2019 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting during the EFORT Congress, Lisbon

Date: Thursday 6th June  Time:  18.30-19.30 Place: Vila Galé Ópera Hotel (next to Congress Centre)
Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (Tsiridis) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA in The Hague 2018 (Tsiridis) 2
3 Report of the President (Epinette)

14th Congress 2020 (Lille)

4 Report of the President Elect (Siebenrock)

15th Congress 2022 (Berne)

5 Report of the Past President (Schreurs)

13th Congress 2018 (The Hague)

6 Report of the Treasurer (Tsiridis for Thaler)

Fee increase to flat rate of €150 pa (€75 for young members)

Show of hands to approve

Auditors x 2 to remain the same: Siebert and Pippino
Show of hands to approve

Add auditors to constitution

7 Report of the Secretary General (Tsiridis) 10
8 Report of Chairman of the EduCom (Ullmark) 5
9 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (Zagra) 5
10 Miscellaneous 12


  1. Approval of the Agenda

Agenda approved.


  1. Approval of the Minutes

Minutes approved.


  1. Report of the President

JAE presents EHS 14th Congress Lille 2020: website is www.ehs2020.org

Lille: University city in the Heart of Europe. Easy to reach from all of Europe.

Venue: Grand Palais, 2 auditoriums, capacity of 400 people each. The lobby is very welcoming with lots of space to network. Workshop for pharmaceutical companies, the wall exhibition will be in the centre of the venue.

Gala dinner: The Hermitage, a very nice place. Faculty and Gala dinner here.

On website: Registration, scientific programme, interview of the month (a new key speaker each month).

Hip Toulouse: decided to join together with us as there was a clash of dates.


  1. Report of the President Elect

Prof Siebenrock presents EHS 15th Congress in Bern, Switzerland, 2022.

Dates: September 22nd – 23rd (24th). Very easy to reach from airport and trains. It’s a nice small city, easy to commute downtown from the congress centre. Venue is reserved.


  1. Report of the Past President

Prof Schreurs on EHS 13th Congress 2018 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Thanks all for coming.

Quite a successful event with 850 clinical participants; including 180 from The Netherlands. 25-30 booths.

€86k in total.


  1. Report of the Treasurer

[Treasurer Prof Thaler unable to attend EFORT, so Prof Tsiridis presents]

€600,296 in the bank.

ET: A slight increase to the previous year. Our finances are very good. EHS relies financially on our congresses, as we don’t make much from our annual fee (€55 plus VAT goes towards the digital journal subscription, €87 towards print subscription). We need to take a load off the president’s shoulders so if the industry becomes less supportive, EHS is safer.

Expenses last year: €81.983,78

€21.7k pa on sending EHS speakers to educational meetings. We should keep this figure in the range of €20k pa. Speakers must be told to only buy standard class air tickets.

€18.7k on Fellowships. The cost is usually €12k pa (€3k allowance x 4 fellows), but some attended The Hague to present / promote our fellowships.

€22.6k pa for salary of Membership Secretary = very economical for EHS.

€6.4k on SciCom meetings.

€12.5k on various: website, Commemorative Booklet, new EHS booth posters, office expenses (posting certificates, printing ink, Office/Word subscription/GoToMeeting annual plan, for eg.), bank charges…

€24k to SAGE for journal subscriptions.

We are non-profit, but we could attract attention from tax authorities if we accumulate more than €1m.

Proposal: to increase annual membership dues of EHS from €100 to €150 for Full and International members, and from €50 to €75 for Young Members.

Pedro Dantas (EHS Nat Rep for Portugal): €50 is not a lot, but it is a 50% increase. Why?

ET: Security. To maintain our finances and defend against the lowering of industry sponsoring (note: Stryker is not here at EFORT). Also, our fee has remained stable for over 15yrs.

