Prof Berend Willem Schreurs, The Netherlands

Past President of EHS

Prof Schreurs has been involved in EHS from 2007 onwards, first as the National Representative for the Netherlands. ln 2012 he joined the Scientific Committee of the EHS.

During his Presidency (2016-18), he continued the focus of our Society to enlarge our influence on hip joint care around Europe, and we now send EHS speakers to National Society Meetings and co-organise several hip meetings throughout Europe. Also, as a Society, he found methods to also bind our younger colleagues from the so called e-generation with an interest in hip surgery to our Society. The EHS Fellowships offer four upcoming hip surgeons a year the chance to improve their knowledge immensely and learn directly from Europe’s top hip centres and skilled surgeons. The 13th EHS Congress in The Hague (20-22 September 2018) was a great success with over 750 orthopaedic surgeons participating literally from all over the world. Also more than 180 Dutch participants were registered.

ln the Netherlands he has been active in several committees, e.g. President of the Scientific Committee of the Dutch Orthopedic Association, member of several steering groups of that society around the hip joint, and contributed to the National Dutch guide line on total hip prosthesis. Recently, he has been appointed as the President of the Scientific Committee of the Dutch Arthroplasty  Registry.

He was appointed to the academic rank of Professor, with the teaching and research remit Registration of orthopedic implants, in January 2019, at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.