find in our world nowadays: the art of leaving at the right time. In 2011 he gradually retired until he stopped working completely.

But what we remember him most for are his paternal availability to discuss the most complex cases, the wise indications, the caution of choices. Of him will always remain vivid in our memory the intellectual honesty and readiness of arguments, the availability to be questioned and the subtle irony, the noble loyalty of spirit and generosity.

Thank you, Roberto!

He was a genius. My mentor. An honest man, critical.

12. Election of Treasurer 2023-7

Approval of sole candidate: Prof Martin Thaler (2nd term as Treasurer).

Approved with show of hands.

MT: It’s a privilege to be debating what to do with the money! As there’s no other applicant, I am willing to continue.

13. Election of President 2025-7

Approval of sole candidate: Prof Fares Haddad.

Approved with show of hands.

FH: I’ve been an EHS member since I was a junior registrar and have attended all the meetings. I’ve been Nat Rep for a few years.

Thanks to you all. It will be a genuine privilege.

My goals are simple, and nowhere near as prolific as ET’s.

I’ve done this before in many societies.

Webinars are a huge opportunity- huge potential to go much bigger.

I call on each and everyone of you to contact me and let me know what the direction of travel should be, so it is your society, so find me please and let me know. It’s very easy to get in touch with me.

It takes four years to get anything through the ExCom, so I want to know what EHS does and where it’s going.

The American Hip Society has never been outside US yet, but there’s an opportunity to potentially collaborate with them – also the International Hip Society, potentially.

I hope it will be a fruitful few years for the EHS.

Thanks to you KS. Really strong formidable leader for EHS. Fantastic congress.

14. Miscellaneous

KS: Last word: Enjoy the evening!

2022 A.G.M.

2022 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting during EFORT in Lisbon, Portugal

Date: Wednesday 22nd June

Time: 18:30-19:30 CET

Place: Vila Galé Ópera Hotel

Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (SB) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA at 14th EHS Congress in Lille 2021 (SB) 1
3 Report of the President (KS)

15th EHS Congress 12-13th October 2023 (Berne, Switzerland)

4 Report of the President Elect (ET)

16th EHS Congress 2025 (Thessaloniki, Greece)

5 Report of the Past President (JAE)

14th EHS Congress 2021 (Lille, France)

6 Report of the Treasurer (SB for MT)

Financial Report since June 2021

7 Report of the Secretary General (SB)

a.       Ukrainian Fellowships

b.       New Members

c.       New Committee members

d.       New Nat Reps for Bulgaria, Norway & Ukraine

8 Report of Chairman of the EduCom (GU) 5
9 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (LZ) 10
10 Call for candidate for EHS Treasurer 2023-7 (SB) 1
11 Miscellaneous 12


1. Approval of the Agenda

Approved with a raise of hands.

2. Approval of Minutes of GA at EHS in Lille 2021

Approved with a raise of hands.

3. Report of the President: 15th Congress 12-13th October 2023 (Bern, Switzerland)

KS: Nice to all be together again!

Our PCO, Intercongress, is working on a website for our congress now and as soon as we get the topics, it will be up.

Nice weather in Bern – should be fine in October.

Bern is easy to reach from our international airports in Basel, Geneva and Zurich.

Bern is a small, old city. Easy to cross the bridge to the congress venue, the “Kursaal”. It is also a Casino, so you can play and win or lose your money! Plus it is a hotel, so we can stay there.

15th EHS Congress will be a hybrid meeting, but we want to have the speakers there onsite. Mandatorily.

4. Report of the President Elect

ET: 16th EHS Congress 2025 will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

We have a very well-connected new international airport, so it is easy to reach from everywhere.

Thessaloniki is 2,500 years old. The city is like a museum, in every corner you can see monuments and evidence that it has been home to Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Jewish and Ottoman people and the cultures all live on today.

Bring your families – it is very safe.

Maybe Thessaloniki will provide better prices than Bern for our PCO, Global Events, and for the congress venue etc. Prices are roughly 25% less in Thessaloniki compared to central and northern Europe. The congress will be Hybrid format with the major proportion of delegates present, but also digital delegates from around the world can join virtually and they can present their abstracts & join discussions.

Hands on practice is very attractive for the juniors, so we will run educational side events:-

  • Video surgery
  • Saw Bone demonstrations
  • Robotic presentations

Themes of the congress will be:-

  • Paediatric & Young Adult Hip
  • Hip Preservation
  • Primary Hip Arthroplasty
  • Revision Hip Arthroplasty
  • Complications & Safety
  • Outcomes & new concepts
  • Robotics & New Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
  • Registries
  • Regulations & Legislation

Nicola Reina will run the outcomes sessions.

We will have beautiful discussions about all these topics.

Good relationship with the industry and I believe they will support us well. We will allow them some room with Foras etc. Industrial sessions sponsored by the industry.

USA as our Guest Nation. When I became Secretary General in 2012, I had the idea EHS had to open up and embrace international members – it was more European back then. Now, we have 20 excellent surgeons from USA to join us as international faculty and we are very proud of that.

Japan in Bern and USA in Thessaloniki – so EHS is well respected and recognised around the world.

5. Report of the Past President

JAE: At 14th EHS Congress in Lille we had 581 attendants on site, less than 300 remotely. Thanks to Hip Toulouse and to Nicola Reina for their support. Finally it was very good. The budget was also very important, and the region of Lille has paid us €10k, so we made €100 of profit!

  • 92% of satisfaction from the delegates for our scientific programme
  • 82% for communication tools (email/website/social media)
  • 72% satisfaction for the overall impression of the congress
  • 60% are certain they will come to EHS Congress in Bern

Everyone was happy the meeting took place, despite all the problems we had. See the report on our website HERE.

6. Treasurer

KS for MT: EHS is a non-profit organization.

Main seat is in Austria @ EJHS’s new address: Dr Stumpfstrasse 1, Innsbruck = Tax advantages.

Bank account name is: European Hip Society (Martin Thaler).

Summary: EHS has €493.5k in 2 bank accounts.

On 04.02.2022, EHS split the money & deposited €241k for 5 years.


  • risk class 2 (low risk)
  • same risk class like investments of official
  • Austrian authorities like the government and other no profit societies
  • No significant income for EHS
  • Inflation of 3-4% will be compensated
  • Money is accessible all the time at the current rate


  • Inflation of 3-4% will be compensated

Income since 14th EHS Congress in Lille 18.09.2021-14.06.2022: €13.356 from membership fees.

Expenses 18.09.2021-14.06.2022:-

Ukraine Fellowship x2 12.000
Awards EHS Lille 2.500
Membership secretary’s salary (€1.648 x 14 months pa) & office expenses 21.358,30
SAGE 19.916,86
Education 2.500
EFORT 2.274,46

Nat Rep for Greece asks about the SAGE amount: Why is it so much?

Nat Rep for Slovenia: to check how many downloads there are, to check it is worth it.

Nat Rep for Greece says EHS supported the journal, and he and Prof Zagra (Past President & Chairman of EHS SciCom) worked a lot with the journal. We thought there would be enough support by the industry by now for the society to make some profit. Why do we have to spend money for the journal? The impact factor is good: EHS helped the journal to get its impact factor so high. Whose job is it? We need to really improve the visibility of the journal and make some money. Not sure how visible the journal helps EHS to be.

KS talks about a relationship with Hip International and we can run a symposium in the journal.

Is anyone here using their access?

KPG: Only members have access and university institutions, no one gets it free. No open access for Hip International. I don’t know many journals that bring money into a society.

Nat Rep for Spain: I was literary chief for 6 years and am astonished by the price. Spanish society pays about €150k per year. It is bigger of course. Years ago the explanation was the paper was very expensive. But I made a change and the Spanish journal is open access only now and it is even more expensive. The editorials get much more money with open access with all the regulations. It is more expensive. So from my point of view, this price is very, very cheap. Maybe the editorial is a small editorial with lower prices?

Nat Rep for Slovenia: We have the visa versa and it brings money TO our society. It brings a few thousand back to us.

LZ: Maybe look at the contract again?

