Notice from the EHS ExCom to all members

Two positions on the EHS board will become vacant this autumn: President (2022-24) and Secretary General (2020-24). According to our constitution, any EHS member can apply and successful candidates will be democratically voted in during the General Assembly at our 14th EHS Congress in Lille (1-2nd October 2020).

To apply for the role of President or Secretary General, please send:-

  • a declaration of intention (specific & detailed plans for the society throughout the term)
  • a recommendation letter from 20 EHS members from a minimum of 4 different EHS member countries
  • brief CV and a list of PubMed publications

Deadline for receiving candidates: 31st March 2020

Email applications to EHS Membership Secretary, Samantha Stokes at

Dear EHS Members,

M-9!… Our 2020 EHS Congress is approaching the finishing straight line. We have already mailed out the call for abstracts and we feel back a real enthusiasm for this great event in Lille!… In addition to the 18 symposia offered, two round tables devoted to DDH and OrthoPediatrics were added to the agenda. The complete programme presenting the topics, the titles of lectures and the speakers will get released within the coming weeks… let’s be aware of this by visiting the www.ehs2020 website!…

We have just returned from the Spanish Hip Society (SECCA) which greatly organized a combined meeting with EHS in Madrid… We are all European and more than happy to have this kind of opportunity to share our knowledges and propose new thoughts, new trends, new views on our common Orthopedic Community.
Indeed, our European Hip Society is increasingly requested to participate in national or local congresses, whether for “patronage”, “combined meetings” or “co-organized meetings”… We are very proud of this interest in EHS as aiming to be known as the “Hip” reference in Europe and abroad. Moreover, it helps us to stay at the cutting edge of hip matters. The European Hip Society is therefore happy to support and send two or three “Ambassadors” to Combined or Co-organized Courses.

Anyway, it seems necessary to consider the conditions required for such participation of EHS in these congresses. In no case we can support any meeting under the aegis of a single sponsor or academy which benefits from the direct support of the industry, and we need to pay great attention to remain at a scientific level of great value, out of any strictly commercial implication. Therefore, all invitations to participate in such meetings are welcome and will be gladly considered by the EHS Board.

Thanks again for your solid support and enthusiastic participation in your Hip Society.

On behalf of the entire Board,

Jean-Alain Epinette, MD


Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Eleftherios Tsiridis

Dear Members,

After eight years serving as your EHS Secretary General, my term is coming to an end. Thanks to your vote, I was re-elected in 2016, and have served two terms – the maximum allowed – under four presidents and have acquired excellent experience, contributing to the development of EHS during its crucial years.

Whilst making essential changes and embracing modern ideas into our officially registered, non-profit organisation, I have made sure the presidential line has remained intact, to retain the special element which makes EHS such a respected and effective society of hip surgeon friends around the world, “Bringing Hip Surgeons Together”. We now have members from USA, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, South America and China, as well as the Middle East and almost all of Europe and our biannual congresses go from strength to strength.

I started this EHS Newsletter and launched the dynamic website, creating a platform for our hip surgeon community to keep in touch month by month. I have also worked closely to help the EHS Fellowships develop and bloom, from the very first one which took place here in Greece in 2016. I have also overseen the reconstruction of the EHS constitution which is now modern and unique.

I have represented EHS as a invited guest lecturer in over 40 international congresses and both initiated and edited “The Adult Hip – Master Case Series and Techniques” (Springer), which very many EHS members have contributed to.

Based on this experience at the heart of EHS and my strong will to enthusiastically move forward and push our society even further, I will be applying for the role of EHS President (2022-24) to be voted at our General Assembly in Lille, October 2020.

Thank you to all our members who have swiftly paid their annual dues for EHS. Our membership secretary, Samantha Stokes, is waiting for a few more payments, so please kindly CLICK HERE.

We’re delighted to open for applications the EHS Visiting Fellowship 2020. This is an EFORT-approved Fellowship, now in its 5th year, and has been a very rewarding experience for the eight young hip surgeons who have taken part so far. Do tell your young colleagues to apply before 31st March 2020. For a taste of the Fellowship, do take time to read the excellent report from Dr Bellotti and Dr Ozden, our Visiting Fellows 2019, who went to Switzerland and visited “the sacred temple of knowledge about hip preservation surgery”.

This month, EHS wishes a warm welcome to new Full Members: Dr Ali Hussein Abdali from Norway, and Prof Rob GHH Nelissen and Dr Peter van Winterswijk, both from The Netherlands. We also congratulate our long term member, Dr Roxo Neves from Lisbon, Portugal, on his retirement. Thanks to James Berstock (UK), co-editor of Hip International, who is our Ambassador of the Month and introduces himself below.

For hip courses, the EHS & SECCA meeting in Madrid last week was a big success, attended by many EHS faces. Read the report here. Right now it’s the ICJR Direct Anterior Approach THA Course in Innsbruck, Austria, followed by the EHS-organised Bern Hip Symposium in Switzerland (27-29th Feb). More meetings are on our Hip Meetings Calendar.

Best wishes,

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

EHS Ambassador of the Month, James Berstock

It is a great honour to be invited to become the European Hip Society ambassador. I became the Editor-in-Chief of Hip International (the official journal of the EHS) in 2019, working alongside Prof Theofilos Karachalios at the University of Thessalia. It has been a pleasure to serve as a reviewer for the journal for over ten years, becoming an associate editor over the last five. I feel a great responsibility to communicate ideas and good science fairly, clearly and with the minimum of delay, eliminating bias where possible. My work with the journal has enabled me to build on my formal academic training gained working as the Academic Clinical Lecturer in Trauma and Orthopaedics at the University of Bristol in the UK. I am truly impressed with the thought, effort and quality of the articles we receive, and as a result our impact factor continues to grow. Of the 582 submissions each year only 72 will be granted publication. I try to promote novel, interesting and thought-provoking work, whilst giving the journal a truly international feel. It is not unusual for any given month to have papers representing several European countries as well as America. Socrates is attributed with saying, ‘I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think,’ and I certainly hope that our readers are stimulated to think deeply about the range of topics we discuss in the journal.

The journal’s success would be impossible without an army of dedicated reviewers who generously give their time to weigh up the quality of the articles submitted, often giving detailed feedback and suggestions to the authors ensuring that the final product of the journal is as polished as it can be. I recognise that busy surgeons do not always have time to read the entirety of an article, so I pay additional editorial attention to ensuring that the titles and abstracts are a clear and accurate reflection of the study and its conclusions whilst reflecting the level of uncertainty that exists.

My clinical practice includes young adult hip, arthroscopy, primary and revision arthroplasty, infection, trauma and metastatic tumour work. After completing training, I embarked on three fellowships, of which I will always be indebted to the arthroplasty unit in Vancouver, Canada for the teaching and experience I gained.

It is now a privilege for me to work in the city of Bath, UK. Bath is a UNESCO world heritage site and the Roman remains and hot springs are perhaps the most impressive in Northern Europe. Grand Georgian architecture and Palladian crescents create a beautiful backdrop to the many manicured public gardens.

I look forward to using the role of EHS Ambassador to meet colleagues from across Europe, to collaborate and discuss strategies for overcoming the challenges we and our patients face.

James Berstock MBChB, MRCS, FRCS, MD, PGCertMedEd

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction

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