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Dear Members of the EHS, dear Colleagues and Friends,

«Bringing Hip Orthopaedic surgeons together»… This aim of our European Hip Society remains an absolute need in our surgical expertise, at each step of our professional life. Our young colleagues will benefit from fellowships along the years, and also, while participating in hip congresses or masterclasses, will share practical tips and tricks on hip matters with their peers from other countries. For senior surgeons and researchers, these EHS meetings can be seen as an excellent opportunity to catch new trends and new procedures, through the various lectures, debates, round tables and controversies. We are really quite lucky to concentrate only on this lower limb joint, simply because it allows us to go deeply within all facets of the femoro-acetabular joint, and to state on real steps forward versus simple fleetingness… 

Just back from the French National annual congress of the French Orthopaedic Society (SOFCOT) in Paris, with in particular two symposia at the special Hip & Knee session, devoted to outpatient and rapid recovery after hip surgery on the one hand, and on the other hand the state-of-the-art in hip short stems based upon a 1800 cases multi-centre study, including the participation of German and Italian colleagues… Obviously these two “modern” topics would not have been presented some years ago, as well as the current status of HXLPE in knee inserts discussed during a previous session… Moreover, we were happy and honoured to welcome there our Secretary General, Eleftherios Tsiridis, to present modern means of training and education through virtual reality features.

Here the “spirit” of our EHS society can be seen in action: participating in national congresses and hip masterclass meetings in Europe, to bring to peers all that is new, performing well, and what can (and must?) become “evidence-based” hip knowledge. In such a way, in between our great bi-annual EHS congress – recently in The Hague, or the coming Lille 2020 meeting –  we may meet together, share together, progress together.

Over European boundaries, our EHS becomes more and more attractive, and we are proud to welcome as EHS members Pascal-Andre Vendittoli and Paul Beaule, from Canada, as well as Chahine Assi from Lebanon. As a significant signal of international links, Canada would be the guest nation at our Lille 2020 EHS congress…

How time flies!… here comes December and soon a fantastic (orthopaedic!) year 2019… We just want to send you our best wishes for great end-of-year festivities, and the very best regards from the whole EHS team.

Jean-Alain Epinette MD

This photo © Intercongress GmbH / Tobias Tanzyna

Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Dear Members,Eleftherios Tsiridis

I am eager to report the good news that the MAST 5 course in Arthroplasty which is fast approaching (7-9th December 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece) has been awarded 20 CME points from the UEMS-EACCME®. I look forward to seeing many of you there. Also for the meeting calendar, see the invitation from our Treasurer, Martin Thaler, below to the course with ICJR in Innsbruck in January.

Thanks to Prof Manel Ribas (Spain) of the EHS SciCom and Ass Prof Nicolas Reina (France) who represented EHS along with Prof George Macheras (Nat Rep for Greece and Past President), at the successful Estonian National Orthopaedic Society Congress last week in Tallinn. See photos below.

We are glad to announce the new Nat Rep for France, our active member Dr Andre Ferreira, who is currently the Secretary General of SFHG and is introduced below. We wish a very warm welcome to our new Full Members: Dr Mykola Ankin and Dr Taras Petryk from Ukraine and Dr Stefan Budde from Germany.  Our new Young Member from Hungary studied in Shanghai China and is now doing his PhD with Prof Csernátony: Dr Lee Zhang. We also welcome two new International Members from Canada: Dr Paul Beaule and Prof Pascal-Andre Vendittoli, who introduces himself below.

Meanwhile, do read the report just published from our Visiting Fellows 2018 on their trip to the OR of The Netherlands. Thanks to our two fellows, Mattia Loppini from Italy and Pedro Santos Leite from Portugal.

Finally, the Commemorative Booklet celebrating 25 years of EHS, compiled by our team of Eduardo Garcia-Cimbrelo, Wim Schreurs and Samantha Stokes, was gifted to all members at our congress in The Hague earlier this year. It is now available digitally from our website. However,  if you would prefer to receive the printed copy, please email Samantha and she will be happy to send one out to you.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful festive season.