Nat Rep for Portugal: the model of the journal has been the same for 20 years and it would be good to have a change!

LZ: Conflict of interest for the editor to do it, so it should be the President and the board.

Every negotiation will lead to a higher price actually.

So, KS to check the EHS contract with SAGE.

7. Report of the Secretary General

We will celebrate EHS’s 30th birthday at the 16th EHS Congress in Thessaloniki, Greece 2025.

8. Report of Chairman of the EduCom

Unable to attend. Welcome to 4 new members

  • Johannes Bastian Switzerland
  • Mattia Loppini Italy
  • Geert Meermans Belgium
  • Olga Pidgaiska Ukraine

9. Report of Chairman of the SciCom

LZ: Welcome to our 4 new members:-

  • Plamen Kinov Bulgaria
  • Oliver Marin-Pena Spain
  • Filippo Randelli Italy
  • Walter van der Weegen The Netherlands

The idea is to replace all the old members with new.
For the scientific content of the next EHS Congress in October 2023, we had a meeting at the home of our President in Bern in April and we went through a valuation / rating of all the topics proposed by all of you, so now we have selected the right amount for ICLs and symposia. It is ongoing and going well.

Our new proposal is to do periodical webinars with the EduCom. The aim is to have continuous links with our members throughout the years. We can do 8 per year and all the members can be involved with this scientific opportunity to share our knowledge and the prestige of our society all around the world.
KS: I do support this. It makes us more visible and it is good for our continual education, plus it will attract new members to our society. We will discuss this more in the EduCom tomorrow and some members in our committees already have experience. It is easy to create a one hour webinar of very selective topics with 3 speakers and discussion.

Another goal is to get new members and rejuvenate EHS and we have achieved that. We have to have some change. Fresh water down the river to get new ideas. The rule is 4 years on a committee and the chance of one re-election for a 2nd term.

LZ: There was a call for new members of our committees last year and we had applications.

10. Call for candidate for EHS Treasurer 2023-7

KS: Our Treasurer’s term will end next year and he can re-apply if he wants, and I would like to ask if anyone else is interested. Please email us if you are interested or know someone who is. Please contact Samantha. As far as I know Assoc Prof Thaler is willing, but it is always open to our other members.

11. Miscellaneous

See you for the next meeting in Bern!



2021 A.G.M.

2021 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting at EHS 14th Congress, Lille


Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (ET) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA at EFORT in Lisbon 2019 (ET) 2
3 Report of the President (JAE)

  • 14th Congress 2021 (Lille)
4 Report of the President Elect (KS)

  • 15th Congress 2023 (Berne, Switzerland)
5 Report of the Treasurer (MT)

  • Financial Report since June 2019
6 Approval of Financial Reports (EHS Auditors: Bulent Atilla and Thomas Ilchmann)

  • 2019-21
    Show of hands to approve
7 Report of the Secretary General (ET)

a.       Easier Dues Payment: Cost to introduce credit card payment capability directly on the EHS website: €249 one-off fee, €15 per month (x12 = €180pa), plus €0.10 per transaction
Show of hands to approve

b.       New Nat Reps for France: Prof Jean Marc Puch, & for Hungary: Dr Ákos Zahár

c.       Criteria for joining EHS: Sponsors to write a 150-word recommendation, saying why the applicant should become a member

8 Report of Chairman of the EduCom (GU) 10
9 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (LZ) 10
10 Election of Secretary General 2021-5

  • Approval of Prof Stanislav Bondarenko (Nat Rep for Ukraine)

Show of hands to approve

11 Election of President 2023-5

  • Voting results announced
12 Miscellaneous 2


1. Approval of the Agenda

Approved with a raise of hands.

2. Approval of Minutes of GA at EFORT in Lisbon 2019

Approved with a raise of hands.

3. Report of the President: 14th Congress 2021 (Lille, France)

JAE: I have no words left after talking all day! It has been a long way to come to Lille and finally at last we are here and my two keywords are: THANKS and TOGETHER. I enjoy so much to meet with you personally and I give my best wishes for the next congresses of the EHS. It is our community. Conviviality between us is so important and I wish the best to the next president, Prof Klaus Siebenrock. All the best for EHS and his future presidency.

4. EHS 15th Congress in Bern, Switzerland in 2023

KS: It is a big honour for me to be the President of EHS.

I have clearly in mind to hold up the goals of this society, especially hip surgery in Europe, and to make it even stronger and competitive internationally. My life and world for decades has been dedicated purely to the hip and it is a tradition in Bern that I took over from my big masters and teachers, who gave me their chairman position.

I encourage all the young surgeons to do research and carry on, and I would love to increase this society in strength and number, but also in quality, to get stronger and more visible in the world. I would also encourage our Nat Reps to go and open it up to the rest of your people.

I felt a little bit sorry for JAE to go through the heights and depths of Covid and we have all tried to support him as much as possible and we have reached a good goal. We had a few technical problems, but this is new and it’s the first time we do a hybrid, so a big round of applause to JAE. Applause.

Bern is already scheduled in 2023 and we hope Covid has gone by that time – we are not sure, but we are pretty optimistic. The meeting venue is close to the old city – you just cross the bridge. Perfect view. With 130k inhabitants, it is pretty small. We are also planning a hybrid and we would love to have people on site, as this is my first meeting abroad after 2 years and it is very good to meet people in person again. But we also have financial problems with travelling, as the industry doesn’t sponsor us much anymore, so a hybrid is good for residents or other people concerned about expenses. They can join on the internet.

Please spread the word and do advertisement for us. Bern is a very good, reachable place, in the middle of Europe although not a part of Europe. A wonderful place. I cannot guarantee nice weather, but if we have sun, it looks like this. [See pic above.]

5. Report of the Treasurer

Since EHS 13th Congress in The Hague 1.10.2018 €518,995  – 1.8.2021 €546,794

We are a non-profit organisation and we have no economic goals. It is very important to mention this.

My names and all the ExCom members are documented and the EHS Bank knows all our names. Every ExCom member can go and take care of the bank account if something happens to me. I took over from Prof Karachalios: thanks for your excellent work before, you did a great job and now I know what a big job this is.

Everything was transferred to me when I took over. The Greek account was transferred to Austria in two steps and is now closed. Since then we have one account in Austria and I report our finances to the ExCom regularly.


The membership fee was raised after approval of all members at our 2019 EFORT GA and Samantha’s salary was raised by 1.45% in Jan 2021 (€23.47 per month more) according to a general raise of Austrian public employees.

I introduced an EHS travel policy with a new travel expenses form and an obligatory meeting evaluation form. I encourage you to send all your original documents to get reimbursement, so keep all your receipts please and send to me or Samantha.

Since August, many of you wanted to vote, and of course only paid-up members are eligible, so we have a lot of fees paid and now our financial situation is even better.


Mainly generated from EHS 13th Congress in The Hague, the EFORT meeting and WAC, plus annual membership fees.

WS created €67k and The Hague city €20K. So thanks WS for his excellent not only scientific but financial success – don’t worry JAE, we know that was before Covid.

[See graph below.]


All expenses from 1.10.2018 – 1.8 2021 were €186,101. [See graph below.]

A detailed overview was sent to our two auditors, Bulent Atilla and Thomas Ilchmann, and our ExCom members including everything, all the receipts and bank statements in a chronological order, and these two members have recommended in written form an approval of the report.

Everything looks sound and Martin Thaler is released.

6. Approval of Financial Reports 2019-2021

EHS Auditors: Prof Atilla and Prof Ilchmann

Prof Atilla in writing [unable to attend in person]: “In my opinion, the consolidated financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of European Hip Society, as at August 01, 2021 and the results of its operations and its cash flows for the reported period ended in accordance with European accounting standards for non-profit organizations. Therefore, I suggest the members of the general assembly to approve the financial report presented by Martin Thaler.”

Prof Ilchmann in writing [present at GA]: “To my understanding all income and expenses are balanced and everything looks sound.”

Both EHS Auditors will continue in the role.

All approved. Hands are all raised.

