The EHS co-organised Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery Thessaloniki (MAST) celebrated a decade, having now run for ten consecutive years!

The MAST Founder and President, Prof Eleftherios Tsiridis (EHS President), invited a distinguished panel of experts selected from all over the world to present their centre’s best research data of the year with video surgery presentation throughout Friday and Saturday, while Sunday was dedicated to the popular hands on workshops.

Delegates were technically educated by the top names giving their invaluable insights in: Personalised arthroplasty; Robotics / Navigation; Complexities for primary & revision arthroplasty; Complications; New implant designs: 3D & customised and Joint preservation.

According to the tradition, the learning was intense, including excellent talks on: COMPLEXITIES AND COMPLICATIONS IN PRIMARY THA, CHALLENGES AND OUTCOMES INCLUDING YOUNG AGE IN PRIMARY ARTHROPLASTY & NEW CONCEPTS, DESIGNS AND TECHNIQUES IN PRIMARY & REVISION JOINT RECONSTRUCTION, with a fantastic keynote lecture on “Femoroacetabular Impingement: Indications and technique for treatment: My experience on 1600 cases” by Prof Javad Parvizi, USA (EHS Member).

Attendees were inspired on COMPLEXITIES & COMPLICATIONS IN REVISION ARTHROPLASTY & UPDATES ON THE FUTURE OF HIP ARTHROPLASTY, where the EHS President Elect, Prof Fares Haddad, addressed: “Τhe expanding evidence base for robotic arm assisted THA”. Following this, ROBOTICS included presentations by 5 colleagues from USA: Antonia Chen, Mike Berend, Matthew Deren, Peter Surace & William Hozack.

EHS speakers included:

  • Argenson Jean-Noel (France)
  • Board Tim (UK)
  • Brumby Scott (Australia)
  • Buttaro Martin (Argentina)
  • Chahine Assi (Lebanon)
  • Chan Lewis (Hong Kong)
  • Cobb Justin (UK)
  • Dantas Pedro (Portugal)
  • Drosos Georgios (Greece)
  • Ezechieli Marco (Germany)
  • Epinette Jean-Alain (France)
  • Farrington Bill (New Zealand)
  • Garcia-Rey Eduardo (Spain)
  • Gikas Panos (UK)
  • Goodman Stuart (USA)
  • Goto Koji (Japan)
  • Grammatopoulos George (Canada)
  • Haddad Fares (UK)
  • Hiroshi Fujita (Japan)
  • Huddleston James (USA)
  • Karachalios Theofilos (Greece)
  • Kenanidis Efstathios (Greece)
  • Khanduja Vikas (UK)
  • Lilikakis Anastasios (Greece)
  • Lombardi Adolph (USA)
  • Loppini Mattia (Italy)
  • Lustig Sebastien (France)
  • Macaulay William (USA)
  • Marin Pena Oliver (Spain)
  • Maziar Mohaddes (Sweden)
  • Megaloikonomos Panayiotis (Canada)
  • Nasser Rima (UK)
  • Pidgaiska Olga (Ukraine)
  • Poultsides Lazaros (Greece)
  • Reina Nicolas (France)
  • Schreurs William (The Netherlands)
  • Schwarzkopf Ran (USA)
  • Thorey Fritz (Germany)
  • Topalis Christos (Greece)
  • Tosounidis Theodoros (Greece)
  • Trebse Rihard (Slovenia)
  • Vendittoli Pascal-Andre (Canada)
  • Vigdorchik Jonathan (USA)
  • Zagra Luigi (Italy)

On Day 2, Australian EHS Member, Scott Brumby, started the Saturday @ MAST 10 with his brilliant “10yr National Registry analysis of my decision making of implant selection”. Additional topics included TKA: THE NEW ERA OF PERSONALIZED ALIGNMENT USIANG OR NOT ROBOTICS as well as CHALLENGING THA & NEW APPROACHES & then ARTHROPLASTY & NEW TECHNOLOGIES: CURRENT & FUTURE with talks from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Pakistan Portugal, Slovenia, Spain & UK.

The afternoon moved onto NEW CONCEPTS IN JOINT ARTHROPLASTY FROM EUROPE & USA followed by HIP PRESERVATION: CURRENT CONCEPTS & CONCERNS, where speakers from Canada joied the mix.

On Day 3, delegates enjoyed the practical Hands on Workshops and went home happy to rest their tired brains after this (as ever) encompassing Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery in Thessaloniki.

Congratulations to all involved & huge thanks to all our speakers & delegates alike.

More info on MAST website HERE.