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31 May – 1 June 2024
Oporto, Portugal: The Porto International Hip Meeting
EHS Patronage

5-7 June 2024
Toulouse, France: PCO (Practical Course Orthopedics)
EHS Patronage

17-21 June 2024
Split, Croatia: 7th FORTE Summer School
EHS Patronage

19-20 Sept 2024
Uni of Barcelona, Spain: Update in Anterior Approach for Total Hip Arthroplasty (Course)
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EHS Patronage

25-27 Sept 2024
Belgrade, Serbia: 44th SICOT Orthopaedic World Congress

28 Sept 2024
Borovetz, Bulgaria: BOTA (Bulgarian Orthopaedic & Traumatology Association) Congress
EHS Symposium

10-11 Oct 2024
Bilbao, Spain: New Technologies in THA & TKA
EHS Patronage

17-18th October 2024
Sweden: Swedish Hip & Knee Society annual scientific meeting
EHS Patronage

17-19th October 2024
Greece: Hellenic Ortho & Trauma Society’s 80th annual meeting
EHS Patronage

17-19 October 2024
Washington DC, USA: ISHA 2024

22–25 October 2024
Germany, Berlin: DKOU (German Congress of Orthopaedics & Traumatology)

30 October 2024
Rome, Italy: EHS-SIOT Symposium @ Congress of Italian Ortho & Traumatology Society (29-31 October 2024)
EHS Symposium

6-9th November 2024
Algarve, Portugal: Portuguese Ortho & Trauma Society (Sociedade Portuguesa de Ortopedia e Traumatologiacto)
EHS Session 8th November 11:00-13:00

15-16 November 2024
Lisbon, Portugal: 2nd Orthopaedics: Osteotomies around the Hip course
EHS Patronage

2-4 October 2025
Fukuoka, Japan: ISHA 2025

16-17 October 2025
Thessaloniki, Greece: EHS 16th Congress!

8-10 October 2026
Bruges, Belgium: ISHA 2026

5-9 October 2027
Ottawa, Canada: ISHA 2027 

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Past Scientific Hip Meetings

CONGRESS: Hamburg, Germany: 25th Annual EFORT Congress EHS Speciality Society (22-4 May 2024)

CONGRESS: 4th World Arthroplasty Congress (WAC): Madrid, Spain 18-19.4.2024 In Collaboration with EHS

CLASS: Cleveland Clinic: Hip & Knee Arthroplasty Masterclass: London, UK 13-14.5. 2024

HYBRID COURSE: Kharkiv, Ukraine: Complications & mistakes in total joint arthroplasty: prevention & management. 23.2.2024 EHS Patronage

MEETING: Madrid, Spain: 5th Combined Meeting EHS & SECCA (Spanish Hip Society) 8.3.2024 EHS Patronage

CLASS: Thessaloniki, Greece: MAST 10 (Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery Thessaloniki) (Hybrid Edition) 15-17.12.2023 (Co-organised by EHS & sponsored by EFORT)

CONGRESS: Algarve, Portugal: 42nd National Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (2-4.11.2023)

COURSE: Barcelona, Spain: EKS in Spain: Looking at WAC 2024 (3.11.2023) EHS Patronage

CONGRESS: Rome, Italy: Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (SIOT) (9-11.11.2023) EHS Symposium

CONGRESS: Madrid, Spain: XXVI International Course of Reconstructive Surgery of the Joint – Hip Surgery (30.11-1.12.2023) Programme HERE EHS Patronage

CONGRESS: Berlin, Germany: DKOU 2023 (25.10.2023) EHS Session

CONGRESS: Athens, Greece: 79th Hellenic Ortho & Trauma Soc Congress: EHS Forum EHS Patronage & EHS SYMPOSIUM (4-7.10.2023)

COURSE: Cape Town, South Africa: ISHA (The Hip Preservation Soc) 5th Annual Scientific Meeting (5-7.10.2023)

CONGRESS: Bern, Switzerland: Our 15th EHS Congress! (12-13.10.2023)

COURSE: Sinaia, Romania: 20th Romania Orth Soc Congress with EHS-SOROT Session EHS Patronage (18-21.10.2023)

EHS Webinar # 6: 12th Sept 2023 @19:30-20-30 CET

COURSE: Barcelona, Spain: 5th United European Academy Hip Session (15.9.2023)

COURSE: Athens, Greece: 6th FORTE Summer School EHS Patronage (24-28.7.2023)

CONGRESS: Toulouse, France: Practical Course Orthopedics EHS Patronage (8-10.6.2023)

COURSE: Lausanne, France: Lausanne Hip Day: The short femoral stem “Short but Efficient” (9.6.2023)

EHS Webinar # 5: Revisions- Planification and Options (13.6.2023)

CONGRESS: Barcelona Hip Meeting: Welcome & Inauguration speech by EHS President Elect, Prof Tsiridis EHS Patronage (17-9.4.2023)

COURSE: Bern, Switzerland: Hip Symposium Bern (19-22.4.2023) EHS Organised meeting

EHS Webinar # 4: Complications in Primary Hips (9.5.2023)

CONGRESS: Vienna, Austria: 24th Annual EFORT Congress EHS Speciality Society (24-6.5.2023)

CONFERENCE: Rome, Italy: Dual Mobility International Conference EHS Patronage (27.5.2023)

EHS Webinar # 3: Primary Hips: Difficult Cases (11.4.2023)

EFORT Webinar: Digital Orthopaedics II: Wearables & Apps (27.2.2023)

Annual Meeting: British Hip Society; Edinburgh – EHS President, Prof Siebenrock: “The Charnley Legacy Lecturer” (8-10.3.2023)

EHS Webinar # 2: Primary Hips: Surgical and Material Options (14.3.2023)

