2022 A.G.M.

General Assembly Meeting during EFORT in Lisbon, Portugal

Date: Wednesday 22nd June

Time: 18:30-19:30 CET

Place: Vila Galé Ópera Hotel

Agenda Issue Min
1 Approval of the Agenda (SB) 1
2 Approval of Minutes of GA at 14th EHS Congress in Lille 2021 (SB) 1
3 Report of the President (KS)

15th EHS Congress 12-13th October 2023 (Berne, Switzerland)

4 Report of the President Elect (ET)

16th EHS Congress 2025 (Thessaloniki, Greece)

5 Report of the Past President (JAE)

14th EHS Congress 2021 (Lille, France)

6 Report of the Treasurer (SB for MT)

Financial Report since June 2021

7 Report of the Secretary General (SB)

a.       Ukrainian Fellowships

b.       New Members

c.       New Committee members

d.       New Nat Reps for Bulgaria, Norway & Ukraine

8 Report of Chairman of the EduCom (GU) 5
9 Report of Chairman of the SciCom (LZ) 10
10 Call for candidate for EHS Treasurer 2023-7 (SB) 1
11 Miscellaneous 12


1. Approval of the Agenda

Approved with a raise of hands.

2. Approval of Minutes of GA at EHS in Lille 2021

Approved with a raise of hands.

3. Report of the President: 15th Congress 12-13th October 2023 (Bern, Switzerland)

KS: Nice to all be together again!

Our PCO, Intercongress, is working on a website for our congress now and as soon as we get the topics, it will be up.

Nice weather in Bern – should be fine in October.

Bern is easy to reach from our international airports in Basel, Geneva and Zurich.

Bern is a small, old city. Easy to cross the bridge to the congress venue, the “Kursaal”. It is also a Casino, so you can play and win or lose your money! Plus it is a hotel, so we can stay there.

15th EHS Congress will be a hybrid meeting, but we want to have the speakers there onsite. Mandatorily.

4. Report of the President Elect

ET: 16th EHS Congress 2025 will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

We have a very well-connected new international airport, so it is easy to reach from everywhere.

Thessaloniki is 2,500 years old. The city is like a museum, in every corner you can see monuments and evidence that it has been home to Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Jewish and Ottoman people and the cultures all live on today.

Bring your families – it is very safe.

Maybe Thessaloniki will provide better prices than Bern for our PCO, Global Events, and for the congress venue etc. Prices are roughly 25% less in Thessaloniki compared to central and northern Europe. The congress will be Hybrid format with the major proportion of delegates present, but also digital delegates from around the world can join virtually and they can present their abstracts & join discussions.

Hands on practice is very attractive for the juniors, so we will run educational side events:-

  • Video surgery
  • Saw Bone demonstrations
  • Robotic presentations

Themes of the congress will be:-

  • Paediatric & Young Adult Hip
  • Hip Preservation
  • Primary Hip Arthroplasty
  • Revision Hip Arthroplasty
  • Complications & Safety
  • Outcomes & new concepts
  • Robotics & New Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
  • Registries
  • Regulations & Legislation

Nicola Reina will run the outcomes sessions.

We will have beautiful discussions about all these topics.

Good relationship with the industry and I believe they will support us well. We will allow them some room with Foras etc. Industrial sessions sponsored by the industry.

USA as our Guest Nation. When I became Secretary General in 2012, I had the idea EHS had to open up and embrace international members – it was more European back then. Now, we have 20 excellent surgeons from USA to join us as international faculty and we are very proud of that.

Japan in Bern and USA in Thessaloniki – so EHS is well respected and recognised around the world.

5. Report of the Past President

JAE: At 14th EHS Congress in Lille we had 581 attendants on site, less than 300 remotely. Thanks to Hip Toulouse and to Nicola Reina for their support. Finally it was very good. The budget was also very important, and the region of Lille has paid us €10k, so we made €100 of profit!

  • 92% of satisfaction from the delegates for our scientific programme
  • 82% for communication tools (email/website/social media)
  • 72% satisfaction for the overall impression of the congress
  • 60% are certain they will come to EHS Congress in Bern

Everyone was happy the meeting took place, despite all the problems we had. See the report on our website HERE.

6. Treasurer

KS for MT: EHS is a non-profit organization.

Main seat is in Austria @ EJHS’s new address: Dr Stumpfstrasse 1, Innsbruck = Tax advantages.

Bank account name is: European Hip Society (Martin Thaler).

