Mattia Loppini MD

EHS EduCom Member

I am an orthopaedic and trauma consultant working since 2015 in the Hip Diseases and Joint Replacement Surgery Unit at Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan. I was appointed Assistant Professor of Locomotor Apparatus Disease and Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine at Humanitas University in 2017. Since 2018, I also serve as Scientific Director at the “Livio Sciutto Foundation”, a non-profit organization aiming to foster research and support education in the field of hip diseases and joint replacement. I strongly believe in the importance of scientific research in the orthopaedic field, and I mean it as a duty to move forward our practice and ensure the best clinical assistance to our patients. At the same time, I totally recognize the value of a high-level training of young orthopaedics, or soon to be, and this is why I committed myself to the education of medical students, trainees and fellows.