Dear Members,

The European Hip Society (EHS) and the Colombian Orthopaedic Society were the Guest Societies during the last American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) Meeting in Dallas, USA. As part of our cooperation, I have had the opportunity to complete the Visiting Fellowship organised for this year. For four weeks I attended two of the most prestigious Institutions and the aforementioned Meeting.

From the very beginning, the collaboration and communication between AAHKS, EHS and myself was excellent, so the organisation during the whole Fellowship was outstanding.

I spent the first two weeks of the visit in the Hospital attached to one of the most reknowned institutions in Science, Duke University. Founded in 1838, its Research activity is impressive, including several Nobel Prize winners in the last 15 years.

The Hospital’s Adult Reconstruction Unit located by the University, and managed by Dr Michael Bolognesi (photographed with myself below left), performs long and difficult hip and knee replacements in two different buildings. It should be noted that the very large number of studies and the excellent clinical sessions where all surgeons discuss the most difficult cases impressed me.

North Carolina´s beauty, its people and the excellent hosting from all the colleagues, made my days there an unforgettable experience.

In the AAHKS Meeting, with 2,000 attendees, US Hip and Knee Surgeons presented their studies at one of the most demanding Congresses in our Speciality. Our Society had an excellent welcome, including a Reception with the Colombian Society, Poster Presentations, a booth and the participation in the Expert Session Cases of our Current and Past Presidents, Dr Schreurs and Dr Zagra.

Finally, I flew to the first US capital where another presitgious Institution is located, the Rothman Institue in Philadelphia. The historical city, with its monuments and beautiful streets includes the Jefferson Hospital right in the centre. The organisation of these days, managed by Dr Matt Austin, was perfect. The complexity of the Institution, where I visited four different buildings to observe Operation Rooms, and the high volume of replacements performed, reflect the fact that Rothman has one of the most efficient recovery programs.

The Fellow conferences, Journal Clubs and Research Building make for a huge number of published articles and Meeting activities. Again, the welcome and support while visiting this Unit was awesome.

I would like to thank the great effort made by the EHS ExCom in order to strengthen International cooperation by the most important Associations in the world. I have just witnessed that opportunities like these are unique for sharing scientific knowledge indeed.

Finally, I really want to say how welcome my hosts and all of those involved made me feel during my visit.

Eduardo Garcia-Rey

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