I am currently employed at Hacettepe University Medical Faculty, specializing in orthopaedics and traumatology with a focus on hip and knee arthroplasty. My professional life encompasses both academia and private practice. Being part of Hacettepe University in Ankara, renowned for its vibrant academic environment, has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. I’ve had the privilege to initiate educational projects, manage clinical practices, publish articles in esteemed journals, and address legislative matters.. This journey has been a successful one, yielding numerous valuable outcomes.

Given the distinctive characteristics of my country, the region, and my institution, I have gathered significant experience in dealing with various hip issues in young individuals, with a strong emphasis on hip preservation. I’ve also navigated the complexities of managing demanding cases of complex hip arthroplasty and revisions within a clinical setting.

My affiliation with the European Hip Society is a source of immense pride and privilege. It has consistently provided me with the joy of interacting with and exchanging ideas with colleagues from all corners of the globe. The field of orthopedics, especially in the realm of hip surgery, is ever-evolving, with a constant influx of new information and concepts. Over the past two decades, I’ve seized the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and enrich my understanding of hip surgery, all while fostering close friendships with fellow society members.

I am truly grateful for the trust placed in me as the Chairman of the Education Committee (EduCom). I fully recognize the responsibilities that accompany this role. My humble aspiration is to reconnect with and share experiences with all members of the European Hip Society, creating valuable service throughout my term.

With my best regards,

Bulent Atilla MD
Prof of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Chairman of EduCom