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The EHS aims to stay at the cutting edge of knowledge and to create – within Europe & overseas – a sound link between each surgeon interested in hip surgery.
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EHS Webinar # 1

14th February 2023 @ 19:30-20:30 CET
Primary Hips: Preop & Procedures
Luigi Zagra: “Key steps in planning total hip arthroplasty”
Eduardo García-Rey: “Modern posterior approach in uncemented total hip replacement”
Eleftherios Tsiridis: “THA :implant positioning and optimisation”

EHS Webinar # 2

14th March 2023 @ 19:30-20:30 CET
Primary Hips: Surgical and Material Options
Olga Pidgaiska: “Choice of femoral stem fixation at hip replacement”
Jean-Alain Epinette: “Cemented vs. Uncemented Stems over 70yrs”
Oliver Marin-Peña: “Robots for THR – What is the Evidence?”

EHS Webinar # 3

11th April 2023 @ 19:30-20:30 CET
Primary Hips: Difficult cases
Rihard Trebše: “How to approach different difficult primary conditions with Hip Arthroplasty”
Eleftherios Tsiridis: “THA for severe hip dysplasia: surgical techniques”
Stanislav Bondarenko: “Reconstruction of acetabular defects at complex primary THA”

EHS Webinar # 4

9th May 2023 @ 19:30-20:30 CET Complications in Primary Hips Luigi Zagra: ”My approach to instability after primary THA in different scenarios” Mattia Loppini: “Management of limb length discrepancy after THA” Cecilia Rogmark: “Influence of bone cement and stem design on the rate of periprosthetic fracture”

EHS Webinar # 5

13th June 2023 @ 19:30-20-30 CET Revisions- Planification and Options Stanislav Bondarenko: “Preoperative investigation and assessment of bone loss in revision THA” Luigi Zagra: “Painful Revision THA: Diagnosis and Treatment” Eleftherios Tsiridis: “THA Revision: Impaction Grafting technique.”

EHS Webinar #6

12th Sept 2023 @ 19:30-20-30 CET
Acetabular & Femoral Revisions in THAOliver Marin-Pena: “Periprosthetic hip fractures type B: Fix or Replace?”
Olga Pidgaiska: “Grafting of acetabular defects in the revision Hip Arthroplasty”
Mattia Loppini: “Trabecular Metal Augments for the Management of Paprosky Type III Defects “

EHS Webinar #7

14th Nov 2023 @ 19:30-20-30 CET
Hip Arthroscopy and FAIOIga Pidkaiska: Femoro-acetabular impingement: diagnostics, indications for treatment
Klaus Siebenrock: Open surgery for FAI – where are we today?
Mattia Loppini: Arthroscopic management of FAI

EHS Webinar #8

12th Dec 2023 @ 19:30-20-30 CET
Open surgery for non-prosthetic hip diseases
Klaus Siebenrock: Basic & advanced imaging for hip joint preservation – what you need to know
Mattia Loppini: Subtrochanteric Osteotomy for the Management of Femoral Mal-Torsion
Rihard Trebše: Navigated Peri-Acetabular osteotomy

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