New EHS ExCom members

Below are the declarations from the candidates for the available EHS ExCom positions: President and Secretary General.

Full Members (only) will be invited by email to vote electronically for their preferred presidential candidate and to approve the Secretary General candidate before the EHS General Assembly on Friday 10th September @ 18:00 CET 2021.

Dear EHS Members & Friends, 

As President of the EHS, I have the pleasure and the honour to welcome you again through the “new” renewal of the 14th EHS Congress 2021 website, which has just come back online today!… Obviously, this period is not a serene and simple period by preparing for this 14th EHS Congress in Lille in September to set up a meeting that is better and more attractive than ever…

In short, through so many twists and turns, we are moving step by step… Moreover, we have very often been asked questions about the details of this organization, and the conditions of its fulfilment. Please therefore enjoy our list of Q & As “Everything you need to know about the 14th EHS Congress 2021 in Lille” below.

On behalf of the EHS committees, sincerely yours,

Jean-Alain Epinette, MD

EHS President

Everything you need to know: 14th EHS Congress 2021 in Lille, France

Yes, yes, yes… There was never any question of postponing it again, despite the health crisis. In addition, this pandemic is in the process (we can and should hope!) to decrease its virulence thanks in particular to vaccination. We just have to adapt ourselves and adapt our technical means to make it a fantastic international meeting!

For health reasons, we were not able to keep the dates initially planned, in September of last year… We had immediately chosen to postpone for a full year, which turned out to be valid, given the a priori regularized resumption of our activities next fall.

Originally it was two days, Thursday and Friday, but only a few weeks ago the local government postponed a very important congress on cybercrime in Europe, initially scheduled for June, exactly the same week and at the same place as our EHS. We had no other solution than to postpone a single day, that is to say, a Friday and a Saturday… But the main thing was to keep Lille-Grand-Palais the same week!

We did not want, if it remained possible of course, to go “pure” virtual… Conviviality, friendly contacts between colleagues, effective participation “live” in debates, “corridor” discussions, are only allowed through a real “face-to-face”. We, therefore, chose the “hybridization” option, both virtual and presential, with the possibility of placing the cursor between the two options depending on the evolution of sanitary conditions.

No worries… Our congress organizer MCI France has already experimented with this hybrid option for several years and has used this “virtual” technology on numerous occasions since the start of the current pandemic. In addition, the Lille Grand Palais congress site is ideal for setting up recording and live broadcasting studios. One can think moreover that this “hybrid” mode will become the rule for all the next international congresses… fewer travel expenses, fewer costs, more ecology!!!…

Usually, we have between 800 and a thousand attendees for EHS congresses… Of course, the current sanitary conditions must be considered. However, a survey of our stakeholders indicated a percentage of around 60% face to face against 40% in virtual, which is of course only a survey… However, with the support of Hip Toulouse who generally welcomes nearly 400 participants, we can consider around 500 delegates on site and perhaps 600 in virtual, especially since the registrations for the virtual are at 50% off, which will undoubtedly be extremely attractive for those who cannot come to Lille…

No, the program itself has not been changed. Simply the dates of this 2021 congress are more favourable than last year, which allowed several speakers to be free. At Lille-Grand-Palais, equipped with two large auditoriums and 3 additional rooms, we will offer 16 symposia, 4 round tables, a guest lecture by Professor Martin Krismer, and 27 oral lecture sessions (207 lectures grouped into 15 themes), in addition to e-posters and 6 satellite industry symposia. The Industry exhibition area will be present on-site for visits during breaks and catering…

The organizers of Hip Toulouse have renewed their confidence in us, and we thank them very much in these difficult times. They will propose their two symposia as previously allotted in the large Pasteur auditorium, which is also equipped with an English French translation for our French-speaking friends who are not familiar with English. As for Canada as a guest nation, this year we no longer have any conflicting dates with the ISHA, and therefore we will have the pleasure of welcoming Professor Paul Beaulé, alongside Professor Vendittoli for an extremely attractive round table. “Carte blanche to our Canadian colleagues and friends”!

We naturally hope that many speakers will be able to be on-site… Nevertheless, if some must attend virtual, their pre-recorded lecture will be broadcast during their session, and they will be able to intervene live, on the screen placed on the podium, during the discussion thanks to a special channel, at the same time as the speakers present on the podium… This is the great merit of hybridization, which allows being present virtually alongside the speakers on-site.

We received around 500 abstracts, all the high quality, from 166 presenters of 30 countries, including 13 from outside Europe. They were reviewed and scored by two to five reviewers, who selected the top two lectures for each presenter. Finally, 207 abstracts were accepted to participate in the 27 slots of oral sessions, while they were grouped into 15 themes addressing all topics related to the hip. Of the remaining abstracts, 215 were accepted for e-posters. The last checks and sorting have already been carried out and the authors will soon receive their official agreement for the presentation of their work. Once again, we congratulate all the science teams for their excellent work.

