Wim SchreursLetter from the President, Dr B Willem Schreurs

Dear Members,
The EFORT meeting in Vienna was a great success and it was good to see so many of our members having an active role there. Our society held all its committee meetings and a lot of groundwork was done for the Scientific Programme of our next congress in The Hague 20-22 September 2018. Highlight topics will be: The young patient with a hip prosthesis; State of the art of customized 3D hip prostheses in hip revisions; Revision surgery in total hip arthroplasty and Hip registries. 

We also celebrated our 25th anniversary by holding the first ever President’s Drinks, in Vienna. A new tradition I hope for our now well established society.

The EHS is delighted to announce the winner of our Guest Society Fellowship with AAHKS as: Dr Eduardo Garcia-Rey from Madrid, Spain. Congratulations to him and thanks to the other candidates who applied. He is currently choosing which centres he will visit in the USA before the final programme is made, which will run for a month in total either side of the Meeting in Dallas 2-5 November 2017.

Before that, in September 2017, our two EHS Visiting Fellows Dr Koutalos (Hellas) and Dr Moreta (Spain) will visit Germany, with a programme put together by our Nat Rep Prof Fritz Thorey. Meanwhile the Travelling Fellows, Dr Goksel Dikmen (Turkey) and Oleksii Tankut (Ukraine) have finished their three weeks in France and will be writing their report for us over the summer.

Our EduCom is busy and Prof Bulent Atilla delivered a speech  on Modular Stems on Revision THA via Skype to the Russian National Hip Surgeons Meeting earlier this month. Also prior to this at the end of May, Profs Karachalios and Macheras attended the Eurasion Federation of Oncology Moscow meeting for EHS. 2017 is, so far, a very active year!

Best wishes,

Your EHS President, B Willem Schreurs

Letter from the Secretary General, Associate Prof Eleftherios TsiridisTsiridis

Dear Members,

We have ten new members to welcome this month: from France Dr Celine Batailler, Prof Philippe Chiron, Mr Maurice Malissard, Prof Didier Mainard and Dr Jean Marc Puch; from The Netherlands, Dr Wout Rosenberg; from UK, Mr Anthony Ward; and, from Ukraine, Dr Vasyl Makarov. We welcome two new International members: from Egypt, Prof Ayman Ebied and from Israel, Prof Michael Drexler. Finally, welcome to a new Young member from Portugal, Dr Joao Sarmento Esteves. Special thanks to Mr Malissard who allowed us to use his latest painting of Cap Ferret for our newsletter.

We are very happy to announce Dr Eduardo Garcia-Rey from Madrid, Spain, as the chosen applicant from EHS for the AAHKS Guest Society Fellowship later this year in Dallas. Congratulations. We look forward to hearing about your experience in the New Year. Thanks to all our applicants. There will be plenty more opportunities ahead. Don’t forget that EHS members can attend the AAHKS meeting at the AAHKS discounted member rate and have free membership for the remainder of the calendar year.

Thank you for telling us about your National hip meetings – we are announcing them on this website, so have a look under Scientific Meetings, or click below:-

And finally, on behalf of all the ExCom, thanks to Prof Zagra, EHS’s Chairman of SciCom and of course, past president of EHS, who will step down as Nat Rep for Italy after many years. The new Nat Rep is Nicola Santori (pictured below) from Rome and we wish him a warm welcome.

EHS Secretary General, Associate Prof Eleftherios Tsiridis

As hip surgery continues to grow in numbers and hip preservation is accepted and performed all over the continent, I can’t see any better place than the EHS to promote education and training in hip surgery

EHS Nat Rep for Italy, Nicola Santori

EHS Nat Rep for Italy, Nicola Santori

My name is Nicola Santori and my task today it is to take over from Luigi Zagra as national representative for my country, Italy, in the European Hip Society.

I was born and educated in Rome and over the years my practice has focused more and more on the hip. As a junior doctor, I had specific interest in both sport medicine and hip surgery. In the early nineties I assisted my father, who is an orthopedic surgeon too, in large numbers of primary and revision hip procedures.

In the mid-nineties, in association with the biomechanical unit of the Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Stanmore we started the development of a new ultrashort hip stem which was initially produced with cad cam technology and later became a standard commercial implant known as “Proxima hip”. In the same years I spent a 6 months fellowship in Cambridge UK, with Mr Richard Villar, a visionaire and one of the key figures of hip arthroscopy in the world.

Since then I’ve added hip scopes to my surgical practice and I’ve been able to expand both my practice and my understanding of this joint. Hip biomechanics is my passion and since hip preservation and short stem THR are the bulk of my activity, I spend a lot of time struggling to understand the way each single hip that I treat works.

I’ve been leading the hip faculty of the Italian arthroscopic society for the last 8 years and I’m board member of the Italian Hip Society since 2014. I’m very excited to join the committee of the European Hip Society even though I realize it won’t be easy to replace Luigi Zagra who, apart from being a friend and a great hip surgeon, has been extraordinarily active inside the EHS.

As hip surgery continues to grow in numbers and hip preservation is accepted and performed all over the continent, I can’t see any better place than the EHS to promote education and training in hip surgery.


Painting at top: Cap Ferret 2017 by new EHS member, Mr Malissard