New EHS ExCom members

The EHS ExCom positions of President and Secretary General will change next week at the EHS General Assembly on Friday 10th September @ 18:00 (CET) 2021, in Lille Grand Palais (Pasteur Room).

Full Members (only) who are registered for the 14th EHS Congress in Lille will be invited by email to vote electronically with a unique code in a secret ballot for their preferred presidential candidate between Monday 6th September (morning) and Thursday 9th September (evening).

The Secretary General candidate will be approved at the EHS General Assembly with a show of hands.

Following this, the winner of the vote for president will be announced.

To read the Declarations of faith from the two candidates Fares Haddad and Eleftherios Tsiridis (and access their CVs), please go to the June EHS Newsletter and scroll down. Thanks.

EHS Congress 2021 in Lille, there are 9 days left… Register now!

Dear EHS Members & Friends, 

Of course there is the pandemic…

Of course there were the summer vacation periods, at least for those who could take it…

Of course, there have been fires, floods, droughts…

Of course there are the overloaded operating programmes, the lack of personnel, the daily hassles in our orthopaedic activity…

Precisely for all those who will not be able to join us in Lille for this 14th EHS congress, we have planned a mixed format, with the possibility of being present on-site, but also with all the technical means to attend virtually…

For 3 years, we have all, within the various EHS Committees, with the help of National Representatives and Ambassadors, spent colossal energy to offer you a magnificent scientific programme, in order to share our knowledge in everything related to hip surgery… Today we need each of you, especially those who have hesitated to register because the health situation is worrying. It is for you that we have offered a reduced rate for all virtual registration, with the possibility of attending all sessions remotely, plus a replay of the entire programme for 2 months…

It is precisely in this difficult period that all members of our scientific society must be able to face adversity, and renew together through their attendance of this 14th Congress their attachment to our scientific community so that it continues to progress, to be strong, and to be more and more the benchmark for hip surgery in Europe and beyond…

“It’s now or never”… You must register today, not tomorrow!… For EHS members, you benefit from a very attractive reduced rate by simply entering the code EHSMEMBER21 when registering HERE. We are counting on you, now… join us today at the congress site to register now.

Thank you in advance for attending, in-person or virtually, on September 10th and 11th. This 14th Lille Congress will be great, and all of you will be there!

Best regards to all,

Jean-Alain Epinette, MD

EHS President

Letter from the Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Dear Members,

I hereby sign off the EHS Newsletter for the last time, as my 2nd term ends and I hand over the reigns to our Nat Rep for Ukraine, Prof Stanislav Bondarenko, who is a dedicated and active EHS member and will make an excellent new EHS Secretary General – we are very lucky to have him.

Many of us are off to the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in San Diego this week, but we will all be back in time for the 14th EHS Congress 2021 in Lille, 10-11th September, and most of us are now registered and looking forward to meeting up again.

Please click here to access the Agenda for the EHS General Assembly on Friday 10th September at 18:15 (CET) in the Pasteur Room of the Grand Palais Lille congress centre.

Next month starts with the 39th Annual Meeting of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society in Ljubljana, Slovenia (7th-9th October 2021) whose theme is: “Joining forces: optimising diagnosis and management of bone and joint infections”. The key topics are:

  • Perceptions in Managing Orthopaedic Infections
  • Optimising Antibiotic Treatment of Bone & Joint Infections
  • Optimal Bone Infection Sampling and Microbiological Processing
  • Low-Grade PJI – according to the EBJIS definition
  • Musculoskeletal Infections in Children
  • Uncommon Infections
  • Non-Operative Management of Chronic Infections
  • Spinal Infections
  • Septic Arthritis in Native Joints

Following this is the International Conference on Hip & Knee Arthroplasty, at the Sytenko Institute of Spine & Joint Pathology, a hybrid EHS Combined Course in Ukraine (15-16th October). Then at DKOU (German Congress of Orthopaedic and Traumatology) EHS will present a digital session (in English) on “New Techniques and Update on Modern Hip Surgery” on 27th October from 12-1pm, organized by our EHS Nat Rep for Germany, Prof Thorey and chaired by Prof Gehrke and myself.

November is the International Course of Reconstructive Surgery of the Joint – Hip Surgery, in Spain (25th-26th November) with EHS patronage. Also in this month are two virtual conferences (organised by Joint British Association of Day Surgery & HC-UK) with 20% discount offered to EHS members: the Hip Fracture Summit on 5th November and Day Case Total Hip Replacement on 18th November. Please contact Samantha for the code.

December means MAST 8, “Advances in Arthroplasty: What’s new in complex adult reconstruction & robotic technologies?” (Friday 17th-Sunday 19th December 2021), co-organized by EHS, sponsored by EFORT EOTEP and in partnership with the Hellenic Hip & Knee Society. See all info on our Hip Calendar.

Our EHS Ambassador this month is Prof Manel Ribas, a vibrant and enthusiastic member of EHS who sits on the EHS SciCom and whose expert hip opinion is always greatly valued. Thanks to him for his words below, and also to our Nat Rep for Romania, Assoc Prof Bogdan Deleanu, for his Diary of a Hip Surgeon over on our Covid-19 update page HERE. And finally, a warm welcome to two new Ukrainian surgeons, Full Member Oleksandr Vysotsky and Young Member Serhii Denisenko.

EHS Secretary General, Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis

Ambassador of the Month, Prof Manel Ribas

Dear Colleagues and friends,

Being an Ambassador of the European Hip Society is an honour, a privilege and an opportunity to share knowledge throughout our continent in something that represents for us, hip surgeons, much more than a mere hobby.

As my teacher and mentor PhD José María Vilarrubias (a founding member of the EHS) always reminded me, “We have the privilege of making our profession a great hobby. Many are the people who today in this world would dream of working in what they like”. This should serve as a driving force to respond to the many challenges that life brings us and in particular the exercise of our profession.

What better than European Hip Society itself to be able to maximize in a continuous and dynamic way the exchange and share of knowledge with which we can serve the needs of our society in the best possible way. I myself recognize how much I have been able to learn over 20 years through EHS.

We are just a few days away from the new EHS Domestic Meeting, this time in the beautiful city of Lille (France), which will finally have a double format: presently and virtual. On this occasion, it will also have the fusion with the Toulouse Hip Congress with special sessions on Short Stems and Acetabular Revision and Canada as a guest country. From these words I would like to express my gratitude to PhD Jean Alain Epinette and to all his organisational team for the huge effort made to make possible this extraordinary event.

What better time to encourage EHS members and non-members to participate, wherever they may come from. If I have learned something in this life, it is that sharing knowledge has been what has helped me the most in my professional life.

For me, “sharing knowledge” and “creating links” is a fundamental binomial in personal and collective growth. EHS has made it possible from the very beginning.

See you all soon in Lille.

Manel Ribas MD

Sharing knowledge in the shortest possible time has enabled a large part of the world to cope with a pandemic that could have been even more tragic. We have lived through the different waves, times of restrictions, postponements of surgeries / treatments. The epidemiological measures and new specific protocols ( eg. In our field of hip surgery ) implemented at all times, the massive scientific publication and the possibility of vaccination in such a short time is becoming the cornerstone that leads us towards a “new normal”, which will never be like the one we lived previously.

All this represents a practical example of how the binomial has worked and will go on working.

Prof Manel Ribas MD

Hip Unit (Chair) University Hospital Dexeus

Barcelona, Spain



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