Prof Gösta Ullmark, Stockholm, Sweden

Prof Ullmark was President of EHS from 2012-14. He did an excellent job through a busy time at EHS and offers his wisdom to the ExCom for another two years as “Past President” and also chairman of the Educational Committee of EFORT.

He has done an excellent job with the Promotional Programme of EHS: the advanced course, travelling to national orthopaedic societies to propose sending an expert to their congresses to speak; explaining face to face what EHS is. He has been to USA, Prague, Central European Orthopaedic Congress in Split, Sweden of course, Lithuanian Congress, 2 BAT courses in Madrid and Berne. London congress. A meeting with Russian Hip Society, Paris, Turkey, China and Egypt.

Prof Ullmark initiated and organised the excellent 11th Congress for EHS in the beautiful city of Stockholm 2014.