It is not currently possible to give a definitive ruling on this question… Due to the sanitary constraints still currently the rule, and in particular the distance between the tables, it will not be possible to keep the Hermitage Ganthois for our gala dinner on Friday night. Alternately,  it is possible to provide it on the top floor of Lille-Grand-Palais, which benefits from a beautiful view over the rooftops of Lille, and which can be arranged accordingly. On the other hand, a welcome cocktail will be arranged for everyone on Thursday evening in the salons of the Hermitage Ganthois…  it would be a shame to miss this Flemish heritage treasure with such a magnificent history!

The EHS congresses generally took place over two and a half days… This year, we had decided to stay at two full days because the experience showed a certain disaffection in the rooms on the third morning, with the start of a full weekend… This is why the option of simply two full days was chosen… We would have liked it to be possible again this year, but local political constraints on the use of the conference venue mean that we have to postpone by one day, and so to skip Thursday and continue Friday AND Saturday… I was personally very upset by this postponement, but finally, many surgeons confirmed to us that it was finally somewhere good news because they gain an extra day in their operating room!!!… And then, it will certainly make you want to enjoy a really exciting guided tour on Sunday in this magnificent city of Lille!

Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Dear Members,

The hip congress calendar is jumping back to life and it’s just a month until the Virtual EFORT Congress 2021 (30th June – 2nd July). EHS will hold its 60-minute Speciality Session on “Primary Hips” on Wednesday 30th June @ 5pm CET. Prior to this (15:30-16:30), I’m honoured to be chairing a Debate Forum on “Is MOM Hip Resurfacing Buried?” with two UK experts from our EHS membership, Prof Justin Cobb and Prof Michael Whitehouse. Then on Friday 2nd July (08:00-12:00) EHS presents the “Full Day on Advanced Total Hip Replacement”.

Another congress in June is the hybrid Eurasian Orthopaedic Forum (EOF) in Russia (25th-26th). Then we jump to October for DKOU (German Congress), where EHS will hold a session on 27th October. In November (25th-26th), EHS offers patronage to  rearranged International Course of Reconstructive Surgery of the Joint – Hip Surgery, in Madrid, Spain.

We wish a warm welcome to a new Full Member this month, Dr Mihail Lazar Mioc from Timisoara in Romania. Thanks to our EHS Ambassador of the Month, Prof Julien Girard of Lille, France, who introduces himself to our members below, and to Dr Nemandra Sandiford our International Member in New Zealand, for his excellent Diary of a Hip Surgeon for our Covid-19 update page HERE.

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Ambassador of the Month, Prof Julien Girard

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honour to be an Ambassador for the European Hip Society. I am an orthopaedic surgeon (with an exclusive activity on hip diseases for young and active patients) based at the University Hospital of Lille (France). So, my practice includes hip arthroplasty especially hip resurfacing and few short stems and hip conservative surgery (arthroscopy, femoral and pelvic osteotomies, femoral head mosaicplasty…) and hip sports injuries.

I firmly believe that hip resurfacing is the most suitable option for young and active patients (less bone resection, natural hip proprioception, restoration of normal anatomy, no instability, normal femoral load, absence of sporting restrictions…). However, the surgeon must be perfectly familiar with this type of implant. Since 2015 in France, the French health authorities have required intensive training from a recognized team before performing hip resurfacing procedures. Hip resurfacing approval is renewed each year, provided the surgeons meet the strict criteria for selecting patients for hip resurfacing and participate in the exhaustive French hip resurfacing registry (HRR). As with all registries, the HRR provides a significant outcome studies tool for prospective, non-comparative, single-arm, open-label studies of consecutive patients treated with hip replacement surgery, currently at over 98% of compliance. After 5 years of follow-up, the survival rate of the French registry with revision of the hip resurfacing for any cause as end-point was 99.6% (95% CI, 99.3-100).

EHS meetings are a huge opportunity to meet colleagues from all around Europe and to deal with them our clinical experiences. These moments are a strong opportunity to expose news techniques and implants and to show theses results. I’m delighted that next 14th EHS Congress will be held in France in my town (Lille [photos below]). I’m pleased with EHS President Epinette to combine the annual conference with the HIP scientific organization Hip Toulouse in 2021. The programme will be rich and varied with the basis, the present and the future of hip. Unfortunately the actual sanitary situation made us change the original format to a face-to-face and virtual meeting. I’m very proud to welcome the Canadian friends (where I learned the hip resurfacing procedure with tip and tricks) with a digital representation.

Best regards to each of you and stay safe!

Prof Julien Girard MD, PhD

Candidates for EHS Presidency & EHS Secretary General

Prof Fares HaddadCandidate for President2023-2025
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It would be a great pleasure to serve the European Hip Society as President and to help strengthen education, research, and communication in hip surgery in Europe, as well as raising the profile of our very important society.

I believe that the European Hip Society has a key role to play in all of our countries in Europe but also internationally. Our membership is growing. The profile of the society is improving, and we need to increase the depth, breadth and influence of the society, and to ultimately to project the superb heritage of hip surgery in Europe to the rest of the world.