7. Report of the Secretary General

This is my last day, having served EHS for 9 years, and I am very proud for this part of my life. I have served under very esteemed Presidents, Ullmark, Siebert, Schreurs and Epinette, and I’ve spent time with our new President, Prof Siebenrock. I am very grateful to our collaboration all these years. We have collectively done a lot of work.

Easier dues payment with credit card directly on the EHS website

ET: To accommodate members who prefer credit card payment, we want to introduce this directly on the website. Cost: €249 one-off fee, €15 per month (x12 = €180pa), plus €0.10 per transaction.

Approve cost with a show of hands: Majority approve.

New Nat Reps:

ET: A warm welcome to both Prof Jean Marc Puch for France and Dr Ákos Zahár for Hungary [see photos above].


EHS is prevailing despite Covid-19. [See graphic above.]

At 2019 EHS GA, we had 420 members, from 31 countries within Europe & 20 countries beyond.

Today we have 462 members, from 32 countries within Europe & 33 countries beyond.

Our international membership has really grown since it started. We are very proud to offer this connection to all our members.

New members since Lisbon EFORT 2019:-

Full Members


Dr Heinz Winkler


Prof Fabio Catani
Dr Federico Giardina
Ass Prof Mattia Loppini
Dr Andrea Parente
Prof Giuseppe Solarino
Dr Anthony Viste


Dr Georgios Chatziagorou


Dr Claus Varnum


Dr Ali Hussein Abdali


Dr Nicholas A Beckmann
Dr Julien Stanovici



Dr Thierry Aucouturier
Prof Julien Girard
Prof Jean Yves Lazennec
Prof Elhadi Sari-ali
Dr Anthony Viste

North Macedonia

Dr Darko Talevski


Dr Goksel Dikmen


Dr Sufian S Ahmad
Dr Viktor Janz
Ass Prof Karl Philipp Kutzner
Prof Georgi Wassilew

The Netherlands

Prof Rob GHH Nelissen
Dr Peter van Winterswijk




Mr James Berstock
Mr Anil Gambhir
Mr Panagiotis Gikas
Mr Andrew Manktelow
Prof Dominic Meek


Prof Dimitrios Koulalis
Dr Panayiotis Megaloikonomos
Dr Lazaros Poultsides
Dr Christos Topalis


Dr Acacio Ramos




Dr Taras Rogovyi
Prof Sergii Khmyzon
Dr Alexander Yagelskiy
Dr Igor Zazirnyi


Dr Nikolaos Davarinos


Dr Mihail Lazar Mioc

Young Members

Dr Karim Ouattara
Dr Adrian J Cassar-Gheiti
The Netherlands
Dr Jetse Jelsma

Dr Pedro Miguel Reis Campos

Dr Mark Anthony Roussot


International Members


Prof Riaz KhanAssistant Prof Daniel FickMr William BlakeneyDr Scott Andrew Brumby 
Dr George GrammatopoulosProf James Nelson Powell

Prof Chi Zhang

Dr Layth Habbabah
Dr Rida Kassem
Dr Gianluca Cusma Guatteri
Prof Dante Parodi 
Dr Yeonghun Kang
Dr Yadin David Levy
Dr Edwin SuAssistant Prof Cody Wyles


Congratulations on their retirement:-

Prof Werner Siebert, (EHS Past President) Germany

Prof Henrik Malchau, Sweden

Dr Roxo Neves, Portugal

Dr Anne Karin Alberty, Finland


Deceased: We remember Dr Larry Dorr, esteemed International EHS Member, we were all very sad at his loss and we will honour him at MAST 8 Course in December (co-organised by EHS and sponsored by EFORT) with a Larry Dorr Medal of €2k to the winner.


Membership Directory is on the EHS Website. You can search all our members by name and country.

EHS Facebook and LinkedIn are growing.

We published a Covid-19 Update in the EHS Newsletter throughout the pandemic with surveys, scientific publications and personal reports from our members in: 2020 June Italy / July Belgium / August USA /  September Spain / October Australia / November Netherlands / December Germany 2021 January Denmark / February general / March Bulgaria / April Belgium / May Israel / June NZ / July Russia / August China / September Romania.

Upcoming meetings

15-16th October 2021

Kharkiv, Ukraine: 2nd International Conference “Advanced Treatment of Hip, Knee and Shoulder Pathology” [Hybrid Conference]

26th-29th October 2021 Berlin, Germany: DKOU

25-26 November 2021

Madrid, Spain: XXV International Course of Reconstructive Surgery of the Joint – Hip Surgery

17-19th December 2021
Thessaloniki, Greece: MAST 8: Advances in Arthroplasty [Digital meeting]
Co-organized with EHS


Adult Hip – Master Case Series & Techniques (Springer 2019)

A collective work where the majority of the EHS participated – a huge work of clinical studies and techniques and one of the best downloaded books, with 10k downloads in the first year.






Hip International

We are very supportive to our journal and the editorial board is working hard to increase the impact factor, which is 2.2 now. It is going to grow very fast after the next few years and we will help very much to evolve this. Prof Karachalios is the co-editor of Hip International with Mr James Berstock.

Thanks to all on our ExCom: Dr Epinette, Prof Siebenrock and Prof Schreurs.

Wim Schreurs is retiring from the ExCom happily!

Thanks to esteemed colleague Prof Martin Thaler and welcome to Prof Bondarenko, who will be approved shortly.

And of course SciCom Chairman Luigi Zagra and EduCom Chairman Prof Gosta Ullmark, who is unable to join us.

EHS Fellowships are on hold due to Covid-19 right now, but they will be resumed as soon as possible.

That was my last report as Secretary General.

Thank you very much for your attention.

8. Report of Chairman of the EduCom

GU unable to attend

9. Report of Chairman of the SciCom

LZ: Thanks to everyone for being the Chairman for the last 3 years of the SciCom. We had our periodical meetings based on cyber meetings of course and most discussion was on 3 topics: the Congress, the EHS sessions at EFORT / DKOU and our Surveys – thanks to MT for those, and thanks to all our members taking part in the EHS surveys, including Periprosthetic Fractures, published in Hip International, and Return to Sports After Total Hip Arthroplasty, also a series of Covid-19 related surveys.

Both the EHS session at EFORT and full day (half day hip / half day knee) were a success.

The SciCom’s major activity was to arrange the scientific programme for this congress and thanks to all, but especially JAE who did all the heavy work these three years, organising everything and postponing one year and not being sure who would come or not. We all supported him, but it was mainly his work.

Round of applause.

JAE: Thanks, you are a friend and a partner and were so precious for organising this congress. I remember the first time we arranged this congress on your dining table, and without you this would be very difficult. Thanks also to Samantha for her precious help at all times. Thanks to all the SciCom, we have been working together all the time.


10. Approval of Secretary General 2021-5

Welcome to Stanislav Bondarenko as the Secretary General of EHS.

If you agree, raise your arm!

All raise.

Welcome on board and we are sure for a very nice cooperation and thank you for accepting such a huge position!

Time and energy demanding, so we wish the best for you. Bravo!



11. Election of President 2023-5

Now is my pleasure to leave a great suspense, like the bafta awards. I am happy to announce the new president is: Eleftherios Tsiridis.


My personal and friendly agreement and hope the best for you! You will continue on after KS.

ET: I would like to thank you all for this wonderful moment. I said previously it was my last time addressing the society, but now is a new beginning. I have worked very hard for the last 9 years for the wellbeing of EHS and it is my distinct honour that you have elected me President.

Thanks for all who have conveyed your support to me through emails and personal communications, and I promise I will deliver my duties with honour and with faith towards the society.

At this moment I would like to thank my friend and colleague Fares Haddad. I wish him luck for future candidacy.

All applaud.

