2nd March 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues of our EHS,

We are scientists, but above all doctors, whose vocation is to treat and protect… The world of sport, entertainment, culture, or simply civil society has shown us the way by condemning this massacre in Ukraine and paying tribute to the courage and spirit of sacrifice of all the Ukrainian people for their homeland. We cannot stay away from what should be our duty to help, and our voice, like all other voices of a free world, does matter!

Therefore, we must support an end to this blood-shedding war, condemning this act of aggression and calling for peace!

It is not a question of interfering in political matters, and we have of course no animosity towards the Russian people or any other citizen there, simply it is not a question as human beings of accepting that any political leader takes responsibility for killing people, slaughtering cities, and shedding innocent blood.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the European Hip Society, we officially wish to support at our level all the efforts of peace and support for the Ukrainian people.

Dear Colleagues and Friends, our dearest wishes are for you, your families, and all your compatriots in this terrible ordeal,

President, Prof Klaus Siebenrock

President Elect, Prof Eleftherios Tsiridis

Past President, Dr Jean-Alain Epinette

Secretary General, Prof Stansilav Bondarneko

Treasurer, Prof Martin Thaler

SciCom Chairman, Prof Luigi Zagra

EduCom Chairman, Prof Gosta Ullmark