Summary: EHS has €493.5k in 2 bank accounts.

On 04.02.2022, EHS split the money & deposited €241k for 5 years.


  • risk class 2 (low risk)
  • same risk class like investments of official
  • Austrian authorities like the government and other no profit societies
  • No significant income for EHS
  • Inflation of 3-4% will be compensated
  • Money is accessible all the time at the current rate


  • Inflation of 3-4% will be compensated

Income since 14th EHS Congress in Lille 18.09.2021-14.06.2022: €13.356 from membership fees.

Expenses 18.09.2021-14.06.2022:-

Ukraine Fellowship x2 12.000
Awards EHS Lille 2.500
Membership secretary’s salary (€1.648 x 14 months pa) & office expenses 21.358,30
SAGE 19.916,86
Education 2.500
EFORT 2.274,46

Nat Rep for Greece asks about the SAGE amount: Why is it so much?

Nat Rep for Slovenia: to check how many downloads there are, to check it is worth it.

Nat Rep for Greece says EHS supported the journal, and he and Prof Zagra (Past President & Chairman of EHS SciCom) worked a lot with the journal. We thought there would be enough support by the industry by now for the society to make some profit. Why do we have to spend money for the journal? The impact factor is good: EHS helped the journal to get its impact factor so high. Whose job is it? We need to really improve the visibility of the journal and make some money. Not sure how visible the journal helps EHS to be.

KS talks about a relationship with Hip International and we can run a symposium in the journal.

Is anyone here using their access?

KPG: Only members have access and university institutions, no one gets it free. No open access for Hip International. I don’t know many journals that bring money into a society.

Nat Rep for Spain: I was literary chief for 6 years and am astonished by the price. Spanish society pays about €150k per year. It is bigger of course. Years ago the explanation was the paper was very expensive. But I made a change and the Spanish journal is open access only now and it is even more expensive. The editorials get much more money with open access with all the regulations. It is more expensive. So from my point of view, this price is very, very cheap. Maybe the editorial is a small editorial with lower prices?

Nat Rep for Slovenia: We have the visa versa and it brings money TO our society. It brings a few thousand back to us.

LZ: Maybe look at the contract again?

Nat Rep for Portugal: the model of the journal has been the same for 20 years and it would be good to have a change!

LZ: Conflict of interest for the editor to do it, so it should be the President and the board.

Every negotiation will lead to a higher price actually.

So, KS to check the EHS contract with SAGE.

7. Report of the Secretary General

We will celebrate EHS’s 30th birthday at the 16th EHS Congress in Thessaloniki, Greece 2025.

8. Report of Chairman of the EduCom

Unable to attend. Welcome to 4 new members

  • Johannes Bastian Switzerland
  • Mattia Loppini Italy
  • Geert Meermans Belgium
  • Olga Pidgaiska Ukraine

9. Report of Chairman of the SciCom

LZ: Welcome to our 4 new members:-

  • Plamen Kinov Bulgaria
  • Oliver Marin-Pena Spain
  • Filippo Randelli Italy
  • Walter van der Weegen The Netherlands

The idea is to replace all the old members with new.
For the scientific content of the next EHS Congress in October 2023, we had a meeting at the home of our President in Bern in April and we went through a valuation / rating of all the topics proposed by all of you, so now we have selected the right amount for ICLs and symposia. It is ongoing and going well.

Our new proposal is to do periodical webinars with the EduCom. The aim is to have continuous links with our members throughout the years. We can do 8 per year and all the members can be involved with this scientific opportunity to share our knowledge and the prestige of our society all around the world.
KS: I do support this. It makes us more visible and it is good for our continual education, plus it will attract new members to our society. We will discuss this more in the EduCom tomorrow and some members in our committees already have experience. It is easy to create a one hour webinar of very selective topics with 3 speakers and discussion.

Another goal is to get new members and rejuvenate EHS and we have achieved that. We have to have some change. Fresh water down the river to get new ideas. The rule is 4 years on a committee and the chance of one re-election for a 2nd term.

LZ: There was a call for new members of our committees last year and we had applications.

10. Call for candidate for EHS Treasurer 2023-7

KS: Our Treasurer’s term will end next year and he can re-apply if he wants, and I would like to ask if anyone else is interested. Please email us if you are interested or know someone who is. Please contact Samantha. As far as I know Assoc Prof Thaler is willing, but it is always open to our other members.

11. Miscellaneous

See you for the next meeting in Bern!