EHS will hold its GA at EFORT in Lisbon on Wednesday 22nd June @ 18:30-19:30

& its speciality session “Revision Hips” on Friday 24th June @ 8-9am. See you at both events. Also, don’t forget to contribute to the JCM Special Issue: “Advances in adult Hip and Knee Surgery” (more info HERE) & save the date for these upcoming courses EHS is collaborating in:

More info can be found below on the Italian event from Dr Nicola Santori, our Nat Rep for Italy – thanks to him. There is also a German-language hip course organised by Profs Günther, Siebenrock & Chiar on 16th & 17th June 2022 in Dresden, including hands on workshops. Click for the programme HERE.

Meanwhile, below is a new feature, “Hip case Q&A”, hopefully a nice way to get to know our committee members a bit better. Thanks to our first pair, Oliver Marín-Peña of the SciCom and Mattia Loppini of the EduCom. And finally, please scroll down to welcome all our new members to EHS.

Hip Case Q&A

OMP: Young active patients with groin pain is the standard case but painful THA. Groin pain in young adult usually could be orientated to hip preserving surgery (PAO, hip arthroscopy, safe surgical dislocation or mini anterior approach) or THA depending on joint degeneration. Painful THA usually are managed with THA revision or rarely arthroscopic procedures


ML: Primary total hip replacement

OMP: Regarding THA revision, cases of severe bone defect at acetabular with pelvic discontinuity. Regarding Hip preserving surgery, an interesting case of massive subspace impingement that we manage with mini-anterior approach, it was published in JHPS (

ML: Primary total hip replacement in a middle age lady with a Crowe grade III hip dysplasia

OMP: THA revision femoral and acetabular side with pelvic discontinuity in a young 43 years old patient. Need to be revised for instability and 3 years later get infected, never forget it!!

ML: Acetabular ri-revision with a Paprosky type III defect managed with a double cup technique

OMP: Professional athlete with Femoracetabular Impingement that we did an arthroscopic correction and she finally was silver medal at Olympic Games. Very grateful to help these young professional sport patients to meet their goals

ML: The management of an old lady with recurrent hip dislocations and three previous surgeries treated with an acetabular revision with a constrained cup

OMP: THA infection cases and THA instability cases are the most challenging cases with sometimes unpredictable results

ML: Complex acetabular revisions such as cases with Paprosky defects type III and IV

OMP: Many interesting articles this year 2022… I would mention several!! I have to choose one, I would choose uninteresting article from Luigi Zagra in EFORT Open Reviews, titled “Current concepts in hip–spine relationships: making them practical for total hip arthroplasty“. This is a difficult topic and this article clarifies many complex concepts to understand this common problem. 

Also, I would recommend the current international guidelines in THA VTE prophylaxis published a few weeks ago at JBJS. I think it will change our current approach to this important issue

ML: Preoperative spinopelvic hypermobility resolves following total hip arthroplasty. Sculco PK, Windsor EN, Jerabek SA, Mayman DJ, Elbuluk A, Buckland AJ, Vigdorchik JM. Bone Joint J 2021 Dec

OMP: Share with my family and friends as much time as possible. A small defect….. Football fan!!!

ML: I really like trekking and climbing in the summer and skiing in the winter

OMP: This year I’ll stay in Spain, I have planned to visit different places at North, East and South Spanish Coast

ML: I am going to seaside with my family in Tuscany


To read the more official information about these two new committee members, please click below:-

Oliver Marín-Peña

Mattia Loppini

Dear Colleagues,

On 11th November a Conjoined Symposium will be held in Rome between European Hip Society, the Italian Hip Society and the Italian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology. The symposium is included in the program of the 105th Italian National congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology which will be held in Rome from 10th to 12th November 2022. We will have two excellent sections, the first on total hip replacement for secondary hip arthritis and the second on innovations in hip arthroscopy.

As EHS Nat Rep for Italy, I had the honour of calling some of the leading experts on these topics to Rome for this event. We will have two hours of intense education and a good opportunity to exchange views and experiences on the latest developments in hip surgery in Europe.

I hope to see you many in Rome in November and a special thanks to EHS for the continuous support to our national educational programs.

Information on the Congress and the final programme will soon be available on the website HERE.

Best Regards, Nicola Santori, EHS Nat Rep for Italy

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