I am currently the UK representative for the European Hip Society. I am a very active clinician with a high volume clinical practice of complex hip surgery encompassing both young adult hip work as well complex revisions. I have a big academic portfolio and a strong track record in leadership nationally in the UK and internationally. I have published and presented widely. I have strong contacts worldwide and I can bring international recognition and key collaborations to the European Hip Society.

I have led on a number of innovations and have successfully implemented system change across a number of areas all aspects which would be important in terms of taking the European Hip Society to the next level. My goal would be to work with the Executive and with national reps and members of the Society to strengthen the scale and scope of local and collaborative offerings, and the communication and the interactions of the European Hip Society with its members. I would also hope to raise the profile and reach the International Hip Society worldwide which would both help hip surgery worldwide, but also bring other perspectives to European hip surgeons.

Covid has dramatically changed the landscape that we live and work in. The next few years will be challenging. Our society will need clear thinking and strong selfless leadership moving forward. I believe that I am able to contribute great energy, great enthusiasm, strong drive with the ability to effect change and to ensure that the European Hip Society is at the heart of progress, education, teaching, training and research in hip surgery in future. There is an important journey ahead and I hope that you will entrust me to represent you and to play a key role in the evolution of the European Hip Society on your behalf.

Prof Eleftherios TsiridisCandidate for President2023-2025
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It is my honour to apply for the Presidency of EHS and I know what it requires: hard work, responsibility and vision. I believe my executive positions and experience in academia, surgery and innovation worldwide, with my strong will to drive EHS into 21st century technological evolution, equip me to catalyse its development.

My dedication to EHS as Secretary General, has contributed to its exponential development into a society with 460 members from 55 countries, half a million euros and a worldwide reputation in the orthopaedic community. I have the privilege to organise yearly with EHS the unique MAST Arthroplasty Congress now in its 8th year and I had the honour to publish with over 100 EHS members in “The Adult Hip – Master Case Series and Techniques” text book by Springer, which was an amazing collective achievement of our society. I am also very proud to have shared the experience of Virtual Reality Orthopaedic Surgery in collaboration with many EHS members and contributing to the Fellowship organisation and constitutional renewal.

My active international reputation and network is strong, working with the best names in our industry, in Europe, USA and Australasia, thus guaranteeing the continuation of EHS's global influence into the future. My current roles include Professor and Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery, Director of the Arthroplasty Registry and the Centre of Orthopaedic Research at Aristotle University Medical School Thessaloniki, and President of the Hellenic Hip and Knee Society.

If elected I promise to:-

  1. Promote Technological Innovation including software and robotics into surgery
  2. Enhance the EduCom by industry and privately-funded fellowships and CME
  3. Facilitate the SciCom in editing guidelines, surveys, hip updates and RCTs internationally
  4. Actively support Hip International, with publication traction and impact factor increase
  5. Honour our Past Presidents by introducing the Presidential Senate to advise the ExCom
  6. Continuously support EFORT in registries, legislation and yearly congresses
  7. Introduce a Dynamic Philanthropic Initiative for the poor and sick within Europe and beyond
  8. Introduce the EHS Accreditation System to expand the international recognition of EHS
  9. Strongly promote Excellence, Scientific Meritocracy and Professional Ethos
  10. Bring the 15th EHS Congress 2025 to Thessaloniki, an ancient city of 1.5m people, 4 universities and one of the biggest educational and technological hubs of South Eastern Europe, with the support of the Mayor and the Governor of the city

The fundamental core of EHS is to provide education, scientific knowledge and innovation to the doctors and to care for the patients and if you honour me with your vote, I promise to focus my Presidency on catalysing these vital principles of our evolving society.

Prof Stanislav BondarenkoCandidate for Secretary General2021-2025
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EHS Development Guidelines 2021-2025

1. Enlargement of EHS representation and strengthening its influence in Europe (nowadays 14 from 44 European countries are not members of EHS; currently, out of 30 EHS member countries, only 26 have national representatives).

Practical implementation:

- Actively promote EHS and its events with the media

- Increase personal involvement of non-member European countries into active participation in EHS events

2. Motivation of young surgeons to EHS membership (nowadays out of 443 EHS members only 35 are young professionals, which makes 8%!).

Practical implementation:

- Organize conferences for young surgeons onsite/online under the aegis of EHS with the possibility to present their works; best works can be published in Hip International journal

- Offer more fellowship possibilities for young EHS members

3. Promotion of scientific research under the aegis of EHS.

Practical implementation:

- Allocate funds and provide grants for development of research in hip pathology (on competitive basis)

Facilitation of sharing experience of surgical techniques and approaches between EHS surgeons.

Practical implementation:

- Organize short-term on-site visits of leading EHS surgeons to orthopedic clinical institutions in EHS- member countries with the purpose to education of local EHS surgeons on newest surgical techniques

5. Development of Educational on-line platform, which will enable continuous communication among EHS members.

Practical implementation:

- Make provisions for regular exchange of ideas and cutting-edge techniques in the form of online workshops and meetups

- Provide webinars held by leading EHS surgeons

- Organize difficult case discussions

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