Calling for EduCom member

The EHS EduCom is welcoming a new member! EHS Members should apply via their Nat Rep (who needs to approve their candidacy).
Applicants should be productive, active members of our society with academic merits and hip publications.
Applications will be judged by the EduCom and finally approved by the ExCom.
Email CV & motivation letter via your Nat Rep to: Deadline: 30th November 2023 Thank you and Good Luck

EHS Travelling Fellowship 2024 to Denmark: Call for applicants!

The fellowship will take place for 2-3 weeks in Denmark in the Spring of 2024 and Fellows will receive a fund of €3,000 each. Applicants must be:-

  • 40 years old or younger
  • Based in Europe
  • European orthopaedic specialists with academic potential & an interest in high level knowledge of hip surgery

Inform young hip surgeon colleagues everywhere! Good luck! Deadline for apps: 30th November 2023 Click for more info & to apply HERE.

Dear EHS Members,

It is my very great honour to serve as EHS President 2023-25.

Congratulations to Prof Klaus Siebenrock for an excellent and productive EHS Presidency and we are grateful for his legacy. The 15th Congress in Bern was a huge success, with excellent organisation and scientific content. I am taking over a vibrant society, with Prof Fares Haddad as the new EHS President Elect, and we are primed to work with you all to take our great organisation forwards.

As from January we will get the ball rolling for the 16th EHS Congress 2025 in Thessaloniki, Greece and I welcome everyone to participate in our integrated scientific programme. I will be delighted to welcome you all to this cosmopolitan seafront city – a hub of academia, with Aristotle University being the largest in the Balkans, plus a huge history, with no less than 15 UNESCO World Heritage Site monuments.

It is my pleasure to also invite you to visit Thessaloniki before the EHS Congress, when we hold the 10th Masterclass in Arthroplasty Surgery Thessaloniki, from 15th – 17th December 2023: Current Concepts in Advanced Arthroplasty Surgery. MAST is organised each year with EHS and many of you have been involved. Our distinguished panel of international experts for 2023 will present their centre’s best research data of the year with video surgery presentation. Topics include: Personalised arthroplasty; Robotics / Navigation; Complexities for primary & revision arthroplasty; Complications; New implant designs: 3D & customised and Joint preservation. The course closes with the always popular hands on workshops. Register now.

As President of EHS, as well as of the Hellenic Orthopaedic Association, I have been invited as honorary speaker next week by the University of Hong Kong and the National Orthopaedic Association to give a key note lecture, as well as to deliver grand rounds to the residents and discuss many interesting cases. Following that, I am a key note speaker at SICOT in Cairo, where I hope to see many EHS members.

We welcome Prof Bulent Atilla into the role of Chairman of the EHS EduCom and Assoc Prof Eduardo Garcia-Rey as new Vice Chairman. Thanks to Prof Gosta Ullmark who steps down after many years. We are therefore seeking a new member to join the team: please see above how to apply. And as a first action, Prof Atilla declares the “EHS Travelling Fellowship 2024 to Denmark” open for applications! Please apply via this website.

A very warm welcome to new Full Members Dr Rocco D’Apolito (Italy), Dr Geert Ensing (Netherlands), Dr Armando Hoch (Switzerland) and Prof Istvan Szabo (Hungary), and two new Young Members, Dr Vincent Justus Leopold and Dr Eduardo Ramalho Silva (Portugal). And may I finally remind you to attend and promote the EHS Free Webinar # 7 on 21st November 2023 @ 19:30-20:30 CET with the topic: Hip arthroscopy and femoro-acetabular impingement. Don’t miss it.

Best regards,

Prof Eleftherios Tsiridis
EHS President 2023-2025