EHS Webinar # 1: Primary Hips: Preop Procedures & Options (14.2.2023)

EHS Combined meeting: Madrid, Spain: IV European Joint Meeting EHS & SECCA (the Spanish Hip Society) (10.2.2023)

Hybrid Masterclass: Thessaloniki, Greece: MAST 9: Advances in Arthroplasty Surgery (16-18.12.2022) Co-organized with EHS Read the report

CONGRESS: Glasgow, Scotland: ISHA (Hip Preservation Society) Annual Meeting (13-15.10.2022)

EHS Combined meeting: Rome, Italy: EHS – SIDA – SIOT Conjoined symposium on THR for secondary arthritis & hip arthroscopy  (11.11.2022)

DIGITAL: Munich Hip Meeting 2022 (24-26.11.2022)

NATIONAL CONGRESS: Burgas, Bulgaria: BOTA (Bulgarian Ortho & Trauma Assoc) EHS Combined Symposium (30.9 – 2.10.2022)

HANDS ON COURSE: Osteotomies around the hip (with AHED & Nova Medical School)
EHS Patronage (6-7.10.2022)

CONGRESS: Edinburgh: ICORS 2022 World Orthopaedic Research (7-9.9.2022)

CONGRESS: Vilnius, Lithuania: NOF (Nordic Orthopaedic Federation) (7–9.9.2022)

CONGRESS: Cartagena, Colombia: 18th Latin American Meeting of Hip and Knee Surgeons – ELCCR (3-6.9.2022)

2022 FORTE Summer School: Athens, Greece (25-29.72022) EHS Patronage Read report here

CONGRESS: Lisbon, Portugal: EFORT 23rd Congress “Modern Patient Needs – Challenges And Solutions In O&T” EHS Speciality Society Status (22-24.6.2022)

COURSE: Dresden, Germany: Austria-Swiss-Germany “Masterclass Joint Preserving Hip Surgery”(in German) (17–18.6.2022)

DIGITAL: “Direct Anterior Approach for THA” Course director: Prof Fernández-Valencia, Head of Hip Unit, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona (2-3.6. 2022 @ 18:00-19:30 CET) All benefits directly for humanitarian support in Ukraine EHS Patronage

WEBINAR by EFORT: Orthopaedics & Trauma in Ukraine. Surgeons from the fields will expose their needs and proposals (16.5.2022)

ANNUAL MEETING: Varna, Bulgaria: BОTA (Bulgarian Orthopaedic & Trauma Assoc) including EFORT Forum on THA (19-21.5.2022) EHS Patronage Read report HERE

EXPERT MEETING (digital): Barcelona, Spain: Taming the process in Wound Management in Hip Arthroplasty (26 & 27.5.2022)

DIGITAL: Cleveland Clinic London & EHS: Global Experts Hip Symposium (27.5.2022) EHS Co-organised

JOINT MEETING: III European EHS & SECCA (SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA DE CIRUGÍA DE CADERA) Madrid, Spain EHS Combined Course (18.3.2022) Read report HERE

POSTPONED COURSE: Innsbruck, Austria: ICJR DAA Hip (3-5.2.2022)

CONGRESS: Kyoto, Japan: 52nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Artificial Joints (JRSA) (20-22.2.2022) EHS Combined Session

Hybrid Masterclass: Thessaloniki, Greece: MAST 8: Advances in Arthroplasty (17-19.12.2021) Co-organized with EHS

Virtual Conference: Hip Fracture Summit 2021 (A Joint British Association of Day Surgery & HC-UK Virtual Conference) 20% discount for EHS members (5.11.2021)

CONGRESS: Berlin, Germany: DKOU EHS SESSION (26-29.10.2021)

Virtual Conference: Day Case Total Hip Replacement (A Joint British Association of Day Surgery & HC-UK Virtual Conference)
20% discount for EHS members (18.11.2021)


CONGRESS: Cape Town, South Africa: ISAKOS Congress (27.11-1.12.2021)

CONGRESS: Kharkiv, Ukraine: 2nd International Conference “Advanced Treatment of Hip, Knee and Shoulder Pathology” [Hybrid Conference] EHS Combined Course (15-16.10.2021) Read the report HERE

CONGRESS: Brescia, Italy: SIDA & AIR Joint Meeting (14-16.10.2021)

DIGITAL MEEITING: Ljubljana, Slovenia: 39th Annual Meeting of EBJIS (European Bone & Joint Infection Society) (7-9.10.2021)

ANNUAL MEETING: San Diego: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting (31.8 – 3.9.2021)

HYBRID CONGRESS: Lille, France: 14th EHS Congress  (10-11.9.2021)

CONGRESS: Budapest, Hungary: 41st SICOT (15-18.9.2021)

WEBINAR: Moscow, Russia: Eurasian Orthopedic Forum (EOF)  (25-26 June 2021)

WEBINAR: Vienna, Austria: EFORT 2021 Main Theme: “Sustainable Professional Practice”
Including: EHS Session – Primary Hips – The False “easy” THA: How To Recognize And Prevent Problems on Wednesday 30 June
17:00-18:00 (30.6.2021 – 02.7.2021)

WEBINAR: Munich, Germany: 3rd WAC organised by ICJR, EKS & EHS EHS PATRONAGE Free for EHS members! (22-24.4.2021)

Cancelled: Innsbruck, Austria: 3rd Annual European Direct Anterior Approach THA Course (28-30.1.2021)

WEBINAR: Spanish Hip Society (SECCA) II European Joint Meeting “Dislocation in THA: Current Controversies” (29.1.21 16.00-18.30 CET)

WEBINAR: EFORT’s Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence (25.1.2021)