Comparisons with other societies:-

International societies

National societies

EKS €500

AGA €150



International Hip Society $500

HAOST €200

Austrian Society €150

Dutch Orthopaedic Society €1600

Swiss Orthopaedic €700



The fee increase allows the possibility to:-

  • Provide a scientific EHS educational grants (explore & evaluate grant applications)
  • EHS Participation at events: support more meetings; send more than two speakers
  • Provide more fellowships: currently we support 4 pa
  • Make EHS more popular: open it up
  • Research activities

George Babis (EHS Member from Greece): would some members stop paying if it goes up?

ET: that would be an embarrassment.

Zagra (Chairman of EHS SciCom): the fee is certainly low. Strategic economic plan.

ET: We know the maintenance, the fellowships, the travelling for our speakers, the membership secretary. So €300k should be kept for a rainy day (i.e. an unsuccessful meeting) as it could take only three years to spend all the money if a congress goes wrong.

Please pay your dues! We do not expel people. At EKS you are out if you don’t pay. We are soft with members, but we need to maintain the society in some way.

Should we invest the money? We are not a commercial society so better stay away from adventurous investments, but it’s open to be discussed.

Approve increase in fee with a show of hands: Majority approve.


  1. Report of the Secretary General (Tsiridis)

First, JAE addressed the GA on EHS Ambassadors

EHS Ambassadors = an opportunity for keen members to get more involved in EHS activities.

We have excellent members who are not in any EHS committees (Nat Rep / SciCom / EduCom). EHS is asked by many societies to participate and send speakers, but we send out our committee members very much! So we invited Ambassadors, people who apply can represent EHS for one meeting. It’s good for them to be recognised as scientists and it’s good for us to be supported by other members. It is not in competition with the role of Nat Rep, on the contrary, Nat Rep can help. We had 50 applicants! That’s very good for us to have so many interested members. We will now send those 50 a letter asking for their CV with hip-related work and favourite topics to build up a list of potential Ambassadors to be sent out (especially in Europe). EHS pays for travelling and housing.

ET: we want to democratise the opportunity for more people – according to their abilities – to present their works, not only the committee members. Bring talent out in the society. People can represent EHS with honour.

LZ: Suggestion: we must put some clear steps. Ambassadors must pay their fees, attend the EHS Congress and be very active!

JAE: They will be real Ambassadors.

ET: We could get approval from the Nat Reps too.

WS: We will make a list and potentially these speakers can be sent out. We don’t want to give false hope! But we need good presenters, good English-speaking talented hip experts.

Oliver Marin-Peña (EHS Spanish member): we are happy to be in the list and thank you for that.

JAE: It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

ET: We don’t want to see the committee members being the only ones who go around the world. Open it up. We are not a closed club.

WS: We need to get younger people involved and raise them up to take over the society form the older committee members.

KS: Two points: (i) We needs strict criteria. Tell people if they do not fit the criteria and are not on the list. Look at scientific quality of their CVs etc.  Also (ii) the organisers should offer something to EHS in return, such as housing.

JAE: At the ExCom, we decided €800 would be the limit for a speaker to be reimbursed by EHS, including their travel and housing. If it is more, the host needs to help, or the speaker to pay himself.

EHS has 420 members: 31 countries within Europe, 20 beyond

Joined since GA in The Hague (Sept 2018):-

New Full Members



Dr Alexander Brunner



Prof Kristoff Corten



Dr Bertrand Boyer

Dr Michel Brax

Dr Aymard de Ladoucette

Prof Jean Yves Lazennec

Dr Jerome Magendie

Dr Thierry de Polognac



Dr Stefan Budde

Dr Chris Gatzka



Dr Nikolaos Davarinos (was Young)



Dr Carlo Alberto Buratti

Dr Loris Perticarini


The Netherlands

Dr Suzan Verdegaal



Dr Jacek Mazek


Russian Federation

Dr Andrey Korytkin

Dr Igor Shubnyakov



Dr Marc Tey



Dr Vasileios Zampelis



Dr Johannes Dominik Bastian

Prof Moritz Tannast



Assoc Prof Fatih Kucukdurmaz



Dr Hiren Divecha (was Young)



