Dear EHS Members & Friends, 

Good Morning, Lille 2021!

Many of us remember that wonderful 1987 film “Good morning, Vietnam”… We are not Robin Williams, of course, but we too would like this address to give a breath of lightness in this preparation for the EHS Congress in Lille, which continues well, despite in very difficult conditions!… Pandemic, new viruses, climate crisis, organization… Concerns have accumulated on the road!

So, here is some good news from the 14th EHS Congress in Lille…

– We’re all fed up with these full replay scientific meetings!… Here with this 14th EHS Congress, is finally a face-to-face meeting at the beginning of September, where we will find the joy of face-to-face expert debates, the happiness of a coffee at the counter with friends, the richness of chats between sessions… in short, this conviviality within our Orthopaedic Community, which we have missed so much during all these long months of lockdown…

– The scientific program is really very rich and addresses all the poles of interest of prosthetic surgery: all those interested in the hip will find their happiness there, according to the classic formula “the basic, the current, the future with all the new trends”!… Our EHS has become the benchmark for hip knowledge in Europe and beyond, and the best specialists will be there to share their knowledge and experiences!

– Our partnership with Hip Toulouse is a fantastic chance to meet in a common meeting the usual participants who never miss this congress already renowned far beyond our borders… In addition, this wink to Canada as an invited nation timely reminds us of the interest our overseas colleagues have in our European practices.

– We have planned the hybridization of our EHS Congress to allow all those who will not be able to make the trip to participate anyway in a “virtual” way. This requires new and complex management of these means of communication, but thus the audience will be widely extended and available in replay. Contrary to our fears of a congress without much participation on-site, to our happy surprise, nearly 70% of our speakers will make the trip to Lille!

– The sanitary situation should be much more favourable in September, because as of now nearly 60% of the French population is already vaccinated, and this rate is at 70% for the adult population of the European Union. Moreover, the European sanitary pass should greatly facilitate travel… As a sign from the sky, the weather forecast promises us the second week of September under the sun in Lille!!!…

– Last but not least, during the gala dinner we will experience the enchantment of attending a mini-concert by the famous soprano Heather Newhouse in the magical setting of the Hermitage Gantois…

In less than two months now, “good morning Lille 2021”!!!… Until then, visit us on the congress website:

See you soon, we are counting on each of you!

On behalf of the entire EHS Board,

Faithfully yours,

Jean-Alain Epinette, MD

EHS President

Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Dear Members,

This is the “Summer of Extremes”, with volatile weather across Europe including devastating flash floods in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, as well as France, Switzerland and the UK. Temperatures are very high in the South, with +47°C in Italy and Greece, significantly increasing the risk of wildfire across the Mediterranean and Balkan peninsula. Even Finland had the longest heatwave in 60 years at 27°C. But we hip surgeons who are in the OR all day catching up on our huge lists only read about the weather.

Our 60-minute Speciality Session on “The false “easy” THA” at VEC was a big success with great participation, interaction and content. Our full day on total advanced joint replacement – shared with our sister society EKS – was also very successful and informative with a high scientific level, plus it is useful for new hip surgeons to watch the sessions again with replay. Thanks to our EHS SciCom experts for sharing their top hip knowledge. The Debate Forum I moderated on “Is MOM Hip Resurfacing Buried?” was very well attended: thanks to Prof Cobb and Prof Whitehouse for their involvement.

At the end of August, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is holding its annual meeting in San Diego (31st Aug – 3rd September).

September means our 14th EHS Congress 2021 in Lille, 10-11th September, and most of us are now registered and looking forward to meeting up again. Early Bird registration is until 4th August.

October is the International Conference on Hip & Knee Arthroplasty, at the Sytenko Institute of Spine & Joint Pathology, a hybrid EHS Combined Course in Kharkiv, Ukraine on 15-16th October. Then DKOU (German Congress of Orthopaedic and Traumatology) and EHS will present a digital session (in English of course) on “New Techniques and Update on Modern Hip Surgery” on 27th October from 12-1pm, organized by our EHS Nat Rep for Germany, Prof Thorey and chaired by Prof Gehrke and myself.

November is the International Course of Reconstructive Surgery of the Joint – Hip Surgery, in Spain (25th-26th November) with EHS patronage.

Last but not least, I’m delighted to announce that as usual, December means MAST 8, “Advances in Arthroplasty: What’s new in complex adult reconstruction & robotic technologies?” (Friday 10th – Sunday 12th), co-organized by EHS, sponsored by EFORT EOTEP and in partnership with the Hellenic Hip & Knee Society. More to follow.

See all info on our Hip Calendar.

Prof Heinz Roettinger – a “hip” name well known to us all – is our EHS Ambassador this month. Thanks to him for his words below, and also to Prof Zhang from China for his excellent Diary of a Hip Surgeon over on our Covid-19 update page HERE. And finally, a warm welcome to a new Greek Full Member, Dr Panayiotis D Megaloikonomos, who has just been announced President of FORTE.

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Ambassador of the Month, Dr Heinz Röttinger

Dear Colleagues and friends,

It is a great honour for me to be the Ambassador of the European Hip Society. In a few weeks, the annual meeting of the European Hip Society, postponed from last year, will take place in Lille, France. After a very long time of scientific discussion about online meetings, a face-to-face meeting shall finally occur.

Most colleagues focusing on hip arthroplasty certainly know that my name is associated with the minimally invasive hip approach I have described. Before presenting my approach, I could not imagine that I would leave my mark on the orthopaedic landscape one day. At that time, I also met the problem of minimally invasive hip arthroplasty instead by chance. In the beginning, I thought about the topic of minimally invasive hip arthroplasty very critically and not at all euphorically. Who would want to change a system that has been successful up to now? Development into an unknown change touches one unpleasantly, especially if one is established well and stably. I must confess that it was not such meticulous work as a sudden idea to try this innovative working technique of minimally invasive hip arthroplasty. At first, I was not sure whether my surgical technique should be new. Until today I still feel a little ashamed when I see my name in connection with hip arthroplasty. It is also by no means my sole merit that this access technique has become so well known. Many dear people and colleagues contributed through their interest and commitment to making the “Röttinger Approach” known worldwide. Today I would like to take the opportunity to thank all these friends and colleagues.

Through the increasing popularity of my approach technique, I have personally met and learned from many people. I very much appreciate the opportunity to talk and exchange ideas in person. The annual congress in Lille should be a welcome opportunity for all of us to get in direct contact again. I have very positive memories of France throughout, where I spent many holidays in my youth. In France, my access technique was held in very high esteem. This appreciation came as a particular surprise to me. The direct anterior approach as a “competitive option in MIS THA” was considered the standard in hip arthroplasty for decades through Robert and Jean Judet. In particular, this popularity in France for my approach is due to the commitment of my colleague and friend Jürg Aebi from Montauban, who has been very involved with my approach and its mediation from the beginning. I owe him my special thanks.

Today I think that both the access techniques and the implants in hip arthroplasty need constant improvement. Improvement is a constant process in medicine in which we can participate or which passes us. To be involved, we require the exchange of our ideas and stimulating personal conversation. Let us all come together in Lille and talk about the positive and negative experiences in our daily professional life, suggest forward-looking solutions, discuss our different points of view and make new friends.

I am very much looking forward to the European Hip Society Congress 2021 in Lille, France.

Dr Heinz Röttinger

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