The MAST 8 (Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery Thessaloniki) “Ortho Olympics” was a great success and took place 17-19th December 2021.

During the 3-day EHS-organised conference, our 385 delegates gleaned expert opinions, solutions and advice on the latest arthroplasty surgery techniques in an amazing total of 88 stunning international presentations of data and videos from our top teams. 74 delegates were on site in person at our congress venue in Thessaloniki, while 311 joined us online from 27 countries: Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and USA.

The inaugural Larry Dorr Gold Medal Award was presented to the best team, decided by the MAST 8 SciCom, and announced in the digital presence of Mrs Marilyn Dorr, Dr Dorr’s son and his esteemed colleague Dr Callaghan. The winners were the Mayo Clinic’s Prof Daniel Berry and Prof Matthew Abdel. Congratulations to them of course, but in the true spirit of the Olympics, congratulations also go to every team that took part. The quality of the data presentations and videos was excellent. World class. Thanks enormously to all our speakers, who are pictured below, along with the scientific programme. And thanks of course to all our delegates.

For more information, please visit the MAST website HERE.

To read our report on MAST 9 (2022), please click here


Prof Martin Buttaro
Thank you so much! Deeply honoured and grateful to participate.

Prof Sébastien Lustig
Congratulations again for having such a great event organized in a challenging time. Looking forward to our next collaboration in 2022.
Prof Jean-Noël Argenson
Congratulations for putting up such a great meeting and for including me.

Marco Ezechieli
Thank you very much for inviting me to the event! It was a very nice congress, well organized and a truly nice program!
Fritz Thorey
Thank you for inviting us to the wonderful meeting.

Hong Kong
Prof Lewis PK Chan
Thanks for inviting us to join the prestigious meeting. It is our great honour. 

Prof Pedro Dantas
It was a pleasure and honour to participate.

Prof Rashid Tikhilov
The main principle of the Olympic Games is not victory, but participation! Nice idea, perfect Participants, Thanks a lot! It was not an easy year due to the Covid and restrictions for travelling. We did not have a chance to see each other personally, face to face. Nevertheless we are still in touch and this is the main thing in my point of view.

Prof Rihard Trebse
You really did a great job… focused all the time, with well prepared questions for everybody, really perfect job. The event is becoming some sort of an upgraded European answer to Current Concepts. I liked the stage, too. 
Rene Mihalič
Congrats on an incredible and professionally managed event. Again, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such great names.

Dr Rima Nasser
It was a pleasure, and I would like to thank you and the committee and of course Professor Cobb for this wonderful opportunity. It was a very interesting meeting and your organizing team did an excellent job.

Dr Ahmed Badnaoui
Thank you very much for the possibility to take part in such a high-level event.

Dr Adolph Lombardi
It was a pleasure and an honour to participate. Thank you for inviting me.
Prof William Jiranek
It was wonderful to be involved. 
Dr Jeffrey Lange
It was a pleasure and an honour to participate! It was a wonderful meeting, and looking forward to more in the future.
Dr Antonia Chen
We had a wonderful time participating – we only wish we could do it in person! Bravo for an incredibly well organized course. It’s a true feat to bring so many people together. Thank you for inviting us.
Dr Benjamin Wooster
Thank you for the invitation to speak at this prestigious conference.
Mrs Marilyn Dorr
The entire meeting and presentation were so special and meant a great deal to me.