World’s 1st Virtual Reality Training Course in Arthroplasty

The 4th Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery, which focused on MIS Hip & Knee Arthroplasty CURRENT CONCEPTS and related technology, was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came. It was a pleasure to welcome you all to Thessaloniki.

Berend Willem Schreurs, President of EHS, was the Guest Speaker

The event was co-organised by EHS and under the auspices of EFORT and Aristotle University, Thessaloniki.

Venue: Concert Hall, Thessaloniki

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Saturday 2nd December 2017 was THE HIP ARHTROPLASTY DAY

This was the programme…


Welcome & Housekeeping: F. Sayegh, E. Tsiridis

Introduction The Legacy of MAST conference: A. Christodoulou

Brief Introduction The Hague EHS 2018: President Β. W. Schreurs


MIS THA: Video Steps for Success
Chairs: Β. W. Schreurs, J.A. Epinette, S. Overgaard, S. Sturridge

MIS Direct Anterior G.Macheras

MIS Anterolateral G. Digas

MIS Superpath G. Drosos

MIS Direct Superior E. Tsiridis

MIS THA and Anaesthesia: E. Goutziomitrou, M. Varveri


Total Hip Arthroplasty: Modern Era of Hip Surgery
Chairs: G. Macheras, G. Diga, G. Drosos, A. Christodoulou

Advantages of MIS THA A. Gianakos

Complications MIS THA S. Sturridge

Robotic Navigation MAKO-plasty THA current concepts L. Poultsides

Monoblock Vitamin E sockets for primary THA E. Chronopoulos

VR training in MIS THA the way forward E. Kenanidis

FEA Modeling Analysis and THA M. Moazen



Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty: Removing Implants & Dual Mobility Concept
Chairs: L. Poultsides, Β. W. Schreurs, S.Overgaard, E. Chronopoulos

Dual mobility in young patients and revision cases J.A. Epinette

Classification Paprosky for socket and femur S. Sturridge

Tricks to remove the socket E. Tsiridis

Tricks to remove the stem G Tsikandylakis



Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty: Reconstruction Techniques TM vs Graft
Chairs: S. Sturridge, S. Overgaard, L. Poultsides, G. Tsikandylakis

Reconstruction using TM augments for socket G. Digas

Reconstruction of the femur: IG or Uncemented long Β. W. Schreurs

THA reconstruction after acetabular fractures: S. Darmanis

Cement in cement revision J. Charity



THA Complications & Registry Data
Chairs: G. Macheras, G Digas, S. Darmanis, S. Sturridge, A. Beletsiotis

Immunoallergy and ALVAL in modularity J.A Epinette

Periprosthetic fractures acetabulum and femur J. Charity

Risk factors for deep infection in THA and the prognosis S. Overgaard

Dutch Registry Results (Hip) Β. W. Schreurs

Danish Registry Results (Hip) S. Overgaard

Arthroplasty Registry Thessaloniki- Registry Results E. Kenanidis

Nursing View of fast Track THA Κ. Papadimitriou, S. Mavromatidis, V. Papadopoulos


Chairs for Workshops III, IV, V, VI: G. Macheras, Th. Koukoumbis, F. Sayegh, G. Ioannides, G. Drosos, V. Nikolaou, E. Chronopoulos, L. Poultsides, G Tsikandylakis, A. Gianakos, S. Adam, M. Potoupnis, J. Charity, S. Darmanis, S. kenanidis, S. Sturridge, C. Topalis, V. Makris

WORKSHOP III 15.00-18.00

Customised Spacers Course: Stage I Infection Revision

WORKSHOP V 15.00-18.00

THA Revision Course: Augments, Cup-Cage, ETO, Modular Tapered Stems, Impaction Grafting, Figure of 7

WORKSHOP VI 15.00-18.00

TKA Revision Course: Augments, stem & offset

WORKSHOP IV 15.00-18.00

Virtual Reality: THA & TKA Course



  • Charity John
  • Gianakos Arianna
  • Epinette Jean Alain
  • Moazen Mehran
  • Overgaard Soeren
  • Poultsides Lazaros
  • Schreurs Berend Willem
  • Sturridge Sebastian
  • Tsikandylakis Georgios


  • Adam Stergios
  • Beletsiotis Anastasios
  • Christodoulou Anastasios
  • Chronopoulos Efstathios
  • Darmanis Spyros
  • Digas George
  • Drosos George
  • Gkoutziomitrou Evangelia
  • Ioannides George
  • Kapetanos George
  • Kenanidis Efstathios
  • Koukoumbis Theodosios
  • Macheras George
  • Makris Vasileios
  • Mavromatidis Savvas
  • Nikolaou Vasileios
  • Papadimitriou Konstantinos
  • Papadopoulos Vasileios
  • Petsatodis George
  • Potoupnis Michael
  • Sayegh Fares
  • Topalis Chris
  • Tsiridis Eleftherios
  • Varveri Marianna