I really look forward to working with KS to organise a wonderful meeting in Bern and thereafter he will help me a lot to organise in Thessaloniki, where we look forward to your participation in the 16th EHS Congress 2025. I promise the 10 following things as from today to deliver within our society:-

  1. Promote Technological Innovation including software and robotics into surgery
  2. Enhance the EduCom by industry and privately-funded fellowships and CME
  3. Facilitate the SciCom in editing guidelines, surveys, hip updates and RCTs internationally
  4. Actively support Hip International, with publication traction and impact factor increase
  5. Honour our Past Presidents by introducing the Presidential Senate to advise the ExCom
  6. Continuously support EFORT in registries, legislation and yearly congresses
  7. Introduce a Dynamic Philanthropic Initiative for the poor and sick within Europe and beyond
  8. Introduce the EHS Accreditation System to expand the international recognition of EHS
  9. Strongly promote Excellence, Scientific Meritocracy and Professional Ethos
  10. Bring the 16th EHS Congress 2025 to Thessaloniki, an ancient city of 1.5m people, 4 universities and one of the biggest educational and technological hubs of South Eastern Europe, with the support of the Mayor and the Governor of the city

12. Miscellaneous

WS: Thanks to all. LZ asked me in 2021 to become president, I was appointed at GU’s congress in Stockholm. Thanks for the trust and honour to serve for the next 6 years. And I learnt a lot with Werner Siebert and The Hague was really straightforward and to be honest. I thought this would never be a hybrid meeting but it was and JAE made the right decision for that and it was very nice.

Regards the EHS money, I realised that if I go to Austria on Monday, I can take it all out!

Haha, all laugh.

We should think how to spend it. Personally I think given the situation and the weakness of other societies, we should have an EHS congress every year and I know not many other ExCom members agree, but perhaps this should be considered and is realistic, as once every two years is not very much and we have a very attractive community for the industry.

EFORT is just young surgeons who make no decisions at the hospitals, but at EHS the delegates have power in the hospitals, so we do attract industry.

All the best for the future of EHS and to the ExCom.

JAE: Maybe we can have some webinars, as it is not too difficult to organise and it allows EHS to be more active throughout the year. We can try together to hold a virtual addition to our hybrid congress each time.

Thank you very much.



2019 A.G.M.

2019 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting during the EFORT Congress, Lisbon

Date: Thursday 6th June  Time:  18.30-19.30 Place: Vila Galé Ópera Hotel (next to Congress Centre)
Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (Tsiridis) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA in The Hague 2018 (Tsiridis) 2
3 Report of the President (Epinette)

14th Congress 2020 (Lille)

4 Report of the President Elect (Siebenrock)

15th Congress 2022 (Berne)

5 Report of the Past President (Schreurs)

13th Congress 2018 (The Hague)

6 Report of the Treasurer (Tsiridis for Thaler)

Fee increase to flat rate of €150 pa (€75 for young members)

Show of hands to approve

Auditors x 2 to remain the same: Siebert and Pippino
Show of hands to approve

Add auditors to constitution

7 Report of the Secretary General (Tsiridis) 10
8 Report of Chairman of the EduCom (Ullmark) 5
9 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (Zagra) 5
10 Miscellaneous 12


  1. Approval of the Agenda

Agenda approved.


  1. Approval of the Minutes

Minutes approved.


  1. Report of the President

JAE presents EHS 14th Congress Lille 2020: website is www.ehs2020.org

Lille: University city in the Heart of Europe. Easy to reach from all of Europe.

Venue: Grand Palais, 2 auditoriums, capacity of 400 people each. The lobby is very welcoming with lots of space to network. Workshop for pharmaceutical companies, the wall exhibition will be in the centre of the venue.

Gala dinner: The Hermitage, a very nice place. Faculty and Gala dinner here.

On website: Registration, scientific programme, interview of the month (a new key speaker each month).

Hip Toulouse: decided to join together with us as there was a clash of dates.


  1. Report of the President Elect

Prof Siebenrock presents EHS 15th Congress in Bern, Switzerland, 2022.

Dates: September 22nd – 23rd (24th). Very easy to reach from airport and trains. It’s a nice small city, easy to commute downtown from the congress centre. Venue is reserved.


  1. Report of the Past President

Prof Schreurs on EHS 13th Congress 2018 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Thanks all for coming.

Quite a successful event with 850 clinical participants; including 180 from The Netherlands. 25-30 booths.

€86k in total.


  1. Report of the Treasurer

[Treasurer Prof Thaler unable to attend EFORT, so Prof Tsiridis presents]

€600,296 in the bank.

ET: A slight increase to the previous year. Our finances are very good. EHS relies financially on our congresses, as we don’t make much from our annual fee (€55 plus VAT goes towards the digital journal subscription, €87 towards print subscription). We need to take a load off the president’s shoulders so if the industry becomes less supportive, EHS is safer.

Expenses last year: €81.983,78

€21.7k pa on sending EHS speakers to educational meetings. We should keep this figure in the range of €20k pa. Speakers must be told to only buy standard class air tickets.

€18.7k on Fellowships. The cost is usually €12k pa (€3k allowance x 4 fellows), but some attended The Hague to present / promote our fellowships.

€22.6k pa for salary of Membership Secretary = very economical for EHS.

€6.4k on SciCom meetings.

€12.5k on various: website, Commemorative Booklet, new EHS booth posters, office expenses (posting certificates, printing ink, Office/Word subscription/GoToMeeting annual plan, for eg.), bank charges…

€24k to SAGE for journal subscriptions.

We are non-profit, but we could attract attention from tax authorities if we accumulate more than €1m.

Proposal: to increase annual membership dues of EHS from €100 to €150 for Full and International members, and from €50 to €75 for Young Members.

Pedro Dantas (EHS Nat Rep for Portugal): €50 is not a lot, but it is a 50% increase. Why?

ET: Security. To maintain our finances and defend against the lowering of industry sponsoring (note: Stryker is not here at EFORT). Also, our fee has remained stable for over 15yrs.

Comparisons with other societies:-

International societies

National societies

EKS €500

AGA €150



International Hip Society $500

HAOST €200

Austrian Society €150

Dutch Orthopaedic Society €1600

Swiss Orthopaedic €700



The fee increase allows the possibility to:-

  • Provide a scientific EHS educational grants (explore & evaluate grant applications)
  • EHS Participation at events: support more meetings; send more than two speakers
  • Provide more fellowships: currently we support 4 pa
  • Make EHS more popular: open it up
  • Research activities

George Babis (EHS Member from Greece): would some members stop paying if it goes up?

ET: that would be an embarrassment.

Zagra (Chairman of EHS SciCom): the fee is certainly low. Strategic economic plan.

ET: We know the maintenance, the fellowships, the travelling for our speakers, the membership secretary. So €300k should be kept for a rainy day (i.e. an unsuccessful meeting) as it could take only three years to spend all the money if a congress goes wrong.

Please pay your dues! We do not expel people. At EKS you are out if you don’t pay. We are soft with members, but we need to maintain the society in some way.

Should we invest the money? We are not a commercial society so better stay away from adventurous investments, but it’s open to be discussed.

Approve increase in fee with a show of hands: Majority approve.


  1. Report of the Secretary General (Tsiridis)

First, JAE addressed the GA on EHS Ambassadors

EHS Ambassadors = an opportunity for keen members to get more involved in EHS activities.

We have excellent members who are not in any EHS committees (Nat Rep / SciCom / EduCom). EHS is asked by many societies to participate and send speakers, but we send out our committee members very much! So we invited Ambassadors, people who apply can represent EHS for one meeting. It’s good for them to be recognised as scientists and it’s good for us to be supported by other members. It is not in competition with the role of Nat Rep, on the contrary, Nat Rep can help. We had 50 applicants! That’s very good for us to have so many interested members. We will now send those 50 a letter asking for their CV with hip-related work and favourite topics to build up a list of potential Ambassadors to be sent out (especially in Europe). EHS pays for travelling and housing.

ET: we want to democratise the opportunity for more people – according to their abilities – to present their works, not only the committee members. Bring talent out in the society. People can represent EHS with honour.

LZ: Suggestion: we must put some clear steps. Ambassadors must pay their fees, attend the EHS Congress and be very active!

JAE: They will be real Ambassadors.

ET: We could get approval from the Nat Reps too.

WS: We will make a list and potentially these speakers can be sent out. We don’t want to give false hope! But we need good presenters, good English-speaking talented hip experts.

Oliver Marin-Peña (EHS Spanish member): we are happy to be in the list and thank you for that.

