Dear EHS Members,

Congratulations to our “EHS Visiting Fellows 2016” (see below). This EHS Fellowship is an initiative we hope to organise every year to inspire our young surgeons and encourage them to achieve their full potential. An EHS Travelling Fellowship will also follow. Meanwhile, news from the EHS Congress in Munich in September ( is that due to great demand the deadline for abstract submission has been extended until 15th April 2016. That’s two extra weeks!

Your EHS President, Prof Werner E. Siebert

Happy Easter to all our members on the Gregorian Calendar. (Those on the Julian Calendar celebrate in May.) Whenever your holiday, however, these hip events do not move: the UAOT Combined Continuous Course in Kharkiv, Ukraine (13-16th April), organised by the EHS Nat Rep, Prof Bondarenko; the annual BOTA Meeting in Varna, Bulgaria (12-14th May), organised by the EHS Nat Rep, Asparuh Asparuhov; finally of course, EFORT’s annual congress, to be held in Geneva (June 1-3rd). EHS will have a booth there and awaits your visit. Meanwhile, on behalf of the ExCom, I wish a warm welcome to the new Nat Rep for The Netherlands, Dr Stephan Vehmeijer. We very much look forward to working with you.

Assoc Prof Eleftherios Tsiridis, EHS Secretary General


One of the principal functions of EHS is to convey orthopaedic knowledge, skills and scientific contacts between orthopedic surgeons from all European countries. Sending young orthopaedic surgeons to hip surgery specialists in other countries is a good way to accomplish this. During the last two years EHS has created a new Fellowship for young European orthopaedic specialists. Along with the members of the Educational and Executive Committees, I have created the structure of the fellowship, while our National Representatives have compiled a network of eminent, interesting and active scientific centres, willing and suitable to host the fellows. We are starting with a visiting fellowship. Two young orthopaedic surgeons will stay for two weeks each in two eminent centres in a European country. The Executive Committee and the chairman of the Educational Committee have appointed the two fellows from the applicants, and also appointed the host country that they will visit. EHS will cover costs for transport, housing and food for the fellows. The EHS National Representative from that country will, together with the centres and the fellows, arrange the travels and visits. The fellows will receive free EHS membership for one year and also give a short report of their experience. We are currently working on completing the visiting fellowship with a travelling fellowship. For this first visiting fellowship we have among the applicants appointed Dr Olga Pidgaiska from UKRAINE and Mr Sujith Konan from UK. They will visit Greece during the autumn of 2016. Thank you very much to our other applicants. Prof Gösta Ullmark, Past EHS President & Chairman of EHS EduCom


Stephan Vehmeijer, MD, PhD
Orthopaedic Surgeon Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis Delft

The Specialist in Total Hip Arthroplasty, SapporoDutch orthopaedic surgeons were amongst the founding members of the EHS in 1992. Since then, the society welcomed a growing number of hip surgeons from The Netherlands, in particular in the past few years. The increasing number of surgeons that subspecialise in hip and/or lower extremity pathology seems to account for this growth. In contrast, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of ‘general’ orthopaedic surgeons in The Netherlands. In 2007 a central arthroplasty registry was established in The Netherlands. In 2014 a total of 28.026 primary THA’s was recorded, of which the majority were uncemented arthroplasties (61%). The number of THA’s has increased compared to the previous years. The number of revision THA’ s, however, remained stable at 3.574. Also, the past years have seen an increase in the percentage of clinically proven prostheses that were used. Although hip arthroscopies are not registered yet in The Netherlands, the interest and the number have increased over the past few years. I’m honoured to take over the task of National Representative from Wim Schreurs, the current President Elect of EHS, who will organise the EHS meeting in The Netherlands on 20-22nd September 2018. So, after the meeting in Munich later this year, we hope to welcome you all to The Hague!

€100 Membership fees are due for 2016