Dear EHS Members & Friends,

The presidential election every two years is a very important milestone in the life of our Society… In fact, two positions on the EHS board will become vacant this autumn: President (2022-24) and Secretary General (2020-24). According to our Constitution, any EHS member can apply and successful candidates will be democratically voted in during the General Assembly at our 14th EHS Congress in Lille (1-2nd October 2020). To apply for the role of President or Secretary General, each candidate must provide a declaration of intention (plans for the society throughout the term), as well as a recommendation letter from 20 EHS members from a minimum of 4 different EHS member countries, and finally a brief CV and a list of PubMed publications. The deadline for applying is March 31st…

It is critical to confirm that a “recommendation” must be seen as a testimonial and not already a personal vote for this or that candidacy… Hence several recommendations can be edited by any “distinguished” member to recommend all candidates who are supposed to become good presidents, and thus the number of recommendations that might get provided by a single member is not limited… This process is similar to the candidacy of the next Secretary General.

With regards to this coming EHS Lille 2020 congress, the official “Call for Abstracts” is open and each of you needs to submit his/her works and updated studies before the deadline on 15th March!… It is important to confirm that same abstracts can be submitted in several congress, e.g. any National Meeting, and the EHS congress.

By the way, it is our pleasure to consider that the whole Lille Congress 2020 preparation profile is looking “smooth as cream cheese on hot rye”!… The interest for this International Hip Congress is fast being regarded as the main Hip reference in Europe, with a very appealing programme thanks to the extremely valuable participation of the major key hip surgeons from so many countries. The complete agenda and list of Faculty will be displayed in our Lille 2020 congress website in the coming days.

Hence, and to make short, firstly DO participate in the coming elections by sending your recommendations to your “favourite” candidates, and secondly, DO not miss the submission of Lille 2020 abstracts… More than ever, we DO need each of you!…

On behalf of the entire Board,

Jean-Alain Epinette, MD


Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Eleftherios Tsiridis

Dear Members,

We are calling for applicants to our EHS Visiting Fellowship 2020. Deadline 31st March. Please tell your young colleagues and spread the word. This is a fantastic opportunity for any budding hip surgeon. Meanwhile, our EHS Travelling Fellows 2020, Dr Nick Beckmann (Switzerland) and Mr Syed Ahmed (UK) will be heading off to Italy next month.

Please note that EHS Members should access their Hip International digital subscription (included in your membership) via the EHS website and not the publisher’s website (as it was in the past). Please log in with your username and password (do ask Samantha Stokes, our Membership Secretary, if you need help) and click the “Media” tab on the homepage.  For any late membership payments, please kindly CLICK HERE.

This month, EHS wishes a warm welcome to two new Full Members: Dr Julien Stanovici from Switzerland and  Dr Christos Topalis from Greece. Dr Goksel Dikmen from Turkey moves up from Young to Full Member and Dr Cassar-Gheiti from Canada joins as a new Young Member.  Thanks to Prof Elhadi Sariali (Paris, France), who is our Ambassador of the Month and introduces himself below.

For hip courses, the ICJR THA Course in Austria was a great success, as was the EHS co-organised Bern Hip Symposium in Switzerland. Upcoming hip courses with EHS Patronage are: 8th International Congress for Joint Reconstruction Middle East 2020 (9-11 April ) in Dubai, UAE; Barcelona Hip Meeting “Pitfalls & Complications” (20-22 April); International revision course (6-8 May) in Edinburgh, UK; Dual Mobility and its practice in Lausanne, Switzerland (15 May). The 3rd World Arthroplasty Congress (May 2021 in Munich) will be calling for abstracts on 1st May 2020. This meeting is organised by EKS & ICJR in collaboration with EHS, and our members will enjoy discounted rates.  More meetings are on our Hip Meetings Calendar.

Best wishes,

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

EHS Ambassador of the Month, Elhadi Sariali

EHS Full Member from Paris, France

I am extremely honoured to be invited to become a European Hip Society Ambassador. I am a hip surgeon based in la Pitié Salpêtrière teaching hospital (Paris). My clinical practice includes hip arthroplasty (primary and revision), hip conservative surgery (Arthroscopy and Pelvic osteotomy) and knee arthroplasty. I graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris (a prestigious French engineering school), and pursued my PhD studies in Biomechanics from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) where I investigated the consequences of micro-separation and hip laxity on the wear in ceramic-on-ceramic total hip arthroplasty.

Early in my research career, I got involved in the EHS congresses and I choose to publish in the Hip International journal. The EHS meetings are a great opportunity to meet colleagues from all around Europe, to share our experiences and to improve our knowledge and our practice to improve the well-being of our patients. These conferences are a unique opportunity to expose innovative ideas and techniques. When I started developing my work on 3D planning for hip arthroplasty in 2004, the EHS congress gave me the opportunity to expose and share my early results with the European orthopaedic society.

Europe has always been a field for innovation in orthopaedic surgery. Many breakthrough concepts such as ceramic bearing surfaces, dual mobility and THA 3D planning were developed in Europe before spreading throughout the world.

I believe that the EHS may be a leading scientific society in the future of hip surgery. Several challenges are still to be addressed, in particular the integration of the digital technology of the future into our practice, such as intelligent tools to assist surgery, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. EHS can be the breeding ground for the emergence of new concepts in our field through assistance to young researchers and the creation of think tanks.

My dual background as an engineer and a surgeon may help me to reinforce the bridge between surgeons and engineers as I strongly believe that the future of our field will have to reinforce the links between these two fields, not only in the early stages of research development but also for our routine daily activity. I am extremely happy to participate in the promotion of EHS and I hope that my modest contribution will help the advancement of innovation in our field.

Elhadi Sariali
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Paris Sorbonne University, Pitié Salpêtrière Teaching Hospital & Paris VI University

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