JAE: It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

ET: We don’t want to see the committee members being the only ones who go around the world. Open it up. We are not a closed club.

WS: We need to get younger people involved and raise them up to take over the society form the older committee members.

KS: Two points: (i) We needs strict criteria. Tell people if they do not fit the criteria and are not on the list. Look at scientific quality of their CVs etc.  Also (ii) the organisers should offer something to EHS in return, such as housing.

JAE: At the ExCom, we decided €800 would be the limit for a speaker to be reimbursed by EHS, including their travel and housing. If it is more, the host needs to help, or the speaker to pay himself.

EHS has 420 members: 31 countries within Europe, 20 beyond

Joined since GA in The Hague (Sept 2018):-

New Full Members



Dr Alexander Brunner



Prof Kristoff Corten



Dr Bertrand Boyer

Dr Michel Brax

Dr Aymard de Ladoucette

Prof Jean Yves Lazennec

Dr Jerome Magendie

Dr Thierry de Polognac



Dr Stefan Budde

Dr Chris Gatzka



Dr Nikolaos Davarinos (was Young)



Dr Carlo Alberto Buratti

Dr Loris Perticarini


The Netherlands

Dr Suzan Verdegaal



Dr Jacek Mazek


Russian Federation

Dr Andrey Korytkin

Dr Igor Shubnyakov



Dr Marc Tey



Dr Vasileios Zampelis



Dr Johannes Dominik Bastian

Prof Moritz Tannast



Assoc Prof Fatih Kucukdurmaz



Dr Hiren Divecha (was Young)



Prof Mykola Ankin

Dr Taras Petryk

International Members



Dr Bruno Rabello



Dr Paul Beaulé

Dr George Grammatopoulos (was UK)

Prof Pascal-Andre Venditolli



Dr S’mansoor Moazenjamshidi

Dr SM Javad Mortazavi



Prof Amer Abdallah

Dr Chahine Assi

Dr Rida Kassem

Dr Rima Nasser

Dr Alexandre Nehme

Prof Kaissar Yammine



Dr Jonathan Flordelis



Dr Morteza Meftah

Prof Joseph T Moskal


Young Members



Dr Luca Garro



Dr Ana Luisa Neto

Dr Tiago Pato

Dr Antonio Robalo Correia



Dr Diego Alfonso Salinas Gonzalez



Deceased: Dr Luigi Rizzi. Our EHS member from Bergamo, Italy, passed away in February, aged 56. The March EHS Newsletter published a brief note by his colleague, Prof Castelli, in his remembrance: “…a cultured and curious man, with an extraordinary passion for surgery …. He had a great love, respect and amazement for the beauty of human anatomy. This made him an excellent surgeon.”

Four new National Representatives:-

UK, Prof Fares Haddad
Prof of Orthopaedic and Sports Surgery, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Director of ISEH, Divisional Clinical Director of Surgical Specialties at UCH, BSc MD (Res) MCh (Orth) FRCS (Orth) FFSEM

Republic of Ireland, Mr Derek Bennett
MCh, FRCSI, FRCS Tr & Orth, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, FFSEM

[No pic]

France, Dr Andre Ferreira
Secretary General of the French Society of Hip & Knee (partner of SOFCOT), member of SOFCOT, SICOT, EFORT & AAOS

Switzerland, Dr Hannes Rüdiger
Vice Head of Hip Surgery at Schulthess Clinic, Zürich & Senior Lecturer at University of Zurich & Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich


The (EFORT-approved) EHS Visiting Fellowship 2019 was awarded to Dr Vittorio Bellotti, Spain and Dr Vahit Emre Ozden, Turkey. They will go to Switzerland for two weeks in the Autumn and will have €30,00 each to spend on travel / accommodation / food.

The EHS Travelling Fellowship 2019 was awarded to Alex Brunner (Austria) and Loris Perticarini (Italy), who toured ORs of top hip surgeons at work in the UK this Spring. Applications will open September 2019 for the EHS Travelling Fellowship 2020. As with the VF, they have €30,00 each to spend on travel / accommodation / food.

EHS Website

  • NEW MEMBERS LIST  DIRECTORY– see who our members are
  • List of Hip Meetings in Europe (to list your meeting, contact Samantha)
  • Fellowship announcements & reports
  • GA Minutes / scientific papers

LOG IN to the website to access your Hip International digital subscription. Access is no longer via the publisher’s website, but our own.

We need to promote Lille, to be as successful as The Hague. (All clap Past President’s success for getting over 200 Dutch at his meeting.)


  1. Report of Chairman of the EduCom

Prof Ullmark unable to attend.


  1. Report of Chairman of the SciCom

Prof Brigitte Jolles-Haeberli, from Lausanne, Switzerland, has joined (see 2nd photo below), Evert Smith has gone. (All clap her). Successful meeting in Milan with a very technical method for making the programme for Lille! (See photo immediately below: paper cut outs!).


  1. Miscellaneous


LZ: Martin Thaler the EHS Treasurer is very active on surveys and just finished the survey on periprosthetic fractures. More than 100 EHS members took it. We will present the results at our next congress.

Be ready: In September we will start the new survey, Return to Sport After THA, set up by Innsbruck University. Support this please!

Oliver Marin-Peña (EHS Spanish member): maybe the next survey could be on scores in Europe.

LZ: send a written proposal to the SciCom please. We need the support of Innsbruck, but it’s a very good idea.



*PowerPoints are available upon request

2018 A.G.M.

2018 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting at EHS 13th Congress, The Hague




Date: Friday 21st September 2018  Time:  17.45-19.15   Location: Amazon Room, World Forum Congress Centre


Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (Tsiridis) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA in Vienna 2017 (Tsiridis) 2
3 Presentation of the candidate for the position of Treasurer 2018 – 2022 (Schreurs/Tsiridis)

Short introduction by candidate


4 Election of President 2022-2024 (Schreurs/Tsiridis)

Declaration of intent by two candidates: Prof Siebenrock (Switzerland) and Mr Smith (UK)

Full members invited to cast vote in secret ballot

5 Report of the President (Schreurs) 5
6 Report of the President Elect (Epinette)

14th Congress 2020 (Lille) “MCI” Congress Organiser

7 Report of the Past President (Siebert) 2
8 Report of the Treasurer (Karachalios) 5
9 Approval of Financial Reports (Siebert, Pipino)


10 Report of the Secretary General (Tsiridis) 10
11 Report of Chairman of the EduCom (Ullmark) 5
12 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (Zagra) 5
13 Approval of Constitution changes (Schreurs/Tsiridis)

(Show of hands)

14 Results of Presidential Election announced 5
15 Miscellaneous 6




1 Approval of Agenda

Agenda approved.


2 Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved.


3 Presentation of candidate for Treasurer 2018 – 2022

Prof Karachalios leaves EHS after two terms of 4 years. He is now the Treasurer of EFORT.


Prof Martin Thaler (left) introduces himself: Associate Professor at the Medical University of Innsbruck, he is an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon with a Master’s in managing and is currently doing a Master’s in business administration!

Prof Thaler has done background work for EHS already with the update of the constitution and communication with the bank. EHS and Innsbruck have a long tradition and a good relationship – Prof Martin Krismer was EHS President and Secretary General of EHS and Prof Bauer was a founding member.

Prof Thaler will be honoured to have the pleasure of being the EHS Treasurer.

Please approve. Unanimous show of hands.




4 Election of President 2022-2024

Prof Schreurs introduces the two candidates: Prof Klaus Siebenrock (EHS Nat Rep for Switzerland) and Mr Evert Smith (EHS Nat Rep for UK).

It’s a six year role – two years serving as President Elect, two years as President and two years as Past President – so we are very grateful and these two strong candidates show that EHS is evolving and strong.

Democratic vote explained: Only Full Members will vote. They will sign in, mark their vote on a ballot paper behind a screen, then post the vote in the ballot box. (Voting instructions clearly shown on screen.)

Two EHS members are appointed to oversee the voting and guarantee the objectivity and quality of the process: Prof Stanislav Bondarenko, Nat Rep for Ukraine and Dr Eduardo Garcia-Rey, Member of the EduCom. Please approve. Unanimous show of hands.

