Wim SchreursLetter from the President, Prof Wim Schreurs

Dear All,

Now the very successful Munich EHS meeting really is history, as EHS we have to look forward. Recently, the EHS was invited by the International Congress for Joint Reconstruction (ICJR) to their Transatlantic instructional meeting from 6th to 9th October, combining the views from both Europe and the North American area. For the attendees, a broader view of Orthopedics was guaranteed at this meeting. The European Hip Society was represented by the former President Gösta Ullmark, our Secretary General Eleftherios Tsiridis and your current President. We have decided to cooperate closer with ICJR in the near future, looking at the benefits for both parties.

We are also starting to think about contributions of the EHS for the EFORT meetings both in Vienna 2017 and Barcelona 2018. For the latter, EFORT has invited our members to visit their submission platform, where any individual member can submit a proposal by creating an account on the platform: http://scientific.efort.org/efort2018

In adition, as a society, we are really proud that the first EHS Fellowship will take place next month in Greece and we hope that the fellows Dr Olga Pidgaiska and Mr Sujith Konan will have a very educational and enjoyable tour in Greece.  EHS gives many thanks to Gösta Ullmark who put a lot of effort into creating this Fellowship and to our Greek orthopaedic surgeons who will house our dear guests.

Your EHS President, Wim Schreurs

Letter from the Secretary General, Associate Prof Eleftherios TsiridisTsiridis

Dear Members,

The ICJR congress in New York this month was an excellent opportunity to share ideas and really be involved in the future of our speciality.
Meanwhile, we have new members joining EHS all the time and wish a warm welcome to four new Full Members, Mr Fernando Marques (Spain), Prof Andreas Halder (Germany), Mr Geza Kordas (UK) and Dr Dan Crișan (Romania), as well as our two new International Members from the USA, Prof Nicholas Giori (Stanford University, California) and Dr Lazaros Poultsides (Hospital for Special Surgery, New York).
The deadline has now passed for our EHS Travelling Fellowship 2017 and we had many applications. The ExCom and EduCom will scrutinise these and the two winners will be announced in the near future. Good luck to you all.
Meanwhile, the two Visiting Fellows Olga Pidgaiska (Ukraine) and Sujith Konan (UK) will be arriving in Hellas for their two-week fellowship next month. They will start with Prof Macheras, Past President of EHS, at the KAT Hospital in Athens. Next they will join EHS Treasurer Prof Karachalios at the Medical School, School Of Health Sciences, University of Thessaly in Larissa and will attend a Superpath cadaveric course.
Finally they will journey up to Thessaloniki and join myself at Papageorgiou General Hospital and will end their fellowship at the MAST 3, an EFORT-approved revision course in hip (and knee) arthroplasty, focusing on current concepts and including live surgery and workshops. All will be reported here.

EHS Secretary General, A Prof Eleftherios Tsiridis

The idea was to contribute to a harmonization of orthopaedic education across various European countries. Since a rising number of surgeons educated in one country will later work in another, such a harmonization is important



“Intensified EHS international activities”

This August (24-28), the first FORTE Summer School – a common European educational experience for orthopaedic residents – was held in Faro, Portugal. The idea was to contribute to a harmonization of orthopedic education across various European countries. Since a rising number of orthopedic surgeons educated in one European country will later work in another, such a harmonization is important. With the help of many EHS members, I participated and held some lectures at this event.

In the business meetings during our EHS congress in Munich (September 6-9), we discussed increasing our activities in both international and national courses and congresses. The idea is to increase cooperation with both national and international orthopedic societies and organizations.

This month (5-9th October) ICJR (International Congress for Joint Reconstruction) held their Transatlantic Congress in New York. I was, together with our President Prof Wim Schreurs and our Secretary General Prof Eleftherios Tsiridis, invited to speak. The congress was organized in cooperation with EKS (European Knee Society). It dealt with both Knee- and Hip-disorders. Both arthroplasty and non-arthroplasty treatment was analyzed and debated together with complications and failure mechanisms. At the end of the meeting we, together with some of the organisers, also discussed a possible future cooperation between EHS and ICJR.

Hip International celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015, achieving its highest ever impact factor of 0.889



Bristol, UK

Hip International is the journal of the European Hip Society. We have been very pleased with its progress over recent years. It celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015, achieving its highest ever impact factor of 0.889.
703 articles were cited in 2015 which has been a year on year increase since 2007, if we look back to 2007 there were only 116 citations.
The journal publishes 120 articles a year over 6 editions. We now receive approximately 500 submissions a year and the chances of an article being accepted for publication is 1 in 4. We are receiving an ever increasing volume of work from Asia, especially China, which can only broaden the scope of our journal.
The Journal has only become this successful due to the dedicated work of our editorial board and reviewers who without – the journal would not be possible. If anyone is interested in becoming a reviewer please contact sally.lumb@12nbr.co.uk.

Upcoming Event: Lyon Hip Arthroplasty 2017

LHA will take place on 13th  and 14th April 2017 at the Cité des Congrès de Lyon. Built on the foundations of CHARNLEY Symposia and the Lyon Days of the Hip, it will provide the opportunity to continue to promote the Lyon school of Orthopaedics by bringing both the private (ACORA association represented byJean-Louis PRUDHON and André FERREIRA) and public (Michel-Henri FESSY and Sébastien LUSTIG) sectors together. Since the long-term objective of the conference is to treat the hip arthroplasty, its first edition will be exclusively devoted to the prosthetic instability and to double mobility implants.

Why LHA 2017? Because dislocation of a total hip replacement is the primary reason for revision surgery in the short term. Because the patients concerned are also more active, and the medical and economic aspect imposes its own logic. Because preventing and treating instability is the main challenge for today’s orthopaedic surgeons. The international development of hip prosthetic surgery fosters a French congress specifically dedicated to the specialty.