EHS EduCom Member, EHS Ambassador and EHS Fellow

I am a 40-year old orthopaedic surgeon, working at the Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology National Ukrainian Academy of Medical Science in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Our establishment is one of the oldest, most influential and outstanding medical academic institutions of Ukraine and Eastern Europe. As Head of the Orthopeadic Arthrology and Arthroplasty Department, specialized in hip and knee replacement and joint arthroscopy, my duties include controlling the clinical work of the entire department. We specialize in reconstructive surgery – mostly hip, knee primary and revision arthroplasties.

In 2014 I defended my first PhD devoted to the reasons and mechanism of stress-shielding and stem choice for primary total hip arthroplasty. Since then, I have been working on a few different topics, such as studying the early stages of the bone regeneration process – specifically the role of fibrin-blood clot; spine-pelvic relationships for spine and joint surgeries (our clinical and biomechanical study was approved last year); inflammatory markers after joint replacement in content of early PJI diagnostics (we have a close cooperation with the Berlin Charite Hospital’s infection disease team). I am quite active internationally, being a member of the world’s outstanding societies, such as EHS, EFORT, AAOS, AAHKS, SICOT. I was one of three delegates from my country chosen to join the International Consensus PJI Meeting in Philadelphia, 2018. On our initiative, we translated a consensus book into the Ukrainian language and widely introduced it throughout our country. I have been granted many fellowships throughout Europe and the USA, and was EHS Travelling Fellow through Hellas. Last year I became the EHS Ambassador from Ukraine.

I hope I can be a helpful, useful and effective new member of the EHS Education Committee to benefit the future of our society, as well as our orthopaedic community at large, and of course my own continued career development.