Prof Siebenrock presents*. Prof Smith presents*.


5 Report of the President

Wim SchreursProf Schreurs: We were a little bit afraid about this meeting, but we had 750 delegates without industry, so 900 in total. I am very grateful that so many people came so many miles. We had great speakers and great presentations, thank you all for your involvement. Thanks to Dennis Janssen who helped a lot with the scientific organisation, and also thanks my department.







6 Report of the President Elect

Jean-Alain EpinetteDr Epinette: Introduces himself as a surgeon from north of France. He has been an EHS member from the beginning, joining in 1993. He is very pleased to have been elected by our members as the next president and is delighted to serve the society according to the rules of the new constitution.

“Bringing orthopaedic hip surgeons together…” = a very important motto. EHS is a very active and enthusiastic society and will expand hip knowledge all around the world.

He will be very close to our Nat Reps = a very important link for organising the congress and the fellowships. He thanks all EHS Nat Reps in advance for the excellent work they can do for EHS.

Thanks also to Prof Zagra as SciCom Chairman and Prof Ullmark as EduCom Chairman.

These committees are the spine of our society. Thank you for the excellent collaboration in advance.

Thank you to everybody who helped create such a nice congress!

Now: 14th EHS Congress in Lille, France, 1st-2nd October 2020

Very nice location in the centre of Europe. Very easy to reach by train/air/car, close to many cities. TGV from Paris airport to Lille takes 55 mins. 1.50mins from London. Airport/trains from Belgium & Brussels.

The Grand Palais venue is booked – a nice big place, close to downtown Lille.

The congress will be just two days, Thursday and Friday, because Saturday morning attracts few people, so we prefer to concentrate. The city will support our congress – it wants an international event.

Lille was chosen because, although was born in Avignon, Dr Epinette’s medical studies were in Lille – it’s a university city. Paris is too expensive, Lyon is expensive and difficult to get to, Toulouse and Marseille are in the south, so Lille is ideal.

The congress organizer will be MCI and Dr Epinette is pleased to work with this team. He finishes: “We need you and we want to see each of you and all of us at Lille 2020. Thank you very much!”

7 Report of the Past President

Werner SiebertProf Siebert: We have a lot more members today and a lot more paying members. Every year we have a lot more money in the purse of the European Hip Society. With more members, we are not relying on the industry.

Prof Schreurs: Yes we have more members, more power and can attract more people to our meetings.






8 Report of the Treasurer

Theofilos KarachaliosProf Karachalios: €554,000 in our bank account.

2017-18 our expenses went up because we invested in education, lectures, travelling and fellowships. (€30,000 on fellowships.) Yet during the last two years, we have much more net income.

EHS used to be a closed club. Prof Karachalios thought it wasn’t good to open up with many more new members. But now we have become independent of the congress, so it was good.

In 2013 EHS felt it had to conserve money to improve its bank account. Then since 2017, it felt safe enough to invest in education, as is the duty of EHS.

PowerPoint* is shown.

Congress income: Milan 2012 €104,000 / Stockholm 2014 €102,000 / Munich 2016 €49,800 / The Hague ??

The environment has changed due to “MedTech” and all the sponsoring has been reduced, so that’s why Munich was a lower income.


9 Approval of Financial Reports 2016-18

EHS auditors, Profs Siebert and Pippino, approve the financial reports.

Prof Siebert: A huge amount of data was sent to us and Prof Karachalios’ work is very good. He is now Treasurer of EFORT, a big society. He has done an excellent job, thank you very, very much. Good luck to Prof Thaler in the post.

Please approve: All approve the financial reports and the Treasurer is cleared.


10 Report of the Secretary General

Eleftherios TsiridisProf Tsiridis: My privilege to present to you our summary of the last 2 years.* A special mention of the booklet you all received in the entrance package at this congress (pictured right). Thanks to Dr Eduardo Garcia-Cimbrelo, Chairman of our History Committee, Samantha Stokes, our Membership Secretary, and Prof Wim Schreurs.

Commemorative booklet

EHS is registered in Austria, our finances are half a million. We have expanded to over 50 countries, 32 are European and the rest beyond. We are very proud of this. Our Nat Reps need to ensure their nations are very active within our society.

The EHS Newsletters go out every month, with a brief letter from the EHS President and myself. They are an opportunity for all of you, especially Nat Reps, to write news of your national hip communities – a tool for you to promote your congresses and update us on developments.

-> Please email your courses to Samantha (samstokesehs@gmail.com) for our website list of Hip Meetings.

We are starting a new cycle of letters from Nat Reps in our Newsletter, as all have now contributed once. Thanks to each and every Nat Rep. Welcome to two new Nat Reps (below).

Stig Jakobsen
Stig Jakobsen for Denmark

Boris Steno
Boris Steno for Slovakia










We run two EHS fellowships every year for four upcoming surgeons: Travelling Fellowship in Spring and Visiting Fellowship in Autumn – we are strong and support them well.

EHS FellowsThis year we sent Dr Grammatopoulos of UK and Dr Merle of Germany to Turkey for the Travelling Fellowship 2018 – an invaluable two weeks in OR observing the experts and attending scientific courses and lectures. Also Visiting Fellows 2017 Dr Moreta of Spain and Dr Koutalos of Greece visited Germany in Spring and had an excellent time. They presented their experience at this congress. See all the reports on our website. [Photo L-R: Prof Schreurs, Prof Ullmark, Dr Koutalos, Dr Moreta, Dr Merle, Dr Grammatopoulos.]

Next we will send Dr Loppini of Italy and Dr Santos Leite of Portugal on the Visiting Fellowship 2018 in The Netherlands. We look forward to their report and thanks to all our Dutch colleagues involved in organising this excellent Fellowship around Nijmegen, Delft, Breda and Maastricht. We are honoured that our Visiting Fellowship has the high recognition of being EFORT-approved.

NOW the Travelling Fellowship 2019 is announced!

-> Please encourage your young colleagues to apply.

-> We also support Hip Courses at Nat Soc meetings around Europe, so email Samantha Stokes with your local congresses and ask for EHS speakers to attend.

Per Kjaersgaard-AndersonEHS has a very strong relationship with EFORT. Thank you to Prof Per Kjaersgaard-Anderson (pictured left), our Key Note Lecturer, for being an active member of EHS. He is one of ours and we are very proud he is the President of EFORT, a leader in Europe.

E Our membership fee is very, very small! It is only €100, please pay it – much of our income comes from this money. Digital bank transfer (SEPA) or VISA/MasterCard credit cards can be used. PayPal has been removed from our website – apologies for any inconvenience caused by its automated messages.

-> Our Facebook and LinkeIn are active – please send posts to Samantha.

We welcome our new President Jean-Alain Epinette to our society.

We also welcome Wim Schreurs to Past President status and he will serve very well, as he did all these years. He was also an excellent President Elect; we enjoyed a very smooth four years with him and we look forward to the next two years.

We thank Werner Siebert, our Past President, for his wonderful congress in Munich. We are grateful for his seniority – he has introduced us to many activities in Europe and beyond, namely in South America.

Alister Hart Garcia-ReyProf Zagra does a great job as Chairman of SciCom, and Prof Ullmark of Educom – he worked very hard to organise our fellowships. Also, welcome to Alister Hart (pictured far left) and Eduardo Garcia Rey (pictured left) as new committee members.







