The Sytenko Institute for Spine and Joint Pathology of the NAMS of Ukraine is a leading scientific institution dealing with problems of the spine and joints pathology among all institutions of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. The Institute is one of the oldest research institutions of Ukraine and celebrated its 115th anniversary in 2023. The Institute has 16 scientific divisions, a clinic with 240 beds and a consultative outpatient department for 150 visits per day.

By virtue of dedication, tremendous energy, creative searching, high professionalism and the ability to cherish established traditions, the staff is consistently making progress in the implementation of the most daring plans and ideas. The whole history of the Institute, from its foundation to the present day, is the story of modern scientific thought growth. Each year the most highly skilled care is provided to thousands of patients, the methods of surgical and conservative treatment of spine and joints diseases are improved and the medical personnel are trained – true professionals. Today Sytenko Institute is considered as one of the leading medical, educational and scientific centers not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world. The Institute actively collaborates with the world’s leading hospitals and scientific institutions. The staff members of this institution are not only the most renowned members of the medical community in the world, but also take the highest position in them.

Highly experienced specialists carry out comprehensive examination and treatment of patients, using the most modern technologies, conservative and surgical treatment of the whole spectrum of diseases and injuries of spine and joints. Conservative treatment is based on the latest methods of orthopaedic, physiotherapeutic and medical treatment; approbation of new drugs is carried out. Surgical direction of treatment of spine and joint pathology has been a priority direction of the clinical work of the institute.

The main directions of the works are: experimental-theoretical studies in orthopedics and traumatology, problems of spine pathology, orthopedic arthrology, orthopaedic oncology, children’s orthopaedic pathology. We perform about 1,000 THA, 500 TKA, 300 revision THA and TKA per year. Right now we are experts in performing  Exoskeletal prostheses for soldiers and civilian patients.


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