Dear EHS Members & Friends,

Covid-19, the gigantic challenge

We are currently going through an unprecedented situation which is upsetting our habits and our lifestyles. For several weeks, our eyes have been focused on an invisible enemy who attacks the health of millions of people, takes the lives of too many of them, upsets our social organization, destroys the world economy and paralyzes the political life.

At European Hip Society, our very first wishes address your health, your family and relatives. It is of crucial need to follow closely the decisions taken here and there by epidemiologists and authorities to contain the current epidemic and adapt our actions daily, and everywhere, to respond to this exceptional context.

Anyway, within our Community of orthopaedic surgeons, we are medical doctors before being experts in Orthopaedic surgery, and each of us will still, in the coming weeks do what we are doctors for: care, protect, save lives… And we want to say again how much we know that in this fight, we are those who, with selflessness, do everything in our power to protect lives. A number of us will be affected, don’t lie to each other. We have a thought for them. For those of our colleagues who, today, are hospitalized, fighting for their lives. For their families too.

For each of us, whatever the place we are living, and with a particular consideration for all our colleagues and friends from Italy and Spain, which are so painfully affected, our country is counting on us to confront this epidemic. Our European Hip Society knows that despite the difficulties, despite the risks, we will be able to respond collectively and individually to the most important health challenge that our generation will have experienced.

More than ever, please believe in the expression of our brotherly feelings.

On behalf of the entire EHS Executive Committee,

Jean-Alain Epinette, MD


Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis


Dear Members,

Due to the disruption to every aspect of life, the deadline for applications for the EHS Visiting Fellowship 2020 has been extended until 20th April 2020. Despite great hardships faced by very many of us on the front line of this battle against Covid-19, we must think of life after the pandemic, so please tell your young hip surgery colleagues about this excellent opportunity. And please take 8 minutes to complete the survey above.

We are delighted to welcome new members to EHS this month. From USA we welcome International Member Assistant Prof Cody Wyles from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester; from Germany we welcome Full Member Assistant Prof Karl Philipp Kutzner from the University Medical Centre of Mainz; from Italy we welcome Associate Prof Giuseppe Solarino from the University of Bari; and from UK Mr Andrew Manktelow, last year’s President of the British Hip Society and consultant at Nottingham University Hospital. Our member for several years, Dr Gianluca Cusma Guatteri, has moved from Italy to Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia and therefore becomes an International Member.

Thanks to Prof Fritz Thorey, our Nat Rep for Germany, who is our Ambassador of the Month and whose report is below.

No need to say that the EHS Travelling Fellowship to Italy this month has been postponed, along with the cancellation of all congresses throughout the world. Our thoughts are with all those fighting daily, including myself here in Greece. We must all be strong and remind ourselves of the slogan from the last World War: Keep calm and carry on.

Best wishes,

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Ambassador of the Month, Fritz Thorey 

It is a pleasure and a true honor being Ambassador for the European Hip Society. The society provides an excellent platform for sharing ideas, improving research and training of future colleagues. I already had the chance to organize one of the first EHS Visiting Fellowships in 2017 in Germany. I feel convinced an exchange of information and ideas promotes the necessary evolution in Orthopaedics, not least improving care of patients with hip arthritis.

I completed my medical training in Hannover/Germany graduating from Hannover Medical School in 2001. Then I underwent my surgical training at the University of Dusseldorf, Center of Trauma in Hannover and Orthopedic Department of Hannover Medical School. Besides this, I had the chance to visit other specialists abroad for short term fellowship like Prof Ganz and Dr Leunig in Switzerland and Dr Philippon in Vale/USA. Besides my medical training, I was able to undertake clinical studies and basic research in the field of surface coating of implants. I had the chance to work together interdisciplinary with researcher from industry, biochemistry, polymer-chemistry and other disciples, getting a multi-million Euro grant for the period of research.

After holding the position of assistant medical director at the Orthopedic Department of Hannover Medical School, I moved 2011 to Heidelberg. Currently, I hold the position as head for hip reconstruction and arthroplasty at the International Center of Orthopedics in ATOS Hospital for Special Surgery Heidelberg/ Germany. My clinical practice involves reconstruction, replacement and revision of hip. Furthermore, I do knee replacements and revisions. I am a Professor for Orthopedics at Hannover Medical School, member of many national and international orthopedic societies and German Representative of the European Hip Society.

I am excited to contribute as an Ambassador for the European Hip Society, to meet colleagues both in Europe and across the world and to exchange and share ideas. I am looking forward to the next European Hip Society meeting in Lille, France in 2021.

Full EHS Member, EHS National Representative for Germany

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