Welcome to all new members and we honour our Emeritus members:-





Dr Stig Jakobsen



Dr Chahine Assi

Dr Cecile Bataille

Dr Michel Brax

Prof Philippe Chiron

Dr Aymard De Ladoucette

Dr Thierry De Polignac

Prof Jean-Yves Jenny

Dr Jérôme Magendie

Prof Didier Mainard

Mr Maurice Malissard

Dr Jean Marc Puch



Dr Andreas Berger

Prof Rudi Bitsch

Prof Daniel Kendoff

Dr Christian Merle



Dr Giorgios Drosos

Dr Lazaros Oikonomides



Mr Nico Bennink

Dr Wout Rosenberg

Dr Marijn Rutgers

Dr Matthijs Somford

Dr Wierd Zijlstra



Prof Didier Hannouche



Prof Andrii Babko

Dr Alok Bansal

Dr Vasyl Makarov



Prof Justin Cobb

Dr George Grammatopoulos

Mr Nikhil Shah

Prof John Skinner

Mr Ronan Treacy

Mr Anthony Ward





Prof Ayman Ebied



Prof Michael Drexler

Prof Yona Kosashvili



Dr Masaki Mizushima

Dr Kenichi Oe



Dr Ian Clarke

Dr Jonathan Vigdorchik





Dr Kresimir Crnogaca



Mr Christos Milaras



Dr Asif Hussain



Dr Keshavarz Amirhossein



Dr Ryan Giordmaina



Mr Arjan de Beus

Dr Stijn Bolink

Dr Bas van Ooij



Dr Joāo Esteves



Dr Pia Zurmühle



Mr Syed Ahmed



Dr Ahmed Amine Bodnaoui

Dr Oleg Ovchynnikov


Prize PrizesThanks to the editors of our journal, Hip International. Lots of submission, the quality has risen significantly. The Impact factor is 1.26. Welcome to two new section editors for trauma: Prof Minos Tyllianakis (University of Patras, Greece) and Dr Christos Garvanos (Evangelismos General Hospital of Athens, Greece). Our new publishers, SAGE, are more active. We hope to get advertising revenue and have a dedicated staff for this. SAGE sponsored our prizes at this congress and awarded 1st Prize of €1,500 to Marieke F van Wier from The Netherlands for “Bad press equals bad PROMs?” and 2nd Prize of €1,000 to Mattia Loppini from Italy for “PTX3 as a new biomarker for the diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection: a single-center pilot study”. They were presented by Prof Zagra, Chairman of SciCom, and Mr Baker,
Co-Chief Editor of Hip International.

Presidency 2018-2020 hand over, from Dr Schreurs to Dr EpinetteProf Schreurs (left) hands over EHS Presidential necklace to Dr Epinette.








11 Report of Chairman of the EduCom


Prof Ullmark (pictured above): “I am the one who spends the money!”

The members are:-

  • Chairman: Gosta Ullmark
  • Vice Chairman: Bulent Atilla
  • Ex-Officio Members 2016-2018
    • President: B Willem Schreurs
    • President Elect: Jean-Alain Epinette
    • Past President: Werner Siebert
  • Roberto Binazzi
  • Rui Cabral
  • Eduardo Garcia-Rey
  • Hans Gollwitzer
  • Klaus-Peter Gunther
  • Alister Hart
  • Michael Nogler
  • Soren Overgaard

We have increased activity very much and we need to continue that way. With the EHS President and Samantha Stokes we sent out a letter to all National Societies in 2017, asking if organisers want EHS speakers to boost their faculty and improve their scientific hip content. It is working out very well. We send speakers to national orthopaedic societies in Russia, Ireland, Estonia Spain, Greece, Germany, The Netheralnds… The EHS speakers also encourage new membership and promote our congress while they are there. WAC in Rome was a particular success in April 2018.

The EHS Fellowships are very successful. The basic criteria is:-

  • Under 45 years of age
  • EHS member country
  • Dedicated to the hip

The EduCom then makes a selection based on the most scientific merits. The host country it chosen after the winners are announced, to ensure we do not send someone to their own country.

EHS Courses: we are adapting high quality hip courses to become EHS-organised courses.

Like 5th Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery in Thessaloniki, Bristol Hip Arthroplasty Course: Total Hip Arthroplasty and Hip Surgery, Bernese Hip Symposium, Ukraine.

Idea for future courses: Hip fracture and hip prosthesis are the two main major orthopaedic issues. Maybe EHS can start an EFORT pre-course, bringing these two together: a new one-day EHS course in cooperation with the trauma society and EFORT.


12 Report of Chairman of the SciCom


Prof Zagra (pictured above): “My term is four years. This is my first report.”

The members are:-

  • Luigi Zagra: Chairman
  • Theofilos Karachalios: Vice Chairman
  • Ex-Officio Members 2016-2018
    • President: B Willem Schreurs
    • President Elect: Jean-Alain Epinette
    • Past President: Werner Siebert
  • Klaus-Peter Gunther
  • Thomas Ilchmann
  • Johan Karrholm
  • Manuel Ribas Fernandez
  • Evert Smith
  • A Mazhar Tokgozoglu

Some members have been re-elected. Thank you for all the support. Each of these members is very active in the new established SciCom that started two years ago.

-> We have four slots in our committee according to our new constitution, so if you know anyone, please email Samantha or direct it to me.

Our first job is to support the President for his congress and help him get good topics and find good speakers. We have our first congress meeting at my house in Milan to identify the topics. We are also planning a monthly telecom meeting.

-> We are open to proposals for scientific activity for our congress and journals. Please email Samantha.

SciCom also organises EHS’s collaboration with other courses. Those combined with EFORT were among the most well-attended and successful sessions in the EFORT meeting (Vienna (2017) and Barcelona (2018)). For WAC 2018 we were part of the scientific programme. You saw the EHS logo on the front of the WAC programme for the first time.

It is also part of our job to support our journal, Hip International, which is increasing in impact factor and is recognised around the world for its scientific level. High quality reviews.

-> If you are interested, please help us, it is not closed to us to be a reviewer.

The SciCom selects the Hip International (SAGE) award winners at our congress. (See above.)

Prof Overgaard asks: There was a free session paper from a company today. What is the policy?

Prof Shcreurs: No-one recognised this. There should be no company presenting, and I hope it is only once.

Prof Zagra: We need to discuss this, it is a very important point. Thank you.


13 Approval of Constitution Updates

Prof Schreurs explains how all members were emailed the updates

Thanks to Profs Krismer, Thaler and Tsiridis and Zagra who helped with all the work.

Any remarks? None.

Who abstains to accept. No-one.

Who is against? No-one.

Who will accept? Unanimous show of hands.


14 Results of Presidential Election announced

Siebenrock Wins

Prof Schreurs announces: the candidate that will be President of EHS 2020-22 is Prof Klaus Siebenrock (photographed above). Congratulations.
Thanks to Mr Evert Smith.


15 Miscellaneous

-> Members’ contribution to Hip International is limited. Please, support the journal! We need reviewers!


THE END                                                                                                       *PowerPoints are available upon request

Most photos © Intercongress GmbH / Tobias Tanzyna

2017 A.G.M.

2017 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting at EFORT Congress, Vienna




Date: Wednesday 31st May 2017  Time:  18.45-19.45   Location: Marriot  Courtyard Hotel, Vienna



Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (Tsiridis) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA Munich 2016 (Tsiridis) 1
3 Report of the President  (Schreurs)

13th Congress 2018 (The Hague)

4 Report of the President Elect (Epinette)

14th Congress 2020 (Lille)

5 Report of the Past President  (Siebert) 3
6 Report of the Treasurer (Karachalios) 10
7 Approval of New Structure for SciCom and EduCom 10
8 Report of Chairman of the EduCom (Ullmark)

EHS Travelling Fellowship / EHS Visiting Fellowship
EHS guest society AAHKS 2017

9 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (Zagra)

EHS contribution to the World Arthroplasty Congress 2018 Rome

10 Update of EHS Constitution (Schreurs/Baker) 5
11 Report of the Secretary General (Tsiridis)

Members, Report

1st EHS Visiting Fellowship in Greece, Report

12 New regulations for orthopaedics in Europe (Schreurs) 3
13 Miscellaneous 1




1 Approval of the Agenda

Agenda approved.


2 Approval of Minutes of GA Munich 2016

Minutes approved.


3 Report of the President

The Hague Congress 20-22 September 2018

Our contract with Intercongress (the PCO) for The Hague Congress has been renegotiated.

We now have better financial conditions, based on achieving 600 delegates with a strict limitation on VIP (free) tickets.  Also, we have committed to advertise ourselves more, to save money.

So please all add this banner to your email signature, with a link to the Congress website:


[Contact Samantha for a PNG file or any additional info on how you can help.]


Abstract submission: September 2017 to March 2018.