Prof Mykola Ankin

Dr Taras Petryk

International Members



Dr Bruno Rabello



Dr Paul Beaulé

Dr George Grammatopoulos (was UK)

Prof Pascal-Andre Venditolli



Dr S’mansoor Moazenjamshidi

Dr SM Javad Mortazavi



Prof Amer Abdallah

Dr Chahine Assi

Dr Rida Kassem

Dr Rima Nasser

Dr Alexandre Nehme

Prof Kaissar Yammine



Dr Jonathan Flordelis



Dr Morteza Meftah

Prof Joseph T Moskal


Young Members



Dr Luca Garro



Dr Ana Luisa Neto

Dr Tiago Pato

Dr Antonio Robalo Correia



Dr Diego Alfonso Salinas Gonzalez



Deceased: Dr Luigi Rizzi. Our EHS member from Bergamo, Italy, passed away in February, aged 56. The March EHS Newsletter published a brief note by his colleague, Prof Castelli, in his remembrance: “…a cultured and curious man, with an extraordinary passion for surgery …. He had a great love, respect and amazement for the beauty of human anatomy. This made him an excellent surgeon.”

Four new National Representatives:-

UK, Prof Fares Haddad
Prof of Orthopaedic and Sports Surgery, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Director of ISEH, Divisional Clinical Director of Surgical Specialties at UCH, BSc MD (Res) MCh (Orth) FRCS (Orth) FFSEM

Republic of Ireland, Mr Derek Bennett
MCh, FRCSI, FRCS Tr & Orth, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, FFSEM

[No pic]

France, Dr Andre Ferreira
Secretary General of the French Society of Hip & Knee (partner of SOFCOT), member of SOFCOT, SICOT, EFORT & AAOS

Switzerland, Dr Hannes Rüdiger
Vice Head of Hip Surgery at Schulthess Clinic, Zürich & Senior Lecturer at University of Zurich & Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich


The (EFORT-approved) EHS Visiting Fellowship 2019 was awarded to Dr Vittorio Bellotti, Spain and Dr Vahit Emre Ozden, Turkey. They will go to Switzerland for two weeks in the Autumn and will have €30,00 each to spend on travel / accommodation / food.

The EHS Travelling Fellowship 2019 was awarded to Alex Brunner (Austria) and Loris Perticarini (Italy), who toured ORs of top hip surgeons at work in the UK this Spring. Applications will open September 2019 for the EHS Travelling Fellowship 2020. As with the VF, they have €30,00 each to spend on travel / accommodation / food.

EHS Website

  • NEW MEMBERS LIST  DIRECTORY– see who our members are
  • List of Hip Meetings in Europe (to list your meeting, contact Samantha)
  • Fellowship announcements & reports
  • GA Minutes / scientific papers

LOG IN to the website to access your Hip International digital subscription. Access is no longer via the publisher’s website, but our own.

We need to promote Lille, to be as successful as The Hague. (All clap Past President’s success for getting over 200 Dutch at his meeting.)


  1. Report of Chairman of the EduCom

Prof Ullmark unable to attend.


  1. Report of Chairman of the SciCom

Prof Brigitte Jolles-Haeberli, from Lausanne, Switzerland, has joined (see 2nd photo below), Evert Smith has gone. (All clap her). Successful meeting in Milan with a very technical method for making the programme for Lille! (See photo immediately below: paper cut outs!).


  1. Miscellaneous


LZ: Martin Thaler the EHS Treasurer is very active on surveys and just finished the survey on periprosthetic fractures. More than 100 EHS members took it. We will present the results at our next congress.

Be ready: In September we will start the new survey, Return to Sport After THA, set up by Innsbruck University. Support this please!

Oliver Marin-Peña (EHS Spanish member): maybe the next survey could be on scores in Europe.

LZ: send a written proposal to the SciCom please. We need the support of Innsbruck, but it’s a very good idea.



*PowerPoints are available upon request