Best wishes,

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

FerreiraAndré Ferreira, New Nat Rep for France

Becoming the National Representative for France to the EHS is the logical evolution of Dr André Ferreira, a member of this Society since its creation in 1992 and regularly speaking during the EHS congresses!

Trained by H Dejour, JP Carret and CR Michel in Lyon, he has specialized in prosthetic hip and knee replacement for more than 20 years. He practices at the Clinique du Parc-Lyon since 1996.

Since 2017, he is the Secretary General of the French Society of the Hip and Knee (partner of the SOFCOT Society) and is a member, besides SOFCOT, of SICOT, EFORT and AAOS. Its scientific activity is particularly focused on dual mobility cups, implants fixation and new technologies, at the origin of many publications or book chapters in text books. Since 2000, he has co-organized various meetings (Symposiums Charnley, RECO and 2017 Lyon Hip Arthroplasty) all focused on the hip. He lectures regularly around the world, from symposia at annual EFORT speeches to lectures in South America or the French Academy of Surgery.

Convinced that prosthetic hip surgery still has a lot of challenges to tackle, starting by taking stock of biomaterials and bearings and studying the contribution of new technologies, he wants to participate in the development of the EHS, whose audience is growing steadily thanks to the quality of its works and its activities. EHS earns to be more well known in Europe and France!

Finally, his European commitment is confirmed by his ability to express himself in English, Spanish and Italian.

Pascal-André VendittoliPascal-André Vendittoli, New International Member of EHS

Dear EHS Members,

Why would a Canadian like to become a member of the European Hip Society? Most Canadians, especially the French speaking, feel a very strong attachment with European countries and their culture. Personally, my father is half Italian and Belgium and my mother’s origins are from France. Even though on the American continent, we feel we are between Europe and America.

As surgeon and scientists, we acknowledge the rigour and long-term traditions of European hip surgeon pioneers. Quebec surgeons early adopted European implants and their design philosophy. The CLS / Spotorno, the Muller cemented, the Ceraver Osteal cemented, the Wagner stems and others are still widely used in Quebec. Experience, traditions and the strong hierarchical structure of the European orthopaedic academic centres have taught us that reinventing the wheel while something is working well may be detrimental – for example, the disastrous introduction of ceramic bearing in North America in the 1990’s. On the other hand, our United States neighbours helped us to improve our efficiency, reduce hospital length of stay (day surgery) and to standardize our practices. As Canadians, we also developed specificities. Working in a public health system allowed us to answer some scientific questions using randomized study design. Great RCTs have been published by the Bourne and McDonald’s (London), Duncan and Masri’s (Vancouver) and Lavigne and Vendittoli’s (Montreal) teams.

Canadians are open minded people with a pacific and a welcoming culture. We believe that diversity of opinion and practice leads to improved relations and solutions. As Europeans, you unified many of your countries and are a great example of flexibility and democracy. I am very honoured to be a new member of the European hip Society. I will try to participate and to contribute to the success of the Society.

Prof Martin Thaler, EHS Treasurer

Dear EHS Members, Dear Colleagues,DAA

On behalf of the European Hip Society (EHS), it is our pleasure to invite you to the inaugural Direct Anterior Approach THA Course in collaboration with the EHS and the ICJR, which will take place on 31 January to 2 February 2019 in Innsbruck, Austria.

The inaugural Direct Anterior Approach THA Course will offer a thorough education on the surgical and patient processes associated with the direct anterior hip approach, from patient selection through patient recovery and postoperative follow-up, and will include a hands-on cadaver workshop and multiple live surgeries.

EHS members get discounted registration of 500 Euros for the entire course, including the lab.

Go to www.icjr.net/2019austria to register for this highly anticipated course on the direct anterior approach, or CLICK HERE for more info.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Innsbruck.

Kind regards,

Martin Thaler

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