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Dear Members of the EHS, dear Colleagues and Friends,

Here comes 2019 ! Just on time to wish you again a very exciting, fruitful and Happy New Year …

The last EHS congress in The Hague was really a great success, as confirmed by the final balance sheet about attendants and evaluation of the 2018 meeting. With more than 750 attendants, the visiting figures were very encouraging, including more than 100 visitors from Asia (of which 30 from Thailand, 24 from India, and 23 from Japan), and 50 from America (of which 17 from The USA, 15 from Argentina, 9 from Brazil and 9 from Chile)… The partnership with Argentina in particular was very well regarded with numerous surgeons from the ACARO Society. The overall impression of the event was rated as excellent in 41% and proficient in 50%, while the scientific program was assessed as excellent in 36% and proficient in 52%. More importantly, upon the aim of our Society, the “effectiveness for continuing medical education” was “very effective” in 30% and “effective” in 49%. At the end of the day, at the following question “Would you recommend the event to your colleagues”, 46% of attendants answered “100% yes” and 42% “likely”!… Congratulations to our former President and the EHS Scientific Committee for organizing such an excellent congress!

Obviously, the standing of EHS within its area of Hip surgery is growing up efficiently as an influential and positive link between orthopaedic surgeons, through their Hip Societies… We currently receive numerous requests from International or National Societies, and we are always happy to hold scientific partnership as EHS collaboration or EHS combined events, provided that some prerequisites might be considered. Do not hesitate to address us anyway. In addition, EHS National Representatives from each country might stay as vigorous links between us and orthopaedic surgeons from their country… in particular when proposing topics, names of potential speakers and directors of symposia or round tables in the view of coming EHS congresses. Thanks again for their continuous and appreciated support to “bring orthopaedic hip surgeons together” !!!

In addition to the EHS session during the 2019 EFORT meeting in Lisbon, our future in one-word would be now “Lille-2020”… Save the date for our next EHS congress which will be held in France at “Lille Grand Palais” next October 1st and 2nd, 2020. We are already working on this great event to let each of us at the same time share upon the always needed knowledge of “Basic Science”, and debate on the “very cutting edge of technology” … Canada will be the invited Nation: Warm welcome to our Canadian cousins !!!…

More to see, keep in touch and again… Happy New Year on behalf of the entire EHS Board.

Jean-Alain Epinette, MD



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Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Dear Members,Eleftherios Tsiridis

We are delighted to announce our two Travelling Fellows 2019 are Dr Brunner (Innsbruck, Austria) and Dr Perticarini (Pavia, Italy). They will visit top hip surgery centres around UK in the Spring 2019. Congratulations to both.

Thanks to all who attended the MAST 5 course in Arthroplasty (Thessaloniki, Greece). With 188 delegates from both Greece and countries including Belgium, Korea, Spain, Turkey, UK and USA, it was an honour to be involved in the organisation of this very successful EHS-organised meeting. Intense and invaluable sessions ran non-stop over two days, with hands on workshops on the last day. Sessions included Navigation and Robotics updates, with presentations from our EHS President, Jean-Alain Epinette and Sebastian Sturridge (Frimley Park, UK), to name two. For the Perioperative Care session we heard from William Macaulay (Prof of Orthopaedic Surgery at NYU, USA) on the reality that is “Outpaitent arthroplasty”, as well as others. Bulent Atilla (Ankara, Turkey), John Charity (Exeter, UK), Panayiotis Christofilopoulos (Geneva, Switzerland), Theofilaktos Kyriakidis (Brussels, Belgium), William Long (NYU, USA), Oliver Marin-Pena (Madrid, Spain) and Moazen Mehran (UCL, UK), were among the international faculty (photographed below). Sessions spanned from Challenging Cases to Hip Approaches & Spino Pelvic Instability, as well as Registry Results and updates on Socket Revision, Stem Revision and a THA Complications.

Meanwhile in Lisbon, Dr Pedro Dantas our Nat Rep for Portugal, held a very successful EHS Combined Meeting on Hip Revision Arthroplasty with an EHS faculty including Prof Gosta Ullmark (Past President of EHS and now Chairman of the EHS EduCom), Prof Alister Hart (Member of the EduCom) and Dr Jose Cordero (EHS Nat Rep for Spain). We have had many applications from young Portuguese orthopaedic hip surgeons following this very interesting meeting.

The next hip event on our calendar is the ICJR Direct Anterior Approach THA Course organised with EHS in Innsbruck, from 31st January – 2nd February. EHS will have a booth there, and our Treasurer Martin Thaler outlines the offer to our members below. Following that in April is the EHS-Co-Organised Stockholm Revision Course, as well as the Kharkiv Conference on the Advanced Treatment of Hip and Knee Pathology in Ukraine. See our calendar of hip meetings for more info.

We have had 11 new reviewers for Hip International, so thank you very much to those members – but we still need more. So please click the link below to become a reviewer.

Finally, a quick reminder that the Commemorative Booklet celebrating 25 years of EHS, is available digitally from our website. However,  if you would prefer to receive the printed copy, please email Samantha and she will be happy to send one out to you.

I wish you all a very happy New Year.

Best wishes,

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

ZagraProf Luigi Zagra, Chairman of EHS SciCom

Dear EHS Member,

After the great scientific success of our last meeting in The Hague, the Scientific Committee of EHS together with the President, decided a new step forward: to ask to each active member to give suggestions for the development of the scientific program of our next meetings. We are just starting the process of building the Scientific Program of our next Congress in Lille 2020.

We would like to approach the hottest and most controversial topics about hip surgery in Europe. Which are the ones perceived by our members as most urgent/important for their everyday clinical practice, that need to be addressed with an evidence based and practical approach.

So if you have any interesting proposal on hip topics for Symposia, Instructional Course Lectures, Keynote Lectures etc. please contact and submit to your National Representative, that will coordinate within your country. Afterwards the Scientific Committee will gather all the proposals and try to build the most comprehensive program for our next Congress taking into account which are the best  rated topics.  Proposals that cannot be included in the program for Lille due to limited slots could be eventually part of our scientific sessions organized during national or international meetings around Europe supported by EHS.

Appreciated first deadline is Sunday 13 January 2019, but anyway further suggestions can follow.

Thank you for all the ones who are willing to contribute and I take the opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Prof Martin Thaler, EHS Treasurer

Dear EHS Members, Dear Colleagues,DAA

Once again I would like to remind you about the inaugural Direct Anterior Approach THA Course in collaboration with the EHS and the ICJR, which will take place on 31 January to 2 February 2019 in Innsbruck, Austria.

The course will offer a thorough education on the surgical and patient processes associated with the direct anterior hip approach, from patient selection through patient recovery and postoperative follow-up, and will include a hands-on cadaver workshop and multiple live surgeries.

EHS members get discounted registration of 500 Euros for the entire course, including the lab.

Go to www.icjr.net/2019austria to register for this highly anticipated course on the direct anterior approach, or CLICK HERE for more info.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Innsbruck.

Kind regards,

Martin Thaler


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