Siebert 1Letter from the President, Prof Werner Siebert

Dear Members,

Most people are now booked for the 12th EHS Congress in September and are pleasantly surprised with the affordable options for accommodation in Munich. The Congress is your big chance to hear American experts speak on hip orthopaedics here in Europe.

Please forgive me for doing some “name dropping” now, but we are proud to present the excellent Wednesday-morning courses with the American Academy of Hip Surgeons! Dr Stefano Bini from AAHKS, who is chair of our Combined Symposium EHS-AAHKS on Arthroplasty Problems, as well as Combined Symposium EHS-AAHKS (case-based discussions), will give two lectures: Diagnosis of Taperosis and Clinical problems with Exchangeable Necks. Dr Michael P. Bolognesi of Duke Raleigh Hospital will lecture on Why THA fails in 2016, as well as hold a case-based discussion on Revision.

Dr Roy I. Davidovitch from NYU Center for Musculoskeletal Care (CMC) and NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases is flying in to lecture on Outpatient Hip Replacement Surgery: When am I ready to do it? Which of my patients are ready to have it? Ahmad Faizan (PhD) from Stryker Orthopaedics will give four lectures, including X-ray Imaging of Acetabular Shells: Do Radiolucent Lines Always Correlate to Physical Gap?

David Fitch (PhD) from MicroPort Orthopedics Inc. will give two lectures: Mid- to long-term outcomes of a modular femoral stem in total hip arthroplasty and Midterm outcomes of total hip replacement using a delta-on-delta articulation.

Dr David Hartigan of the American Hip Institute will enlighten us on Arthroscopic treatment of labral tears in patients aged 65 years and older. Dr James Huddleston of Stanford University will talk on Acetabular bone loss and hold a case-based discussion: Infection and Revision.

Dr William A. Jiranek from Virginia Commonwealth University Health System presents Highlights from AAHKS, while Dr William B. Macaulay of New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center, will talk on Evaluation of the Unstable Hip as well as hold a case-based discussion on Primary DDH. Dr Javad Parvizi from Rothman Institute and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital will lecture on The diagnosis of infected THA and hold a case-based discussion on Infection.

Dr Lazaros Poultsides from Hospital for Special Surgery will give four lectures, including MIS and short LOS arthroplasty in HSS NY. Dr Itay Perets will give too many lectures to list, but they include Clinical outcomes of iliopsoas fractional lengthening incompetitive athletes undergoing hip arthroscopy to Hip problems mimicking gynecologic pathology.

Dr. Ran Schwarzkopf from NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases also has a big list of lectures, including Risk of total hip arthroplasty dislocation after adult spinal deformity correction and Timing of irrigation and debridement for peri-prosthetic total hip infections.

Finally Dr Thomas Vail from Duke University Medical Center will talk on Post-traumatic hip as well as hold a case-based discussion on Primary DDH and Primary.

As you can see, this Congress is your chance to immerse yourself in every area of the hip.

See you there!

Your EHS President, Werner Siebert

Letter from the Secretary General, A Prof Eleftherios TsiridisLefteris smaller

Munich is approaching fast and the ExCom and I are looking forward to welcoming as many members and delegates as possible. Don’t forget that attendance at the EHS Congress will earn you 15 European CME credits.

Last month in this newsletter, we launched the EHS Travelling Fellowship 2017. See how to apply here  – you don’t have to be an EHS member to apply.

On behalf of the ExCom, I would like to warmly welcome even more new members. Full members from Europe include Dr Stefan Bolder from The Netherlands, Dr Thierry Musset from France, Dr Charles Rivière (French and currently in the UK) and Dr Marianne Westberg from Norway. Dr André Sá Rodrigues is a new Young Member from Portugal.

Meanwhile, from outside Europe, we welcome our new International Members, Dr Ahmed Alghamdi from KSA and Dr Sayyed Alireza Rozati from Iran.

Below, we have words from our President Elect, Prof B Willem Schreurs, who will be hosting the EHS Congress in The Hague in 2018. Then we have an  update on NORE by UK member Mr Keith Tucker. Thanks to him for this informative contribution.

EHS Secretary General, A Prof Eleftherios Tsiridis

I sincerely hope that our members from countries with political difficulties will be able to be in Munich, so that EHS can do what it stands for“bringing all European hip surgeons together”.

EHS President Elect, Prof B Willem Schreurs

EHS PRESIDENT ELECT: Prof B Willem Schreurs

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Although already two months ago, I think it is important to state that the European Hip Society was part of a very successful symposium at the EFORT meeting in Geneva in June 2016. We are looking forward to working together with EFORT to continue this combined symposium with our knee collogues at the EFORT meeting in Vienna in 2017.

Meanwhile it is summer across Europe, and while most of you are celebrating a well-earned holiday in this period, the team of our current president Professor Siebert is working hard to prepare a successful meeting in Munich from 6-9 September 2016. I hope many of you will attend this meeting to make it again a great success. I sincerely hope that also our members from Ukraine and Turkey, countries with political difficulties, will be able to be there, so that the European Hip Society can do for what it stands for “bringing all European hip surgeons together”.

This meeting will cover the whole field of hip surgery, from newborn to geriatric patients, with key topic instructional courses on echography in the newborn and hip arthroscopy by really world leading orthopedic surgeons.

In addition to the professional part of the congress, making friends and exchanging ideas is very important as well. Maybe this will lead to research networks that will present their results at the next bi-annual meeting in The Hague, The Netherlands, in 2018.

Enjoy your holiday and see you in Munich.

NORE is a fledgling organisation which, with everyone’s support will evolve and play an important part in European Orthopaedics

EHS UK Member, Mr Keith Tucker

EHS UK MEMBER: Mr Keith Tucker

Norwich, UK


NORE (Network of Orthopaedic Registries of Europe) has been set up by EFORT to provide Europe with an organisation that will support European Orthopaedic Registries and when required, offer advice to such organisations as the European Union etc.

Initially it will embrace the European Joint Replacement registries but with time it may well expand into other orthopaedic registries provided there is a perceived advantage for this to happen.

The Chairman is Rob Nelissen from the Dutch Registry (photographed right). The website is worth visiting. There are 39 countries involved. At present the committee comprises representatives from NJR, EPRD, the Nordic registries and ISAR.

NORE will orchestrate educational sessions at the EFORT congresses.

NORE is working closely with ODEP and Beyond compliance to improve post market surveillance of joint replacements across Europe.

NORE is a fledgling organisation which, with everyone’s support will evolve and play an important part in European Orthopaedics.