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Dear EHS Members,

How time flies…! Here we are already in September and most of us have come-back to work after this (hot!) summer break. Hence, we are glad to wish the best to all during this promising new yearly period that will lead us to our next EHS congress at “Lille 2020”!…

Do not refrain from keeping in touch with the congress organization by subscribing to our EHS Lille 2020 Newsletter and visiting our EHS congress website at www.ehs2020.org. As previously announced within the August Newsletter, the “interview of the month” which monthly focuses on some of the most eminent figures within the “Who’s who in EHS” welcomes in September Klaus-Peter Gunther, a very active member of the EHS Scientific Committee, and in addition the next President of EFORT during our EHS 2020 congress in Lille… Obviously a must-read interview! We also are delighted to welcome as our new “EHS Ambassador” Maziar Mohaddes, a key manager within the Swedish Registries. No doubt he will be pleased to tell us all about the past, present and future about all these registries, as the obvious gold standard in terms of clinical evaluation and outcomes in Hip arthroplasty, all over the world.

Last but not least, our entire European Hip Society would wish the best to Werner Siebert, our distinguished 2014-2016 president, upon his retirement and thank him a lot for his continuous involvement within EHS, especially during this awesome 2016 congress in Munich. Perhaps he already knows this quote from Robert Orben: “The holidays mean nothing to do and have time all day.” The good news is that retirement is the same!… So, dear Werner, enjoy it and … cheers !… We made him a video here to wish him all the best.

On behalf of the EHS Board,

Very best regards, and still keep in touch!

Jean-Alain Epinette, MD


Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Eleftherios Tsiridis

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the opening of our EHS Travelling Fellowship 2020, which will support two hip surgeons to visit top orthopaedic centres in Europe for three weeks during Spring 2020. Candidates should be early in their career (i.e. under 45), resident of an EHS member country, prove a major interest in orthopaedic hip surgery via hip publications, research reports on hip surgery etc., and have a satisfactory knowledge of English. Application deadline is 31st October 2019.

On behalf of all of EHS I would like to congratulate Prof Werner Siebert, EHS President 2014-16 on his retirement as Medical Director of the Orthopaedic Clinic Kassel (Germany). We all remember what an excellent EHS President he was, opening up the society to many new, young members from all over Europe and the world, and of course for organising a successful EHS Congress in Munich in 2016.

We wish a warm welcome to new International Member Mr William Blakeney from Albany, Australia. Also, some changes in status to note are Dr Nikolaos Davarinos (Dublin, Ireland) steps up from Young Member to Full Member, Dr George Grammatopoulos moves from Full Member (London, UK) to International Member (Ottawa, Canada) and Dr Lazaros Poultsides moves from International Member (New York, USA) to Full Member (Thessaloniki, Hellas).

On our Hip Meetings Calendar for September you will see the Lyon Hip Arthroplasty congress (12-13th), the National Congress of the Italian Hip Society SIdA in Bergamo (19- 20th), with EHS Patronage and the Vreden’s Reading Conference in Russia (26-28th). November sees the Italian Orthopedic Society’s meeting in Rome, with a joint symposium of SIOT & EHS on Friday 8th November.  Following that is the Hospital da Luz Lisboa’s 4th International Hip Symposium (14-15th) with EHS Patronage.

In the programme for the EHS-organized MAST Course on Current Concepts in Advanced Arthroplasty Surgery in Thessaloniki, Hellas (6-8th December), our three honorary speakers are Prof Per Kjærsgaard-Andersen, Past President of EFORT, with the keynote lecture: The dilemma when THA is the only left option in the adolescent, young patient”; Prof George Bentley, previously on the Executive Board of EFORT, who will give a keynote on: “The Quest for Prevention and Cure for Osteoarthritis of the Knee and Hip”; and Dr Vasilis Bitounis, who will speak on “Navigation and robotics in arthroplasty”. Of course Prof Werner Siebert will be there and will speak on The German arthroplasty registry as well as “Stem and acetabular revision: Distraction for chronic pelvic dissociation and custom triflanges”.

Best wishes,

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

EHS Ambassador of the Month, Maziar Mohaddes 

Full EHS Member

It is a pleasure and a true honour being Ambassador for the European Hip Society. The society provides an excellent platform for sharing ideas, improving research and training of future colleagues. I feel convinced an exchange of information and ideas promotes the necessary evolution in Orthopaedics, not least improving care of patients with hip arthritis.

I completed my medical training in Sweden graduating from Karolinska Institute in 2000. I then completed my surgical training at Västmanlands Hospital, Sweden. My fellowship training was done under the direction of Professors Kärrholm and Malchau at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. In 2017 I had the great pleasure to spend a year as a fellow in Exeter, UK.

I hold a position as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden. My clinical practice involves reconstruction of hip and knee. I am an associate professor at Gothenburg University, affiliated to the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty register and have been voted as the scientific secretary for Swedish Orthopaedic Association. My clinical research is based on data collected by Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register and numerous clinical and radiostereometric studies at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the last year I was appointed as the lead in a national project, aiming to improve quality of care for patients with musculoskeletal disease. This is being implemented by creating work groups, focusing on health outcomes and engaging professionals, decision makers and citizen representatives. I truly believe a deeper engagement of professionals and citizens in decision making, focusing on the quality of care rather than costs associated with it has an enormous potential in further improving the population health.

I am excited to contribute as an Ambassador for the European Hip Society, to meet colleagues both in Europe and across the world and to exchange and share ideas. I am looking forward to the next European Hip Society meeting in Lille, France in 2020.

Assoc Prof Maziar Mohaddes

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