April 2018: registration starts.

30th June 2018: deadline for early registration.

Same format as Stockholm and Milan EHS Congresses: two days industry (Thurs & Fri) and one day without (Sat).


10 symposia


4 industry lunch symposia


Highlight Topics:-

  • The young patient with a hip prosthesis
  • State of the art of customized 3D hip prostheses in hip revisions
  • Revision surgery in total hip arthroplasty
  • Hip registries

We will have many orals and traditional posters.

The venue is BOOKED: the World Forum congress centre.

Maybe traditional beer and pretzel at the posters?

Congress Dinner at the Kurhaus Hotel on the seafront is booked, 4.5km from congress centre.


EHS Dutch Member Ass Prof Dennis Jansen is introduced: he will help with the congress.


4 Report of the President Elect

Lille Congress 1-2 October 2020

Prof Epinette: Lille is a nice venue; easy to get to from all over Europe; the congress centre is inside the city. Four parallel rooms only. We are discussing with MCI (PCO) to get a good contract with a significant income – as we have had in the past. We also have a good link with other societies, International Arthroplasty Soc etc., so we will try to be as attractive as possible to get at least 600 members or more.


5 Report of Past President

Munich Congress 6-9 September 2016

Prof Siebert: Thank you all for your help in Munich, without you it wouldn’t have been possible. One result is we are now invited as a Guest Society to the AAHKS for the first time; we invited them as speakers in a very full room in Munich – they were impressed by us and our lectures, so now we are invited to do a session there. The Knee Society tried it and only got a poster, so together with our South American friends, we are now seen as an important society.


6 Report of the Treasurer

Prof Karachalios: Last time I reported in Munich, we had €554,284.

End of May we had €589,228 (take off €9,000 for secretarial services).









Vienna Marriott








Munich Congress



Prof Thaler helps a lot with the banking in Austria and will be proposed at the next meeting to take over as Treasurer. He will handle the job very effectively.


Prof Macheras: why do we only have this amount of money from Munich?

Prof Schreurs: the cost of the venue was very high; the cost of bringing Americans was high; VIPS were too many; we struggled to get people immediately after their summer break; local authorities had promised to give a bonus and then withdrew it.


Prof Karachalios: there was a financial loss with this meeting. However, the ExCom has taken all these facts and analysed the losses and we plan for the future to avoid it happening again.


Prof Macheras: why the contract is better now?

Prof Schreurs: Intercongress has promised that – if we have 600 delegates and follow the rules – we will have €100,000 income guaranteed.


Prof Macheras: Why did you move from the OIC contract which guaranteed the €100,000 to us?

Prof Tsiridis: we were locked in to the contract for two congresses. We had a very hard discussion with Intercongress and we take the responsibility that we didn’t follow the business plan. It will not happen again. We almost broke it legally, but it would be too expensive a legal fight. We have learnt our lesson.


Prof Zagra: For Lille, put the PCO in competition. Put two or three against each other.

Prof Karachalios: We will, but I doubt we can compete with 2012 and 2014 nowadays. It was different days then, there are more restrictions now applied, generally. We are expecting lower participants because they won’t be supported by the companies.


Prof Macheras: once you sign a contract, you write down possible losses etc. We do not discover it all now. We must have a minimum in case of disaster.

Prof Tsiridis: we should have had a break clause in the contract if we didn’t make a certain amount of money. We have learnt from this.

Prof Karachalios: we will not make the mistake with coffee breaks again etc.

Prof Tsiridis: No more free coffee.

Prof Labek: It’s a golden opportunity to prove ourselves in front of the industry if we focus on the forward active line than reduce costs – though they need to be controlled of course.

Prof Tsiridis: Munich was an expensive place.

Prof Epinette: That’s the reason I chose Lille.


7 SciCom / EduCom new structure

Ten members in both. 4-year term with one re-election. So, total of 8 years maximum.

Selection by the committee itself.

Advertise through our website. CV to be sent and selection process from the Sci/EduCom and ExCom.

They will be presented at the next GA in the Hague 2018.

Mr Baker: The new constitution will be circulated in good time. It is currently at the UK lawyers then it will be sent to all members to ratify it or ask for more changes, and agreed or not at the GA.


8 Report of Chairman of the EduCom

Prof Ullmark: The first EHS Visiting Fellowship 2016 was in Greece and was a great success, ending in the Mast Course in Thessaloniki where certificates were presented. See our website for their report if you missed it in the newsletter.


The Travelling Fellowship is right now in France – Dr Dikmen from Turkey and Dr Tankut from Ukraine.

The Visiting Fellowship 2017 is in Germany in September. Thanks to our Nat Rep Prof Thorey for organizing it.


We have written to all Nat Socs to ask about their meetings/courses to gather the info and to offer speakers from EHS. EHS will cover travel and housing for EHS speakers. We want to increase courses where EHS is involved.

Please email in your courses to Samantha (samstokesehs@gmail.com) to go up on our website.


9 Report of Chairman of the SciCom

Prof Zagra: ICJR together with EHS, next April in Rome at the World Arthroplasty Congress. EHS is a partner society and the proposal was for 12 speakers. A very good connection. We are part of the very successful scientific programme.

Prof Tsiridis: The ICJR in New York was disappointing, so I hope Europe is more promising. But now there is a new CEO, so hopefully it will be much better in Europe.


10 Constitution changes

See point 7.


11 Report of the Secretary General

PP is shown. [Please request a copy from Samantha.]

EHS is celebrating its 25th anniversary in October.

Collaboration with EFORT is constant and very successful. They have approved our Visiting Fellowship and therefore added value.

Please pay fees. 70% unpaid at this point.

Newsletter is a chance to present your courses, activities, whatever you like.

Please contribute. Invite yourself and send something in!


Nat Reps have a 4yr term and can renew once.

However, the Nat Society needs to propose to us the new member.

New Nat Rep for Italy: Nicola Santori (stepping down Prof Zagra)

Nicola Santori
Nicola Santori

New Nat Rep for Sweden: Per Wretenberg (stepping down Dr Arkan Sayed-Noor)

Per Wretenberg
Per Wretenberg

The SciCom – in Feburary the SciCom met at Prof Zagra’s house in Italy. He has revitalized the committee.

The EduCom should be congratulated on the EHS Fellowships. Well done.

EHS Past Presidents are invited to drinks afterwards.


New Full Members since last GA:-


Prof Martin Thaler


Dr Nicolas Reina

Prof Sebastien Lustig


Dr Jens Alexander Richter

Prof Andreas Halder

Dr Steffen Brodt

Dr Thilo Floerkemeier


Dr Vasileios Sakellariou

Dr Georgios Triantafyllopoulos

Dr Nikolaos Stavropoulos


Ass Prof Dennis Janssen


Dr Dan Crisan


Dr Fernando Marques


Prof  Brigitte Jolles-Haeberli


Dr Bulent Kilic

Dr Tevfik Oncan


Mr Alkiviadis Kallivokas

Mr Geza Kordas


New International Members since last GA:-


Dr Toshiki Iwase


Prof Nicholas Giori

Dr Lazaros Poultsides


New Young Members since last GA:-


Dr Nikolaos Davarinos


Dr Pedro Santos Leite


New Emeritus Members since last GA & therefore Congratulations on Retirements:-

  • Leif Ivar Havelin of Norway
  • Rob Spencer of UK / Hip International Editor many years
  • Eduardo Garcia-Cimbrelo of Spain (Founding Member of EHS)


The AAHKS Guest Society Fellowship with EHS is a great offer. We sent five of the candidates to AAHKS and they will choose one.

The EHS Visiting Fellowship was a great success in Hellas. I strongly suggest the Fellows should present as well during their Fellowships.


Our Secretary General’s office is always open to your suggestions and your help.


12 New regulations for orthopaedics in Europe

A new medical advice regulation will change the framework for research in the next years. So it will be effective at the congress in 2018.


13 Miscellaneous

EHS’s 25yr celebration… what shall we do? Celebrate it in The Hague in 2018 – ask a founding member to make a history book of EHS?



*(PowerPoints are available on request)


The End